Minimalist Room Divider Inspiration that Might Suit for You

Minimalist Room Divider Inspiration that Might Suit for You

For those of you who already have a residence, it can be a house or an apartment, and you may feel that the residence you have now looks cramped, then this article will answer your problem. Applying an open concept to your residence, of course, will make the room look wider, but what can be a risk is that you may not have enough privacy in your residence. Then what should you do? Check out the inspiration for the following minimalist room divider so that there is a barrier between the rooms in your residence.

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1. Modern Minimalist Room Divider

Modern Minimalist Room Divider

The first minimalist room divider inspiration is that you can use a room divider with a model like the illustration above. This modern minimalist room divider model made of wood can also be a multifunctional room divider, as well as beautify your room. In addition to functioning as a barrier between two rooms, you can use this model as a display cabinet that displays various ornaments to photos.

2. Multifunctional Room Divider

Multifunctional Room Divider
Bramble Furniture

The next minimalist room divider inspiration is a multifunctional room divider. Just like the room divider with the previous modern minimalist model, this multifunctional room divider also has many uses as the name suggests. First, you can use it as a divider between two different rooms. Then secondly, you can design with an addition that resembles a chair so that this inspiration can be used as a place to relax.

3. Ornamental Plants Room Divider

Ornamental Plants Room Divider

Another alternative that you can use for your residence is to use ornamental plants as a minimalist room divider. You can choose the types of plants that are tall and can grow well and are fertile when placed indoors. The advantage that you get if you use a minimalist room divider from this ornamental plant is that the room will look more beautiful and fresh. However, the drawback is that you will be more troubled because you have to take care of the plant. After all, if you don’t take care of it, the plant can die and of course, you have to buy a new plant to replace it.

4. Portable Room Divider

Portable Room Divider
Bramble Furniture

Do you want to have a flexible or movable room divider? The inspiration for a minimalist room divider is the right answer for you! You can choose to use a portable room divider. By using this portable room divider, of course, you can put it where you want.

Currently, there are many types and forms of portable room dividers that you can choose from. Starting from a minimalist room divider to a multifunctional room divider that you can use as well as a display case. Well, if you are bored with the shape or location of the room divider placement in a room, you can replace or move the position of this portable room divider to another room.

5. Glass Room Divider

Glass Room Divider
Bramble Furniture

Glass always manages to give the illusion of a room from initially looking narrow to become wider. This room divider will make the surrounding room look wider because it seems as if there is no room divider. Its transparent nature can also reflect light into the room more optimally. So, you can also save more on electricity costs because you don’t need to use additional lighting during the day.

6. Macrame Room Divider

Macrame Room Divider

Macrame is a woven knot craft made using cloth or rope. This minimalist room divider with a macrame model is a choice if you want to have a Scandinavian or tropical feel to your room. The combination of rigging from this macrame room divider model will look unique and attractive if you place it as a room divider. In addition, you can also choose the model and size of the macrame model you want.

7. Bookshelf Room Divider

Bookshelf Room Divider
Bramble Furniture

You don’t want to bother installing materials to create a space divider in your dwelling? No need to worry, because you can take advantage of existing objects, such as a minimalist bookshelf. You can put bookshelves to provide a partition between the rooms.

By using alternative bookshelves, you don’t have to bother anymore to make room dividers. In addition to making the room look minimalist, neater, this bookshelf room divider also has many uses. You can use this shelf as a display rack to put your collectibles.

Those are the various types of minimalist room dividers that you can choose as a reference for your dwelling. But sometimes, you don’t need a lot of money if you want to make your room divider. By choosing the right type and design of the minimalist room divider, you can make the existing room look more spacious and comfortable. The selection of a minimalist room divider that fits your needs can also provide aesthetic value to the room in your residence. So, have you found the right room divider for your residence?

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