5 Most Romantic Seaside Restaurants in Bali

5 Most Romantic Seaside Restaurants in Bali

In Bali, besides staying in a villa with a charming view, there are tons of exciting activities to do with your partner. Either looking for fun or romantic activity, Bali has it all! There are tons of hidden places to enjoy in Bali, and one of the most romantic things to do is eat in a seaside restaurant. The stunning beach and sea view plus delicious dish will surely make you and your partner content.

Here are our picks of 5 Bali seaside restaurants with stunning sea views and tasty foods! You can gaze at the panoramic view of the charming blue sea while spending special moments in Bali with your loved one!

1. One Eighty at The Edge

What makes this infinity pool much cooler than other infinity pools in Indonesia? See for yourself and you’ll find out!

This infinity pool with a clear glass bottom is located jutting towards the Indian Ocean. Built on a cliff as high as approximately 150 meters, so that it creates a sensation and fantastic view! Yes, this is the main attraction of One Eighty – a new bar and restaurant located in The Edge Villas complex, Uluwatu, Bali.

one eighty seaside restaurant bali - infinity pool
Source: Tripadvisor

Imagine the thrill of swimming while feeling the sensation of floating in the air with the waves crashing beneath you.

Their swimming pool isn’t the only thing that makes One Eighty worth visiting. This Bali seaside restaurant here has extraordinary menus for you to enjoy. Everything is concocted by Chef Nyoman Suasa, a reliable Balinese chef who has worked at a prestigious restaurant in Los Angeles and is the brain behind the delicious dishes at Bambu Restaurant, Seminyak.

Inspired by the luxury offered by The Edge Villas, One Eighty also offers a similar luxury on a towering cliff. Here, it is as if you are on the roof of the world.

Enjoy classic beachside menus such as Deluxe Shrimp Po’boy, Giant Papuan Prawns smothered in very aromatic butter, or Baby Back Ribs flavored with honey butter served with coleslaw. Want a lighter snack? Just try Baja Fish Taco which is also a favorite here.

one eighty
Source: Tripadvisor

What are you waiting for? Just come and relax on the VIP seats and order a Watermelon Cooler or a selection of cocktails to conquer the scorching air. If you just want to hang out with friends in the afternoon, they also provide a tea menu package to accompany you.

Anyway, whatever you do or order here, all of them will be presented with a spectacular and impressive view of the blue ocean!

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2. Tamarind Restaurant Bali at Nusa Dua Hotel

Located in the elite area of ​​Nusa Dua, Tamarind Restaurant is a masterpiece that provides an unforgettable dining experience for their guests. With its location right by the beautiful beach, this building made of structures and woven bamboo is ready to become the newest iconic dining place on the Island of the Gods.

Once you enter this elegant seaside restaurant, you will immediately be amazed by every detail of the bamboo architecture that adorns every corner. The tasteful design and the neat arrangement of the main room, lounge, and dining table in this two-story restaurant, seem to invite you to come to eat while accompanied by the beach breeze.

tamarind restaurant menu
Source: Tripadvisor

In addition to the beautiful beach panorama, here you will also be lulled by a variety of appetizing dishes. The chefs and staff at Tamarind Restaurant are ready to serve classy lunches and dinners with International and Indonesian menus.

What makes Tamarind Kitchen & Lounge special is not only its unique design, relaxed atmosphere, classy menu, and service. But also the price is quite affordable, so that makes anyone even more impressed.

3. Wantilan Agung at Hotel Tugu Bali

With their slogan “the art, soul, and romance of Indonesia”, plus the history behind Hotel Tugu Bali, make this restaurant a must-visit for those who love culture and romance.

If you are looking for a romantic and classic dinner atmosphere, then Wantilan Agung is the place to be. Dimly lit by candlelight, you can dine in the majestic main hall like the kings and queens of Bali in the past, or you can relax in the tropical garden area.

seaside restaurant bali - wantilan agung
Source: Tripadvisor

Another equally romantic option is to have a picnic for the two of your partner under the moonlight in a blank bale. Yes, a blank bale on the beach that only exists at Hotel Tugu Bali.

What a very unique experience, like a dream come true. Reclining in an antique 18th-century bale bale with panoramic views of the blue sea, surrounded by candlelight and moonlight to complete your romantic date. The perfect place to propose to your loved one, or celebrate a special anniversary!

For a moonlit picnic by the beach, there are several menu options that you can order according to your taste. From traditional Balinese, Javanese, Peranakan Chinese, seafood to gourmet continental menus.

wantilan agung food
Source: Tripadvisor

Thick with nuances of culture, history, and past romance, the atmosphere of Hotel Tugu Bali will make you bewitched by its antique and magical charm.

You can have an unforgettable culinary experience at Hotel Tugu Bali without having to stay overnight. Immediately make a reservation and just come!

4. Bamboo Bar & Lounge at Prama Sanur Beach Hotel

Unlike the hustle and bustle of the Kuta area, Sanur is famous for its relaxed atmosphere. As a popular resort on the east coast of Bali Island, Prama Sanur Beach Hotel offers a comfortable atmosphere to relax during the day as well as a cool beachside lounge to enjoy the sunset.

Overlooking the sloping, white sandy Mertasari Beach and the newly expanded bar & lounge, making Bamboo Bar & Lounge a stylish and cool hangout, especially on the bamboo swing which is just right for two.

These swinging chairs are a favorite here because of their position around the bar, where its famous fresh cocktails, tapas, and wood-fired pizza are made.

bamboo bar & lounge menu
Source: Tripadvisor

The casual yet classy bamboo architecture and the panoramic view of the high seas make this place radiate a romantic atmosphere, both during the day and at night. Imagine relaxing and lazing with your partner in this cool place. Sounds fun, right?

5. Arwana Restaurant at The Laguna

With such a spectacular design, this Bali beachfront restaurant will not only satisfy your palate but your eyes as well.

For an unforgettable experience at Arwana Restaurant, try ordering a special dining table that is located right above the beach sand. Complete with fluffy pillows, your romantic dinner will surely be memorable!

seaside restaurant bali - arwana restaurant
Arwana Restaurant

To get to this exclusive and private table lit by candles and lanterns and facing directly towards the sea, you have to go down several steps.

While enjoying the sea breeze and the romantic panorama of Nusa Dua Beach, get ready to pamper your tongue with the many choices of lunch and dinner menus available.

arwana restaurant food
Source: Tripadvisor

The professional cooks would prepare you fresh seafood dishes, such as lobster, crab, fish, and various kinds of sushi. Don’t forget to ask for a special menu which will certainly not disappoint. There is no need to doubt about the service, everything is first class!

Besides having an open terrace by the beach, they also provide an indoor area for a less windy spot. There is also an open kitchen, so you can immediately see how they prepare your order. You can also enjoy relaxing music playing along to accompany you during the evening, sipping their signature cocktails.

Those are our picks of the top 5 seaside restaurants that you can enjoy in Bali. With your partner or friends, seaside restaurants always have their joy to share and delicious food to taste! See you in Bali, Flokqers!

The Bli Bli Villa Spa
The Bli Bli Villa & Spa, Seminyak

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