Best Pempek Shops in Jakarta

Who doesn’t know Pempek, typical food from Palembang. Palembang’s special food has become one of the typical foods and one of the triumphs of Indonesian food, we all knew about it! In this time, Pempek has traveled in so many places, not only being famous in Palembang, but has been famous throughout Indonesia, even to the world. This Palembang special food has spread its wings in other regions in Indonesia, so it will not be a new case for you if you live in an area that is outside of Palembang, but still can find this food, Pempek. Because Pempek has been spread everywhere, of course, Jakarta as the capital of the State of Indonesia cannot be left behind to become one of the areas for you to find this food. Not only Palembang people, but Jakarta residents must also be happy because they can feel it up close too.

Pempek Belida Mas

Pempek Belida Mas can be said as Pempek which is quite trending due to its uniqueness. Because usually, Pempek is only made from fish and tapioca flour (mistakenly referred to as “sago flour”), as well as several other compositions such as eggs, mashed garlic, flavorings, and salt. But it’s different from Pempek Belida Mas. Pempek Belida Mas has succeeded in bringing Pempek to the next level. Besides being able to find classic Pempek, such as Lemper Pempek or “Kapal Selam” Pempek, here you can also try some Pempek with innovations. There are Salted Egg Yolk Pempek, Pempek Mozzarella, Pempek with Seaweed, and most recently Pempek Nutella. Very unique huh? This Nutella when eaten it will get warm, the chocolate in the middle of the Pempek will melt and be full in your mouth! Pempek Belida Mas, not only provides pempek, for you who want to try another menu, Pempek Belida Mas serves several other menus such as Kwetiaw, Chicken Noodle, Green Noodle, Orange Noodle, and also Vermicelli.

Phone Number: +6281297477007

Address: Jl. Garuda No. 34, Kemayoran, Jakarta

Price Range: Rp25.000,00 – Rp30.000,00

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (8:00 AM to 9:00 PM)

Pempek Pak Raden

Source: Google Maps

Pempek Pak Raden is a branch in Jakarta from its original store, which is Pempek Pak Raden that placed in Palembang! So for those of you who have been to Palembang and tried Pempek Pak Raden, it’s now easy to find it in Jakarta. When it comes to taste, you don’t need to doubt it anymore. Pempek has a delicious taste that when chewed isn’t tough and the fish inside of it will feel good. Pempek Pak Raden provides vinegar soup with 2 choices for you, which are the spicy one and sweet soup. Pempek Pak Raden also not only the place for you to find Pempek, but after you finish eat Pempek you can order red bean ice as a dessert to complete your culinary sensation.

Phone Number: +622158907753

Address: Jl. Meruya Ilir Raya No. 40, Meruya, Jakarta

Price Range: Rp15.000,00 – Rp25.000,00

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (11.00 AM – 10.00 PM)

Pempek Megaria

Source: Google Maps

Pempek Megaria is the legendary Pempek place for Jakarta citizens. This is because Pempek Megaria was founded in 1989. Pempek Megaria offers Pempek with a soft texture, and the taste of the fish is very pronounced but does not smell fishy, ​​thus making many people being addicted after their first trying of the delicious Pempek Megaria. When asked which pempek is the most legendary in Jakarta, Pempek Megaria is sure to be the answer. Pempek enthusiasts will surely admit that the taste of Pempek here is no different than the original pempek in Palembang. The best-selling Pempek menu is the soft and tender Fried Lenggang. Different from Pempek Kapal Selam that has an egg inside of it, Pempek Lenggang is using the eggs as an outer coating. So at first glance, it looks like an omelet, but after you eat it, it tastes like the original pempek. Here, you can also order pempek with drinks as the complements. If you are not satisfied with just ordering Pempek, you can order other menus such as pindang, otak-otak, noodles, gado gado, bakwan, and other foods. Besides that, a dessert to be complete can also be found at Pempek Megaria, such as various silk pudding, red bean ice, and mixed ice!

Phone Number: +62213910921

Address: Metropole 21, Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 21, Cikini, Jakarta

Price Range: Rp20.000,00 – Rp40.000,00

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (12.00-21.00)

Pempek Palembang D’Gracious

Source: Google Maps

Pempek Palembang D’Gracious is one of Pempek restaurants that has a high rating of 4.3/5 versions of Pempek is very suitable for you who are vegetarian or on a diet program! Pempek Palembang D’Gracious is made with a mixture of yam flour and ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians, so there are no fish and eggs. Because it does not contain fish and eggs, do not be surprised if the price of Pempek is very cheap. Pempek Palembang D’Gracious’s Texture is not too chewy and tastes quite good. It is also delicious with the right sour and sweet palm sugar taste. This Pempek also provides a package menu, so it is easy for you to choose based on your money. Palembang Pempek D’Gracious also accepts large orders for large events. 

Phone Number: +6281389530700

Address: Gajah Mada Plaza, Ground Floor Jl. Gajah Mada No. 19 – 26, Gajah Mada, Jakarta Pusat

Price Range: Rp7.000,00 – Rp20.000,00

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (10:00 AM -10.00 PM)

Pempek Sari Sanjaya

Source: Google Maps

Pempek Sari Sanjaya is one of the Pempek in Jakarta that you cannot miss. If you talk about Pempek delicious in Jakarta, it feels like the first Pempek that comes to your brain is Pempek Sari Sanjaya. Pempek Sari already has five outlets, located in Karet, Kelapa Gading, PIK, Bintaro, and Serpong. Pempek Sari Sanjaya is one of the pempek food stalls that you must visit when you are being a big fan of Pempek. The fish that are used here, according to one of its employees, was sent directly from Palembang. If the original shipment is from Palembang, don’t be surprised if it tastes as good as the original Pempek in Palembang. Pempek Sari Sanjaya has a large indoor area making it suitable for dining with family and friends of course. Pempek Palembang Sari Sanjaya doesn’t only sell Pempek, so you can buy various other types of food found on the menu. A comfortable place is one of the advantages of Pempek Sari Sanjaya. From these 5 outlets, Jakarta residents can come to Kuningan Jakarta outlets, yes you definitely should visit it!

Phone Number: +622152901588

Address: Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.18A, RT.4 / RW.4, Kuningan, Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta City

Price Range Rp17.000,00 – Rp35.000,00

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (10:00 AM to 9:00 PM)

So, for Jakartans, you don’t have to go far away to Palembang to feel the taste of Pempek Palembang. This recommendation can complement your culinary experiences, especially for who is a big fan of Pempek. Although made in Jakarta, it does not reduce the taste that you can get. Good luck and Happy Eating. Also, don’t forget to see other recommendations on our blog!

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