10 Best Plot Twist Movies, Will Surely Make You Surprised!

One of the activities that must be done in free time is watching movies. There are many genres and storylines in movies that make many viewers more interested in watching the movies. The existence of a plot twist in movies is also a trigger for the film to be considered good or not. The plot twist itself is a plot that has been changed to surprise the audience a little while watching the movie, besides that the existence of a plot twist in a movie makes the audience curious to continue watching the movie.

If you are looking for movies with the best plot twist, check out these 10 best plot twist movies recommended by Flokq!

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1. The Crimes That Bind

the crime that bind
Source: IMDb

This Argentinian movie released in 2020 tells the story of how a mother fights for her son who is in prison, and how the mother gets her child out. In addition, the mother must also complete the trial of the serial murder case carried out by her household assistant. From this case, this film brings out many plot twists from the mother’s case, besides that the role of the mother, starring Cecilia Roth, manages to describe the movie’s story very well, and many positive reviews from the audience of this movie.

2. Se7en

se7an plot twist movie
Source: deCode

If you are a loyal fan of an actor Brad Pitt, maybe you are familiar with this movie. Was released in 1995 and directed by David Fincher, tells the story of two detectives who work together to hunt down a serial killer with the motive of the seven deadly sins as the motive for his murder. The seven deadly sins are the seven sins that human causes such as greed, laziness, wrath, greed, pride, envy, and lust. During the chase, these 2 detectives see how ruthlessly the killer kills his victims. Every time he kills his victim, this killer always leaves clues. But before committing 2 more murders, this killer finally gave himself up. What’s the reason? Watch on Netflix for more!

3. The Prestige

the prestige plot twist movie
Source: primevideo.com

Next up is a film directed by Christopher Nolan. Maybe you’ve often heard his name because movies directed by him always get reviews as good plot twists. The Prestige released in 2006 tells about the life lived by a magician. This movie managed to make the audience surprised to see the dark side of the life of a magician with a various unexpected plot twists. It started as a magician’s friendship which ended up as rivals because an unexpected incident occurred. This movie manages to raise the story of competition in the world of magic that making the audience immediately focus on the story of this movie.

4. Searching

plot twist movie searching
Source: Rotten Tomatoes

The next movie is arguably the best because it looks like a live recording from a computer. Almost all the character scenes in this movie use a video call platform. The movie, which was released in 2018, tells the story of a father who is looking for his missing daughter after there is no news from her for hours. Finally, the father could only see her social media history until finally, the father found that his daughter was kidnapped. The plot twist in this movies is that someone kidnaps his child which the audience will not expect.

5. Death On The Nile

death on the nile
Source: Liputan6.com

The movie, which was just released in February 2022, tells the story of an unexpected murder that was reversed on a ship that was traveling down the Nile. Starting from the story of a couple Simon Doyle and Jacqueline de Bellefort who just got engaged but Simon Doyle has an affair with Linnet Ridgeway who is a friend of Belle. The two leave Belle and go on a honeymoon on a cruise down the Nile. But while on their honeymoon there was a mysterious murder on the ship. Simon Doyle and Linnet Ridgeway’s honeymoon was destroyed by many other unexpected events.

6. The Usual Suspect

the usual suspect
Source: IMDb

Next is a movie with a plot twist that makes the audience mind-blowing. The movie, directed by Bryan Singer and released in 1995, tells the story of five criminals who form a team and work on a mysterious project called Keyzer Afternoon. The plot in this movie makes the audience until this moment still has assumptions and solves the theory of the mysterious puzzle of this movie.

7. Inception

plot twist movie inception
Source: IMDb

The movie, starring Leonardo Dicaprio and released in 2010 is also referred to as a film that has a plot twist that is enough to astonish the audience. This movie tells the story of a thief who steals an important secret that lies from his victim’s dreamland. One time this thief got an offer to perform a different action from the action he did before. This thief must instill an idea in the minds of his victims, like the previous action there must always be someone who messes up a thief’s plans. Will the action be successful with another unexpected turn of events? This makes the audience confused and tense when watching the Inception.

8. Memento

Source: IMDb

Memento is a 2000s movie, which also has an unexpected plot twist. The movie, which is also directed by Christopher Nolan, tells the story of a man named Leonard who changes when his wife is attacked by an unknown person. He fell while fighting the unknown person and woke up with Anterograde amnesia. This type of amnesia makes a person lose his memory in a short time. Leonard took a very long time to recover because there was no one to help him remember many things, only photos and tattoos on his body can help him recognize some things and he hopes that this will help him catch the person who killed his wife.

9. Orphan

Source: IMDb

The movie, which was released in 2009 in the horror genre, made the audience shocked when they found out the plot twist in this movie. Tells the story of a husband and wife who adopt a third child named Esther. The eldest child of the couple did not welcome Esther well, but different from the first child, the second child greeted Esther very kindly. After some time Esther was at the house, Kate realized that there were strange things about Esther, such as killing pigeons, knowing a lot about sex, and injuring her classmates.

10. Shawshank Redemption

Source: Movieklub

The last movie you should not miss is Shawshank Redemption. The film, which was released in 1994, is considered to have a major influence on movies in the next era. This movie tells about life behind bars. Instead of focusing on how to get out of prison, this movie focuses more on what life goes on behind bars. Like how they adapt, how they “stay sane even in prison”. This movie has a plot twist so that the audience sees the humanistic value in this movie and the meaning of hope. If you haven’t watched it you can watch it on Netflix.

Well, those are some of the movies with the best plot twists, although sometimes they are confusing and surprising. The movies above are perfect for watching when you have free time! Don’t forget to add it to your to-watch list! Also, check out other interesting articles on the Flokq blog!

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