7 Bedroom Inspirations for a Better, More Enjoyable Rest

Aren’t we all craving a good, relaxing rest after a long, tiring day of work? Of course! When the clock strikes 5, you should only be thinking about shutting off your computer, taking the MRT home, showering the day away, eating your dinner, and finally, sleeping in your bedroom. But wait; has your bedroom been adjusted for your maximized comfort? According to Sleep Foundation, studies have shown how “people (…) sleep better when their bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort.” The quality and duration of your sleep are important, as they are tied directly to other aspects of your health. Hence, “a bedroom environment that promotes sleep can also improve how you feel while you’re awake.” If you want to redecorate your bedroom to create a better environment for your rest, we at Flokq have you covered. Here are some bedroom inspirations for a better, more enjoyable rest!

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1. Earth Tones

Our first inspo for our bedroom inspirations is earth tones. Earth tones refer to any warm color with brown pigments. Beiges, browns, and rust hues are all the rage these days, and it’s not without its reasons. Earth tones are largely associated with nature and the food and the water which can be discovered in nature. Therefore, having earth tones present in your bedroom can create a calm, soothing atmosphere. Perfect for getting you a good night’s sleep! Earth tones are also easy to pair with colors, as they are mostly neutrals. Natural colors, such as red, green, and yellow, are beautiful pairings for earth tones. Together, they can create color schemes that feel both autumnal and warm.

2. Patterns, Patterns

Who doesn’t love good patterned bedding or wallpaper? In 2021, patterns are becoming increasingly popular! Hence, we at Flokq must include patterns for our bedroom inspirations. Including patterns in your bedroom is a fun way to make your bedroom feel more “alive” and easy on the eyes. Patterns aren’t just limited to kids’ bedrooms, either. Adults can play up with patterns by adding statement-making motifs on pieces in their bedrooms. Whether it’s in your bedding or on your wallpaper, patterns can be put in both expected and unexpected places. According to Shea McGee, co-owner of Studio McGee and co-star of Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover” on Apartment Therapy, “as long as there’s some common theme in color so everything hangs together.”

3. Texture-on-Texture

You might be reading the sentence “texture-on-texture” and thinking, won’t it feel overwhelming? Nope! On the contrary, using at least two textures will create a more comfortable feel to your room. You can add your favorite texture to your bedroom by adding fabrics to your bedroom’s bedside table, chair, or even to your bed. According to McGee on Apartment Therapy, “it’s all about adding a layered feel with warm, toned textures.” These fabrics can make bedding not only be more comfortable, but they’ll also make bedding look cozier and more lived-in, too. Some ideas for your bedroom inspirations is to pair stitched throws with sateen cotton sheets. It will give the perfect homey feel to your room!

4. Maximalism

Who says you can’t relax in a crowded room? Not Flokq! We understand how for some people, more is more. This is why we’re adding maximalism to our bedroom inspirations for you! Maximalism is all about daring color combos, heavy-patterned spaces, and infusions of textures. Think, surrounding yourself with all the things you love most. To make this style classy, we recommend you follow Hunker‘s advice. They include choosing oversized patterns, opting for jewel tones, and also choosing a focal point! After all, while every corner usually stands out in a maximalist bedroom, there’s still one corner you want to shine brighter than the rest.

5. Nature

Just like earth tones, bringing aspects of nature to your room can give a peaceful, soothing effect. According to Jules Upton of Oval Interiors on House Beautiful, incorporating natural elements into our bedrooms give us a sense of freedom. This comes from the effect that being at one with nature gives. Natural elements don’t just come in the form of indoor plants or floral paintings. For bedroom inspirations, you can add natural elements into your room by adding rattan, wooden, or wicker furniture. You can also add furniture in the color of muted and calm greens, which go well with the wooden furniture and white walls.

6. Minimalism

If you’re not a fan of clutter and crowd, we completely understand. Sometimes, simplicity is key, and that’s what minimalism is all about. Minimalism is one of the most popular approaches when it comes to bedrooms and homes these days. This particular style emphasizes muted color palettes, functional furniture, and sleek lines. You don’t have to have a lot of objects to portray the minimalistic style, which is why it’s perfect for first-time homeowners. A minimalistic approach to your bedroom can give you a sense of cleanliness and calmness, which will put your mind immediately at ease. Hence, a better rest in your room!

7. Bold Colors

Last but not least for your bedroom inspirations, bold colors! If you’re more used to neutral or soft colors, don’t be afraid to add that one pop of color into your bedroom. It makes all the difference! Striking shades like navy and emeralds have been reported to be great additions to the room. You don’t even have to paint your whole walls into striking colors; just one statement wall is enough! Plus, these charismatic, bold shades are great to be paired with calmer shades, and they promote restful sleep while also giving an area of interest.

Inspired to redecorate yet? We at Flokq certainly hope so! Take a step back and observe your room! Which style suit you best, minimalism or maximalism? What can you do to improve it? More or fewer patterns, perhaps? Good luck! We hope you have fun redecorating and have fun resting, afterward!

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