15 Healthy Diet Caterings in Jakarta

Keeping your body healthy is not an easy job, especially when you’re a busy person. You need to keep track of your diet, but it seems like preparing healthy food daily takes too much time, or maybe you’re not satisfied with the taste of your self-made healthy food. If you face these problems, healthy diet catering service is a solution for you. Whether to lose weight or simply to keep your body healthy, there are healthy diet caterings with a lot of options that you can choose based on your personal needs. These catering services can serve you healthy foods as tasty as possible, but with the nutrition and calories counted. To help you stay fit, here is a list of healthy diet caterings you can subscribe to:

1. Burgreens

Burgreens Foods
Burgreens serves plant-based healthy food

Burgreens provides plant-based foods that can be an alternative for meats that are usually eaten by Asians. They believe that what people eat will directly affect health, animal, and farmers’ welfare and environmental sustainability. When they said that their plant-based foods can replace the meat-based foods, they’re not kidding. Their dishes taste as delicious as the original ones. These foods also include signature Indonesian foods such as satay and Ayam geprek. They also have specialized meal plans for moms, sports nutrition, weight loss & healing, just clean eating, and many more.  

Starts from: IDR 350.000 (1 plant-based meal per day) for 5 days

Instagram: @burgreens

Phone: (+62) 878 8678 2082

Website: www.burgreens.com

2. Yellow Fit Kitchen

Yellow Fit Kitchen foods
Yellow Fit Kitchen offers a healthy-but-tasty catering!

The journey of Yellowfit started with the founder’s anxiety about diet problems in Indonesia. Then, they decided to create a diet catering company that aims to provide simple solutions for fat loss. They serve delicious healthy foods that don’t even look like the actual healthy foods such as fried chicken and burgers. However, they managed to make those dishes with the right and balanced nutrition so the customers can enjoy it while still losing fat. Yellowfit also guarantees that you’ll get a refund if you don’t lose weight! Their menus vary daily so you definitely won’t get bored. If you want to eat on-site, you can also go to their diet and healthy fast-food restaurant called Yellowfit Express. 

Starts from: ( IDR 309.091 (lunch) for 5 days

Instagram: @yellowfitkitchen

Phone: (+62) 812 1860 212

Website: www.yellowfitkitchen.com

3. Gorry Gourmet

Gorry Gourmet, healthy catering by world-class chefs

Gorry Gourmet is a daily healthy catering that combines menus crafted by world-class chefs and menus from famous restaurants in Indonesia, with the help of nutritionists. Gorry Gourmet has a free diet consultation for every customer. They have varieties of diets such as weight loss, new age keto diet, pregnancy, vegetarian, diabetes treatment, cardiovascular treatment, muscle building, and many more. This way, the customers can pick the package that will suit their needs the best. 

Starts from: Rp275.000,00 (lunch) for 5 days

Instagram: @gorrygourmet

Phone: (+62) 812 8513 0917

Website: www.gorrygourmet.com

4. 3 Skinny Minnies

3 Skinny Minnies has various types of diet packages

Restaurant quality meal, minus the calories.” Diet used to be associated with suffering and torture, that’s why 3 Skinny Minnies decided to make tasty diet menus that are not going to torture people who are on a diet. Instead, it will be filled with delicious foods that will please your taste buds while you maintain your health! They have various types of diet packages such as reguler diet, no salt, no carbs, intensive diet, maternity, breastfeeding, and many more. Choose the one that suits you the best!

Starts from: Rp1.000.000,00 (lunch or dinner) for 5 days

Instagram: @3skinnyminnies

Phone: (+62) 813 1670 0584

Website: www.3skinnyminnies.com

5. Leafwell

Leafwell foods
Leafwell provides numerous healthy food programs

Leafwell is a 5-day program serving nutritious, affordable, yet delicious healthy meals. Their meals are nutritionally counted, healthy innovative dishes, prepared daily using premium fresh products. Leafwell’s team is dedicated to constantly create new menus to make sure you do not get bored with their food. They deliver the meals to your doorstep straight from the kitchen. Leafwell provides numerous programs such as weight loss, maintain, new mom, and muscle up.

Starts from: Rp550.000,00 (lunch or dinner) for 5 days

Instagram: @leafwellcatering

Phone:  (+62) 877 8188 1811

Website: www.leafwell.com

6. MyMeal

MyMeal Catering serves personalized healthy catering with the help of nutritionists

MyMeal Catering is a personalized organic healthy catering, established in 2005 to help people to get the right eating habit. They use organic ingredients, free from MSG, preservatives, and no artificial colors. They serve personalized healthy organic meals, designed to accommodate your health and lifestyle needs. Their customers will have access to communicate and to consult with the nutritionists. Customers can even order their favorite menu to be cooked by the chef!

