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Steps To Get You Moving Abroad

Moving to a new place can give people an intense feeling of the unfamiliarity of the new environment, it could even give you a prolonged sense of anxiety. People tend to get anxious and overthink due to the many things they need to get done and prepare for. Especially for moving to another country, the preparation can get a little bit more intense and prone to go wrong when you didn’t do the prep rightly. People tend to feel better when they have a sense of control, so to help you out on getting control, here is the step by step checklist that you should do to make sure that moving abroad is smooth sailing. It would definitely make your journey easier!

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First steps

Tell your loved ones

Now, the first step to moving is to tell your loved ones whether that’s your family, friends, or partner about it. Let them know where you are moving and for how long it would be. It’s also important for them to know the reason behind it. They’ll surely be there to support and help you with your move! You can’t do it alone!

Set a timeline

Setting the timeline, at least for this time, a preliminary one is an important part to make sure that you have an overarching plan on the general steps that you need to take along the way. After a while, you can adjust accordingly, but making an initial timeline is as important as the ones that are adapted later.

Understand the immigration system

Especially when you know that you’re not from a country that is cooperating closely with your destination country (i.e. between Schengen area countries), understanding them would help a lot. Not to mention that the immigration system encompasses also the technical and administrative matters on residence permits and work permits, so know them well!

Know the terrain

Research the living cost and departure cost

After the first steps, researching the living cost would naturally be important since it would almost entirely be prepared before you get there especially when you have a different currency which would make the calculation a lot harder. Also, count the departure cost, like plane tickets, visa-related-costs, and residence permit costs if any.

Set a ‘first-month’ budget

Alongside living cost and departure cost, also count the ‘first-month’ budget if you can, which is a budget that is flexible for the first month of your stay. It will be handy for you to have one since having a strict financial plan in a new country will need time to get used to it.

Do everything visa-related

Now that you’ve researched and calculated it, you need to finish things related to foreign citizens’ administration. Ranging from picking the right visa, the right length, making sure that your passport is still valid for the duration of your stay, and knowing the cost of it all including perhaps extra residence permit costs.

Find a place to stay

Now that you’ve finished the visa stuff, finding a place will be another matter that you need to be settled on. Whether it will be an apartment, a sponsored housing, or co-living, you need to find them ASAP with necessary adjustments from your timeline for moving and your overall budget.

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Understand the banking system for foreign citizens

Another important logistical matter that you need to make sure and comprehend is the banking system of your country of destination. What permits do you need to get in order to open a savings account, how much money are you permitted to carry, or which banks are the easiest to get for foreign citizens.

Research on and download essential apps

Because of the most likely different social climate in your destination, you might need to find out the digital essentials for people living there. Ranging from apps for emergency services, banking, communication, and even social media since the ones that are prominently used might be different from the ones that you’re used to back home.

Get the local currency

Get to a foreign currency exchange if you know that your country’s currency not really a popular or hard currency.

Adjust the timeline

Once you’ve done the previous things, it’s obvious that things may go sooner or later than planned. At this point, you should adjust accordingly and adapt your schedule for the later phase of your move.

Departing steps

Buy the tickets

Finally, get your necessary plane or train tickets to move. Of course, adjust it with your budget and the timeline that you have.

Pack your things

Even when the trip is two weeks away, it’s good to start sooner on packing. You can still finish it maybe two days before departure, but packing early can make you realize when you’ve missed or planned to bring to much of something.

Contact the people on the other side

Because you’re close to the final steps of departure, tell the people on your destination country if necessary, about the final details of your trip.

Bid farewell say your goodbyes

Ideally, set up a small get-together will your closed ones to have a memorable experience before your move. It’ll make the whole plan feel more significant and you can feel less lonely for the moving.

Have the last run-through check and goodbye

Final runway, check your things twice, thrice, four times, five times. You can’t risk a sudden step for a certain misstep. Finally, you’re ready to leave and take off!

Once you’re there

Contact your loved ones

Make sure to let them know that you’re okay!

Exchange your currency

If your country’s currency a hard one compared to where your new country’s local currency, don’t forget to exchange them as soon as you get there!

Contact the landlord and unpack your things

The next person you should contact is the landlord, they are the person that will give all your needs in moving to the apartment. After you have settled with the landlord, feel free to unwind your packed belongings, and start making your new place comfy and feels like a home away from home. 

Get the residence permit

Now before finally settling, make sure that administrative matters regarding your move are settled to not complicate things mid-way.

Get a local cell number and bank

To finalize your preparation financially and from the side of communication, get a local cell number and bank. The sooner the better.

Get comfy and enjoy the new view

While we most probably missed a few steps that might be specific to your journey, we hope that the overall guide was helpful nonetheless. Add or remove certain steps if you need or simply understand this list as simply a reminder. Above all, we hope you a safe journey!

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