The Average Cost of Apartment in Jakarta

Thinking about renting or buying an apartment in Jakarta? You might be a fresh graduate, university students, or even young professionals who consider starting living independently outside your parents’ house. It such a good start to adulting since it trains you to be more mature emotionally, financially, and responsible for your own. You can even consider renting a kost to cut budget since it is usually way cheaper than staying in an apartment, or condominium. But today, there is even this concept of co-living where you can share an unit of the apartment along with another person that will act like your roommate. One of the platforms for co-living in an apartment is Flokq. It gives you reasonable prices, with great facilities since you can share the burden of rental fees with another person. 

To be honest, co-living is usually common for many ex-pats or for foreigners who work and live in Jakarta but it doesn’t mean you cannot try to. Our platform believes to only select the best profile of candidates for your fellow co-living mate. You can grow in a community together, exchange information, have some fun together, and become friends that turn into family. If you already convince yourself to choose to live in an apartment rather than renting a house or rent a kost we would like to help by giving you the average cost of an apartment in Jakarta. Be it a rental fee or buying price. Apartment, if you own it can act as an investment that will serve as passive income. The price of property such as land or apartment is always increasing every year so you will gain profit that will add to your income. 

Generally, there are a lot of types of apartments you can see in Jakarta from the most affordable to the most elite one. Also, there is this thing called a serviced apartment where it looks like a hotel, consists of several rooms, and can be used for accommodation. And truthfully, Jakarta as the capital city for the living cost is quite high making the cost of an apartment in this area is also considered high compared to another area around Jakarta such as Bekasi, Depok, and Tangerang. To make it easier, the writer tries to separate the choices of the apartment based on the different zone which are North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and East Jakarta. You can use these guidelines and recommendations to help you decide and plan which one is the nearest to your workplace or parents’ house to make you easier for access to anywhere.

1. North Jakarta

Baywalk Apartemen Green Bay Pluit swimming pool view
Source : Baywalk Apartemen Green Bay Pluit

This maritime area of Jakarta is directly bordered to the Java sea. It is also known for its Taman Impian Jaya Ancol ( Water park and beach) & Dunia Fantasi ( Dufan) theme park making it one of the attractions for people who want to reside in this area. For the price itself, you can rent an apartment that starts from IDR 1,9 million per month with the concept of hassle-free means that price is all-inclusive. The apartments that give rent fees under IDR 2 million are Sunter Apartment and Gading Nias Apartment. Apartment like Baywalk Mall Pluit starts from IDR 2,9 million per month also gives you convenient access to Baywalk Mall that will help you fulfill your daily needs and do shopping and give you the sea view of North Jakarta. The most expensive one goes to the summit apartment that offers 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms in a unit.

2. South Jakarta

Pondok Indah Residence view
Source: Pondok Indah Residence

South Jakarta is known to be one of the elite areas in Jakarta as it is also the location for business districts such as Sudirman, Kuningan, and elite residential areas like Kemang, Pondok Indah, and Paukubuwono. A lot of professionals and executives with high incomes who happen to work at SCBD or Kuningan choose to live around this area to make it easier for them to go to their workplace. Meanwhile, Pondok Indah and Kemang are very suitable for those who want to be surrounded by entertainments while still get calm and peaceful in life. The cheapest apartment goes to Kalibata or Bintaro Park’s view with humble decorations and decent facilities. The most expensive one can event cost for IDR 20 million per month such as Pondok Indah residence.

3. East Jakarta

Sentra Timur Residence view
Source : Sentra Timur Residence

East Jakarta is known as the industrial area from its PIK (Kawasan Industri Pulo Gadung). Therefore since it is not a residential area you can worry less about the apartment rental fee in this area. You can rent for a studio apartment starts from IDR 2 million per month. Sentra Timur Residence can be your option for an affordable apartment. The expensive one can go to Tamansari The Hive and Oak Tower Apartment with more than IDR 3 million per month for its monthly fee.

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4. Central Jakarta

Sudirman Suites view
Source : Sudirman Suites

Central Jakarta is also quite a business district area and also surrounded by shopping centers such as Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and Plaza Indonesia. Since it is in the center it is very strategic and gets access to anywhere around Jakarta. In Central Jakarta, there are also a lot of governmental institutions that will help you in your daily life. To live in this area, you can get an affordable apartment starting about approx IDR 4 million per month up to IDR 15 million per month. The expensive one such as Sudirman Suite gives you access to Sudirman business district and luxurious lifestyles.

5. West Jakarta

Veranda Residence Puri view
Source: Veranda Residence Puri

West Jakarta is also known as the dense area means that it is highly populated, and dominated by Chinese people. It keeps growing rapidly in terms of entertainment, lifestyle, culinary, educational, and many more. It is also widely known for its china town and culinary of Chinese people. One of the popular historical places in this place called Kota Tua also visited by foreigners and act as the main attraction for visitors. It is not that expensive to live around this area, since for the cheapest apartment it starts from IDR 1, 5 million per month up to IDR 9 million in Veranda Residence.

There are a lot of types in an apartment unit from studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, and even 3 bedroom apartments. You can choose based on your needs, what kind of facilities, the location, and one that fits your budget. Good luck!

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