Animal Rescue Groups in Jakarta

Ever want to get involved in the animal welfare scene here in Jakarta as a volunteer? Or are you just interested in donating to pet shelters while occasionally dropping in at their events? Fortunately, Jakarta is a hub where cat-lovers, dog-lovers, and wildlife conservationists gather to network with each other and educate communities. Therefore, it’s no wonder that you’ll find no shortage of volunteering opportunities as well as charities to invest in. Here are some of the most respected animal rescue groups in Jakarta and the surrounding area.

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1. Garda Satwa Indonesia

First starting their activities in 2011, Garda Satwa is an Indonesian animal rescue and shelter based in Depok.

Their activities involve street feeding, vaccinations, subsidized sterilization, and visits to schools and other organizations as part of their animal education campaign.

Their more central objective, however, is to rescue animals and care for them in their shelter before finding new homes for them. They also keep expanding their network of foster homes for animals who need mental and physical rehabilitation before putting them up for adoption.

There are many ways you can help them. From donating to their Kitabisa account, become a foster home for their newest family members, be a loving forever home for the new furry friends, or simply join their cause.

Contact:  +6281318226098 (phone), (email)

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

Types of pets: Dogs, cats

2. Jakarta Animal Aid Network

jakarta animal aid network

Jakarta Animal Aid Network is Jakarta’s biggest non-profit NGO aiming to improve the welfare of animals in Indonesia. The animal rescue network started in February 2008 under the efforts of foreigners Femke de Haas, Karin Franken, and Natalie Stewart.

While they’re more known for their wildlife and marine rescue programs, JAAN also has a domestic animal rescue division. The division not only works to rescue pets but also farm and working animals as well.

JAAN has been working with local and international animal-loving communities alike and manages to maintain an efficient adoption and fostering system.

JAAN’s system aims to filter in serious and responsible adopters. They also call for foster homes to newly rescued animals. Through fostering, animal lovers can bond and heal animals who need emotional and physical rehabilitation before sending them off to forever homes. (Further details are available on their FAQ).

We especially recommend the foster program if you’re not staying in the city or country for long. For prospective adopters, please visit their adoption page on their website and fill in an adoption form (available in English and Indonesian) before you browse through their dog and cat profiles.

They also welcome volunteers who want to help out in fund-raising, soliciting and coordinating donations, media contact, event organizing, and assistance, as well as educational outreach.


Contact: email addresses listed here

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Types of pets: Wildlife, marine animals, farm, working animals, pets

3. Pejaten Shelter

Pejaten Shelter is one of the longest-running animal shelters in Jakarta, alongside JAAN. However, they neither have the same amount of material support nor resources as the internationally-endorsed NGO.

In August 2009, Susana Somali, a clinical pathologist, decided to set up a sanctuary for 70 street dogs. In the beginning, donations were pouring in from concerned samaritans. However, the shelter’s function was soon to change as it rose to popularity.

Instead of finding new homes for the dogs already in her care, Susana got even more messages of people asking her to take their dogs. Soon, the Pejaten Shelter became a home not only to street dogs but dogs given up by their owners for various reasons.

Now, the shelter is trying to stay afloat with 700 dogs and counting (along with some cats and monkeys). Donors of food and sanitation products will always be welcome, but having foster parents on board will also be a big help.

If you’re dying to help them but can’t bring home one of their dogs or two, why not join as a volunteer? Check their social media feeds as they periodically accept volunteer applications.

Contact: +62818872761 (phone)

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Types of pets: Dogs, cats, monkeys (recent)

4. Let’s Adopt Indonesia

lets adopt animal rescue group jakarta

Let’s Adopt Indonesia is a registered animal welfare organization that rescues and rehomes cats and dogs while educating communities through school visits and social media campaigns. 

At first, Carolina Fajar and Jeanne Karmila founded LAI in 2011 under the banner of Let’s Adopt Global (based in Turkey). They both became committed to rescuing dogs from the streets after picking up a stray dog with matted and dirty hair.

The women already noticed just how appalling living conditions are for homeless dogs in Indonesia. But they want to do more than just rescuing a single dog. Since then, they’ve been rescuing cats and dogs and putting them under veterinary treatment before handing them off to new loving parents.

Some of them even end up living overseas. One such dog, Pippin, is now living in Atlanta after LAI handed him over to a US citizen who was returning home from Jakarta.

In the ABC article, Ms. Carolina admitted how hard it is to find homes for older dogs with chronic ailments. Pippin, for example, suffered from severe skin conditions, and no vet nor new owner wanted him.  “So, we ask for help, and we send the dogs overseas to get more medication.” The article quotes Ms. Carolina. 

Since then, LAI is continuously reaching out to foreigners and expatriates to bring home their cats and dogs, while simultaneously relentlessly searching for local adopters on social media. 

Apart from physical adoption, LAI also has a virtual adoption program where you can support an individual animal financially before they settle in a new home.

LAI also welcomes volunteers into their fold. Reach out to them on email and see if you can get permanent slots or events you can get involved!


Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Types of pets: Dogs, cats

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