8 Best Burger King Menu Recommendations, Tasty and Worth the Price!

Hamburger or burger is one of the most popular fast-food menus in the world. Consisting of fillings, there’s a patty of ground meat, typically beef placed in between the two sliced buns. Other than that, there are also sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, pickles, lettuces, and even cheese if you would like to add them to it. Talking about fast-food restaurants that serve burgers in their outlets, one of those restaurants that are already well-known for years for the great taste and high quality of their burgers is Burger King. Founded in 1954, Burger King is an American multinational chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. Additionally, the company provides nutritional information for each item on the menu to help diners make “educated choices in customizing their meals” before ordering. But still, we intend to share the best Burger King menu recommendations that we think you’ll love!

Every day, more than 11 million people visit Burger King restaurants around the world and Indonesia is surely one of them. If you crave delicious burgers with various options at affordable prices, then you might want to visit the nearest Burger King outlet from your house. Moreover, if you want to get a taste of other menus besides burgers, they also offer fried chicken, fries, and various beverages for you to enjoy! However, since most of their signature menus are burgers, we would like to give you a list of the 8 best Burger King menu recommendations that are very tasty and worth the price. Now, let’s check out the following list down below before you decide on what burgers to have for today!

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1. Whopper Burger

Of course, the first recommendation of the best Burger King menu should go to this Whopper burger. First introduced in 1957, the popularity of the Whopper burger keeps growing. As one of the most well-known Burger King signature menus, Whopper is definitely a must-try if you haven’t yet got a taste of this burger. It consists of a quarter-pound flame-grilled juicy Australian beef patty, served with the perfect combo of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, crunchy pickles, mayo, and ketchup in between soft and fresh buns.

2. Cheeseburger

If you love classics and cheese, worry not! Out of the 8 best Burger King menu recommendations, one of them is a cheeseburger. The fillings of this cheeseburger are the combination of flame-grilled 100% Australian beef patty which is very juicy and savory cheese slices. In addition to that, the burger is also completed with fresh pickles, mustard sauce, and tomato sauce. Cheese lovers would absolutely enjoy this satisfying cheeseburger!

3. Classic Crispy Chicken Burger

Some of you must really love chicken and would pick chicken patty over any beef on every occasion. However, we also got you in this! Burger King offers this Classic Crispy Chicken Burger which consists of crunchy chicken fillet without MSG, fresh lettuces, and mayonnaise sauce, then wrapped with soft and fresh burger buns. As well as that, the taste itself is a little bit spicy, but it is still tolerable to the point that children can also enjoy this menu.

4. Plant-based Whopper

Are you a vegan? Or currently in a diet program but still craving tasty burgers for today’s meal? Burger King serves not only high-quality burgers with premium ingredients, but they also offer various options for you who have diet restrictions or simply have more specific preferences about what you consume. The next best Burger King menu is absolutely Plant-based Whopper. In between the soft burger buns, you’ll find all these fillings such as grilled plant-based patty, sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuces, and mayonnaise sauce. However, it is an important note to remember that the mayonnaise sauce contains eggs.

5. BBQ Beef Rasher Burger

Who loves the smoky taste of BBQ in their burger? If you are one of those people, then Burger King serves this menu as well for you BBQ lovers. The fillings of this BBQ Beef Rasher Burger are flame-grilled 100% Australian beef patty, beef rasher cutlet, the spread of American BBQ sauce, and cheese slices. Along with the fresh burger buns, juicy patty beef, smoky taste of the BBQ sauce, and savory cheese, your hunger and craving while having a bite of this burger would be spoiled!

6. BK Fish Burger

Another best Burger King menu recommendation that you have to try is this BK Fish Burger. If you don’t really fancy both beef and chicken patty, then worry not! There’s this alternative offered by Burger King for you who prefer fish over any other meats. BK Fish Burger has all these ingredients as the fillings in between its soft buns; fish fillet, the spread of tartar sauce, and American cheese slices. The savory taste of this burger is very addicting!

7. Quattro Crispy Chicken Burger

Another recommendation of the best Burger King menu for you chicken lovers is this Quattro Crispy Chicken Burger. Especially, if you are a cheese lover, we can say you will definitely enjoy this menu since it contains 4 types of different cheeses; American cheese, Swiss cheese, Mozarella cheese, and Cheese sauce. Aside from all those savory cheeses, Quattro Crispy Chicken Burger also has a crunchy chicken fillet without MSG, lettuces, fresh sliced tomatoes, and mayonnaise sauce as its fillings. The taste of the burger is spicy enough but not too much.

8. Cheese Rasher Chicken

The last menu that made its way to this best Burger King menu recommendation is Cheese Rasher Chicken. There are a lot of chicken alternative menus for you chicken lovers. Moreover, if you like the savory and spicy taste of the jalapeno cheese sauce, Cheese Rasher Chicken would be the perfect meal to spoil your taste buds. In between the soft burger buns, you’ll find the crunchy chicken fillet without MSG, beef rasher cutlet, Mexican jalapeno cheese sauce, and freshly sliced lettuces combined into one delicious chicken burger.

That’s all the 8 best Burger King menu recommendations that we have compiled for you, burger lovers! Have you tried any of those menus above? Or if you have never tasted any of Burger King’s menus before, which menu are you looking forward to trying later?

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