Check Out This 10 Affordable Apartments in South Jakarta!

For those of you who are currently looking for a comfortable apartment in the South Jakarta area, no need to worry, there are many choices of apartments that you can choose from with complete facilities, and a strategic location. Of course, you can also adjust it to your residential needs and preferences. An apartment in the South Jakarta area is known to be not really affordable in price, but don’t worry, there are many apartments available at affordable prices and very good facilities. Well, here are 10 apartments that you can use as a reference for your dream residence in the South Jakarta area!

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1. Bintaro Park View Apartment

Front view of Bintaro Park View Apartment known as one of the affordable apartment in South Jakarta
Source: All-Jakarta-Apartments

This apartment is suitable for those of you who are looking for an apartment in a strategic location in South Jakarta with an affordable price. Also, this apartment is located at Jalan Bintaro Permai No. 35-36, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta is really close to several places such as Pondok Indah Mall, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, several universities such as Trisakti Tourism College, Moestopo University, several health facilities such as Pondok Indah Bintaro Hospital, Fatmawati Hospital, and also access to toll gates with a distance of 3-8 minutes, namely Veterans from Bintaro, Ciledug, and Bintaro 2. It will definitely make your mobility and daily work activities easier.

In addition, there are also many types of rooms available such as studio type, standard 2 bedroom type, type 2 bedroom corner, and type 2 bedroom corner. The cost for renting the Bintaro Park View apartments starts from around 1.5 million IDR. Pretty affordable right? This apartment is suitable for you who are students or if you have small families with one child.

2. The Pakubuwono Residence

Pool view of The Pakubuwono Residence
Source: The Pakubuwono Properties

The apartment is located on Jl. Pakubuwono VI No.68, RT.3/RW.1, Gunung, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta . This apartment offers facilities that can fulfill all your desires in an apartment with such an affordable price. The rental price range of The Pakubuwono Residence starts from 3 million IDR you can get facilities ranging from gyms, multipurpose rooms, and shops, to children’s play areas. In addition, this apartment also has a strategic location with public places such as the Pondok Indah mall and Plaza Senayan, hospitals, public transportation places, and offices.

3. Kalibata City Apartment

Pool and side view at one of the affordable apartment in South Jakarta called Kalibata City Apartment

If you are looking for an apartment in a beautiful and cool place, this Kalibata City apartment can be your choice. The apartment is located on Jl. Raya Kalibata, Rawajati, Pancoran, South Jakarta offers facilities that make you even more productive, such as a jogging track, swimming pool, fitness center, parking area, playground, and 24-hour security.

You also don’t have to worry about access to public places. This apartment is very close to Kalibata Mall, hospitals, and access to public transportation. Kalibata City apartment rental prices start from IDR 2-3 million per month.

4. Kemang Village Apartment

Overview of the Kemang Village Apartments
Source: Lamudi

The next apartment is the Kemang Village Apartment, a residential area suitable for those of you who are married, quite luxurious, and has five-star facilities such as cafes, supermarkets, jogging tracks, swimming pools, restaurants, 24-hour security, CCTV in public areas. It definitely suitable for those of you who don’t want to go out far to enjoy public places. The location of this apartment is on Jalan Pangeran Antasari No. 36, Kemang, Mampang Prapatan, RT.12/RW.5, Bangka, Mampang Prpt., South Jakarta. With rental prices starting from IDR 7 million.

5. Tamansari Semanggi Apartment

Front view of the Taman Sari Semanggi apartment building
Source: Sewa-apartemen-net

The apartment is located on Jl. Akri No.134, RT.8/RW.2, Karet Semanggi, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta City offers very complete facilities ranging from multipurpose rooms, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, gardens, security, and many more. In addition, this apartment also has a strategic location because it is close to GBK (Gelora Bung Karno), development centers, hospitals, and places of education. Also with prices starting from IDR 5 million per month, you can choose units from studio to two-bedroom types.

6. Pancoran Riverside Apartment

Gate view of Pancoran Riverside Apartments known as one of the apartments with affordable price in South Jakarta
Source: Olx

The next apartments recommendation is located at Jalan Pengadegan Timur I No. 30, Pengadegan, Pancoran, South Jakarta. This apartment is close to the economic center and other public places that help you carry out your activities, of course, besides that, this Pancoran Riverside apartment also has access to Sudirman, Kuningan, Kalibata, and Gatot Subroto. This apartment also provides facilities such as a spa, restaurant, swimming pool, garden, gym, and security. The cost of renting this apartment starts from Rp. 1.9 million per month.

7. Kebagusan City Apartment

Side overview of Kebagusan City apartments building

For those of you who are looking for apartments that are not far from shopping centers, you can add Kebagusan City apartments to your reference list. The location is on Jl. Baung, RT.1/RW.3, Tj. Bar., Ps. Sunday, South Jakarta City is close to shopping centers such as Robinson, Ramayana Dept. Store, Borobudur dept. Store, and Cilandak Mall. Also close to culinary places such as Kitchen Mate, Coffee Artisan, and many more. The rental price offered for this apartment starts from IDR 2.5 per month with facilities for the studio, 1,2, and 3 bedroom types. Which considers one of the apartments in South Jakarta with affordable prices.

8. Gateway Pesanggrahan Apartment

Pool view of Gateway Pesanggrahan Apartment

The location of this apartment is quite in the middle of the city, located in South Petukangan, Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta City, an area that is quite densely populated due to its surroundings with many shopping centers, markets, offices, and places of education. In addition, this apartment is also close to the Plaza Senayan mall, Pacific Place, and Pondok Indah Mall. The facilities offered here are a swimming pool, children’s playground, gym, jogging track, and you also don’t have to be afraid if it rains heavily because this apartment is also flood-safe. The types of rooms available range from studio types to 1-3 bedrooms with rental costs starting from IDR 2.3 million per month.

9. 1Park Residence

Side and pool view from 1 Park Residence Apartment
Source: All- jakarta-apartments

The next affordable apartments in South Jakarta is 1 Park Residence which is located on Jl. KH Syafii Hadzami, RT 3/RW 5, North Gandaria, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. This strategic location makes it easy for you to access public places such as Gandaria City Mall, 10 minutes to Senayan, 8 minutes to Pondok Indah, and 15 minutes to the CBD area. The facilities provided are also complete with studio room types, 2-3 bedrooms with rental prices starting from IDR 1.9 million per month. In addition, there is also 24-hour security, a tennis court, a gym center, a Starbucks, a beauty center, and many more.

10. Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence)

Side view of Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence) apartment building

The recommended apartment that is suitable for you who have a family is Kuningan City (Denpasar Residence), located on Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.18, RT.7/RW.4, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta City. This apartment also provides room facilities with studio type, 1-3 bedrooms, private access facilities to Kuningan City Mall, tennis courts and courts basketball, sauna, gym, 24-hour security, mini market, and many more. The monthly rental price for this apartment starts from IDR 8 million per month.

So, those are 10 recommendations for cheap apartments in South Jakarta. Talking about renting an apartment, you don’t need to be confused about how and through which you can rent an apartment. You can rent an apartment with the type of room you want with many payment options per month with Flokq. The payment method is also very easy. What are you waiting for? Find your dream home with Flokq by click here!

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