Starts from: Rp599.900,00 (lunch) for 5 days

Instagram: @mymealcatering

Phone: (+62) 811 9055 600

Website: www.mymealcatering.com

7. Lesssalt

Lesssalt offers healthy catering, healthy snacks, and skin foods

As the name suggests, this catering uses less salt than ordinary meals. This was intended to keep balanced nutrition in the meals people consume. If you want to do a salt detox, they also provide salt-free menus. People love Lessalt dishes because the meals they cook are super tasty- yet healthy. That way, eating your healthy diets won’t feel torturing like it used to feel like! Managed by a family of doctors, Lesssalt doesn’t only offer healthy catering, but they also offer healthy snacks and skin foods.

Starts from: Rp1.350.000,00 (lunch + dinner) for 5 days

Instagram: @lesssaltdiet

Phone: (+62) 878 8286 3237

Website: www.lesssaltdiet.com

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8. Forking Clean

Forking Clean helps you to eat clean with their strictly measured foods

This Jakarta-based gourmet clean-eats has a goal: to help people treat their body better with clean-eating. The use of salt, sugar, and oil in their menu are strictly measured. They only cook with extra virgin coconut or olive oil, pink Himalayan salt, and raw coconut sugar, with no additives, no preservatives, and no coloring. If you want to lose weight or manage your weight, their meals are designed to have about 300-400 calories. Vegan and lean meat options are available, and they can cater to your food allergies or dietary preferences.

Starts from: Rp500.000,00 (lunch or dinner) per week

Instagram: @forkingclean

Phone: (+61) 404 607 672

9. Blekros

Blekros has a mayo diet program and a maintenance program

Made by a mayo diet practitioner from her own experience of gaining weight and losing it, Blekros offers a diet catering service. They have Blekros Diet Program, which is 13 days of no salt and no rice diet, and Blekros Maintenance Program to maintain your weight and healthy diet.

Starts from: Rp.175.000,00 (lunch or dinner) per day

Instagram: @blekrosdiet

Phone: (+62) 813 8741 9732

Website: www.blekrosdiet.com

10. Bye Bye Belly

Bye Bye Belly is a catering service for people who practices mayo diet

Bye Bye Belly is a premium mayo diet catering services with salt-free, MSG-free, and less oil food. Their program serves daily meal (lunch, snack, and dinner) for you with total 900-1100 calories per day, and it claims to make you lose 3-7 kilograms in 13 days. Plus, they offer free delivery!

Starts from: Rp1.600.000,00 for 13 days program

Instagram: @byebyebellyid

Phone: (+62) 812 9600 7688

11. SESA Indonesia

SESA is a one-stop website for your daily needs

SESA provides various daily needs (food, drinks, cakes, other household needs) and nutritious healthy catering services that can be adjusted to the needs of each customer. Controlled under an experienced nutritionist, SESA also provides doctor consultation regarding health and natural sources.

Starts from: Rp44.900,00 (single menu)

Instagram: @sesaindonesia

Phone: (+62) 811 1245 589

Website: www.sesa.id

12. Green Spoon

Green Spoon has certified chefs and in-house nutritionist that create the menus

Green Spoon is a healthy and balanced diet catering that aims to help people to lose weight or maintain their health with tasty, healthy food. With concern about fresh ingredients, the process of the cooking, and calories counting, they also use slow-cooking method, sea salt, healthy oil, and quality salmon. Their certified chef and in-house nutritionist work together to create and invent different menus every day. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle, they also have the program for it. Free delivery!

Starts from: Rp500.000,00 (lunch or dinner) for 5 days

Instagram: @greenspoonid

Phone: (+62) 812 9927 7558

13. Flatbelly

Flatbelly ensures your healthy diet life with best ingredients

Flatbelly is a healthy diet catering service delivering to Jakarta and Bandung. They ensure your healthy diet life with best ingredients from natural based, such as Himalayan salt and olive oil. With different menus each week, you can find a lot of testimonials on their Instagram account!

Starts from: Rp320.000,00 (lunch) for 5 days

Instagram: @flatbelly.inc

Phone: (+62) 852 1182 2614

14. Nutrify

Nutrify has customizable clean eating and diet packages

Nutrify is a healthy diet catering that serves food with fresh ingredients, different varieties of menu from around the world, no MSG, and no artificial ingredients. Nutrify offers Premium Clean Eating package and Diet Booster package. Their meals can be customized if you have lactose intolerance, diabetes, hypertension, or a breast-feeding mother. Plus, they don’t charge for delivery!

Starts from: Rp325.000,00 (lunch) for 5 days

Instagram: @nutrify.id

Phone: (+62) 822 8000 9983

Website: www.nutrify.id

15. Hadi Kitchen

Hadi Kitchen
Hadi Kitchen’s foods are calories-counted

Hadi Kitchen’s owner is an expertise in health industry with 7 years of experience. One portion of their meal is around 400-500 calories, and customers can request a menu. You can consult with their team before choosing which menu to order. They also have pre-cooked (frozen) meal that you can simply buy from their website. Free delivery!

Starts from: Rp45.000,00

Instagram: @hadikitchen_id

Phone: (+62) 812 1277 5564

What are you waiting for? After knowing these caterings, diets don’t seem like torture anymore, doesn’t it? Instead, diet is where you’re going to eat tasty foods while keeping your health under control. Give them a call and get ready to experience a new life- a much healthier one! 

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