Rent a Bintaro Apartment: 4 Apartments Near Shopping Centers!

Living in Bintaro might be a dream for those whose activities are based in South Tangerang or South Jakarta. Many people love this satellite city for its cozy environment. Some also like to rent a Bintaro apartment because of its easy-to-go access.

This city offers serene cozy living which is less hassle than Greater Jakarta. Besides, everything you need is available in Bintaro, so it is such a perfect place to stay alone or with family.

Some apartments even provide strategic locations near grocery stores and shopping malls. No wonder why more and more people love to live here! If you are interested in renting a Bintaro apartment soon, read this article before picking the best one.

The Accent Bintaro Apartment

This Bintaro apartment is best for those who seek luxurious units with premium amenities. Located at the Pondok Aren, southern part of Bintaro, The Accent is an award-winning apartment which is built by the famous PT Jaya Real Property.

If you stay here, you will be able to shop in the grocery stores nearby, such as Lotte Mart (which you can access by foot!), Transmart Carrefour (5 minutes), Hari Hari Supermarket Bintaro (4 minutes), Plaza Bintaro Jaya (7 minutes) and the well-known Bintaro XChange Mall (6 minutes). Don’t worry if you want to eat local foods, because it is surrounded by plentiful restaurants and street food sellers. 

The Accent Bintaro is close to other parts of South Tangerang, such as Alam Sutera, Serpong, and BSD City. It is a little bit far from Jakarta, but it still offers ease for the residents. Near the apartment, you can find the TransJakarta bus stop, Jakarta-Serpong highway, and the commuter line Jurang Mangu station.

We should not miss the facilities that are provided by this apartment. You can enjoy the Bintaro view at the rooftop garden, relax at the swimming pool, and exercise at a fitness center.

Bintaro Icon Apartment

Bringing out the small city concept, this Bintaro apartment is a multi-use apartment that offers comfort for its residents. In the pandemic situation, we would prefer to stay in the unit. We are also more likely to buy things nearby, especially when grocery shopping.

Well, this apartment already has a minimarket. But if you think it is not enough, you can easily reach the Lotte Mart, Hari Hari Supermarket Bintaro, or Transmart Carrefour in just 10 minutes. They provide your daily needs, from fresh meat to herbs.

Need to shop from the nearest malls? Only 2-4 km from the apartment, you are able to find Living Plaza Bintaro and Bintaro XChange Mall. Furthermore, its strategic location gives you access to some famous restaurants, such as Shabu Hachi, Choi K-food, and Midori Japanese Food.

It is also close to public transportations that will make your daily activity easier. Just 2 km away from the Bintaro Icon Apartment, there is the Bintaro Trade Center bus stop. It is also 3.9 km away from the commuter line Jurang Mangu station.

Bintaro Icon has several amenities that will keep you living comfortably. Want to hang out with family or friends? The squash court, BBQ area, and kids playground is ready for you! There is a coffee shop for those who wanna work from home but still can have the cafe ambience. After a long day, you can enjoy the spa and sauna in this apartment.

The Breeze Apartment

Another apartment that brings comfort for the residents. If you rent this Bintaro apartment, you will be able to access the highways easily. Looking for the nearest grocery store? This apartment is close to some shopping centers that will fulfill your daily needs.

Just go to the Bintaro Modern Market to get fresh food at affordable prices. It is only 8 minutes away from your place. There are some supermarkets nearby, like Lotte Mart, Hero Supermarket, and Farmers Market.

As a part of the Bintaro Plaza Residence, The Breeze tower comes with easy access to other public places, including shopping malls, business districts, and hospitals. The nearest one will be the Plaza Bintaro Jaya, the first mall in Bintaro where you can go to the Gramedia book store and find other merchants. This apartment is connected to the mall and the SOHO tower by a sky bridge to maximize your comfort.

If you need to shop in a bigger mall, you are able to reach the Bintaro Xchange Mall which is only 10 minutes away from the apartment. There are some restaurants and cafes that you should try.

Moreover, it is not difficult to find local food sellers around The Breeze, since some street food stalls are available nearby. Such a strategic place to have another culinary experience, right?

To support the tenants’ cozy living, The Breeze comes with plentiful facilities. From a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to the multipurpose hall, everything you need is provided here.

Bintaro Park View Apartment

Are you planning to live in the strategic area of Bintaro? You definitely should consider Bintaro Park View Apartment. Located in the central Bintaro area, this apartment offers urban living and easy-to-go access for its residents.

Need to restock some food stuff? Don’t worry, because it is surrounded by several shopping centers nearby! Within a 15 minutes ride, you are able to reach the Modern Market and Superindo.

Shopping in a big mall is not a problem when you stay in this apartment. You can always visit the Grand Centro Bintaro and Bintaro XChange Mall which is only 15 minutes away from Bintaro Park View.

This apartment is the best choice for those whose activities are based in South Jakarta. It is accessible from the Jakarta-Serpong highway and public transportations (busway lines and online taxis).

Moreover, Bintaro Park View provides plentiful amenities like a fully-equipped fitness center and garden food court. You can also enjoy the two thematic parks, function hall, and having fun with your children at the playground.

So, that’s all four Bintaro apartments near grocery stores that you should consider. Wanna find another apartment in Bintaro? Go check out this page to rent your dream room now!

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