10 Bedroom Inspirations With Unique Themes To Make Your Room More Comfy!

Bored with the same vibes in your room? Or you want a room with a different atmosphere? Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss some bedroom inspirations that more fit in your type. Also if you do not have a large space, don’t worry, you can turn your small room into a room that is comfortable and it can still looks big. Therefore, let’s look at the bedroom inspiration below!

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1. Minimalist Bedroom

an overview of a minimalist bedroom inspirations with unique themes
Source : Pinterest.com

For those of you who don’t want to be bothered, you can visit the reference for this minimalist room inspiration. Besides being simple, simple, and doesn’t take up much space, rooms with a minimalist concept also look cleaner, spacious, and modern. The selection of furniture for this concept is not too difficult.

You just need to choose some furniture that can be multifunctional, for example a sofa chair that can also be used as a mattress, or a cupboard that has a study table. Make sure it’s a slim size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. So for those of you who have a room that is not too big, it can still look big and neat.

2. Korean Bedroom

a warm light known as the point of korean bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

One of the bedroom inspirations that are now used by almost every generation is the Korean bedroom. If you are a fan of k-drama, maybe you are familiar with the concept of this room. This Korean bedroom concept is known to be very simple, cute, and very clean-looking room concept. The paint color chosen is also mostly white, pastel or earthy tone colors. In accordance with wooden shelves, aesthetic images, and don’t forget the body-sized mirror.

3. Tumblr Bedroom

Tumblr bedroom known as one of an  bedroom inspiration
Source: Pinterest.com

Tumblr lights, state flags or island fabrics, ornamental plants, photos that fill the walls and polaroid photos that hang. Maybe some of you are familiar with those important things mentioned right? The Tumblr bedroom that has gone viral from around 2012 until now is still often used as an unique themes bedroom inspiration . Because of its incredibly comfortable vibe, this concept is a go-to concept for many.

For this concept, usually the main determinant is the lamp you use, besides that you can use a tumblr lamp or LED lamp, you can also use a projector lamp that has many projections of shapes such as stars or seas. It’s quite unique, but the fun thing is that by choosing a projector lamp in your room, it will look more comfortable. Interesting right?

4. Monochromatic Bedroom

an overview of a monochromatic bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

If you want your bedroom to look more classy and modern, you can choose this unique monochromatic bedroom themes. You can also choose a variety of furniture in black and white to support this concept. If you want to look more modern, you can add some furniture made of wood and iron. This monochromatic bedroom is suitable for those of you who have a room that is not so big.

5. Cozy bohemian

an overview of cozy bohemian bedroom
Source: pinterest.com

Next up is the cozy bohemian concept. This concept is inspired by the lifestyle of the Gipsy people who often move from place to place and have a free lifestyle like also known as a nature themes. The unique trait of this concept is the artistic colors, and has many kinds of textures, patterns that have their own unique colors. Some of the things that are a must if you want to use this concept in your room are wicker items, such as wicker baskets, or wicker decorations, in addition to hanging plants. You can use real plants or imitation plants. The cozy bohemian concept has a cozy and airy vibe.

6. Industrial Style

Industrial style known to be classic and aesthetic looking style
Source: Pinterest.com

The inspiration for this one room uses more building ornaments such as iron, cement, concrete, and others. This concept is dominated by dark colors such as black or gray. In order not to look scary, you can add wood or iron in some furniture, such as a bed, mattress, or bookcase. In addition, industrial style has a characteristic wall that seems unfinished or you can use wallpaper. To get an industrial impression, you can also use a pipe, as a clothes hanger, or a lamp hanger. Very unique right?

7. Coastal Style

Bright vibes, with a touch of pastle colours definitely the point of coastal style
Source: Pinterest.com

If you find bedroom inspiration that is relaxed and simple, beach style can be your choice. This coastal style is inspired by houses on the beach with good lighting, and the air that enters perfectly. With dominant colors of navy blue, turquoise, pastel green, this makes the room look wider.

Some accents that you can add if you want to use this concept are the use of glass, a glass table, or the position of the glass opposite the window. This is useful for increasing the light that enters the room to make it look brighter. Organic materials such as seaweed or straw or other natural accessories bring natural warmth and nautical texture.

8. Eclectic Style

Most unique and historical vibes from eclectic style
Source: Pinterest.com

This one inspiration mixes one design concept with another. Don’t worry it will not look messy, this concept combines several furniture with different styles to create uniqueness and beauty in a room. The elements in this concept are mostly building structures, decorative motifs, historical ornaments, and traditional culture or styles from other countries.

The furniture used is mostly antique, deconstructed, or asymmetrical. Decorations on the walls also often use wallpaper, curtains, or decorative stickers, and ornaments used with floral motifs and embroidered cloth.

9. Victorian Style

an overview of victorian style bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

If you want inspiration for a luxurious room, you can use the unique Victorian style themes in your bedroom . This concept is dominated by the use of patterned wallpapers, overlay curtains, and others. Because this concept is inspired by the royal concept, the room with this concept looks classy and classic. The colors that are often used with this concept are gold, silver, brown, and others.

10. Retro Style

an overview of a retro style bedroom
Source: Pinterest.com

For those of you who like vintage style, you can also apply this unique themes to your bedroom. By using the concept of retro style. This concept uses furniture with an ancient impression, the colors used are soft colors such as salted egg green, yellow, light blue, or pastel pink. A lot of furniture today has a retro vibe that fits this concept. You can also decorate your room with vintage items such as pasting vinyl on the walls, or using vintage motifs such as flowers, leaves, or abstracts, besides that you can also add wooden floors or buy carpets with wood motifs.

Have you thought about which bedroom inspiration you will use? Those are 10 bedroom inspirations that you can use if you want to change the concept of your room. Check out other inspiring and interesting articles on the Flokq blog!

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