Common Facilities in Jakarta Apartments

New apartments tend to upgrade their amenities to the high-quality ones, the ones we didn’t even think before we needed. But, are they necessary? Some of the amenities that are built-in in apartments aren’t even used by their own residents. So some apartment hunters search for the simple and the basic amenities that can provide their every day living instead of looking for the high-end, flashy ones. So here are some of those common amenities to consider while looking for an apartment.

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In-Unit Washer & Dryer

Apartments usually have public laundry facilities. However, if you’ve tried using one, you definitely know how pleasant it is to have your own in-unit washer and dryer. Washing your clothes in your unit can save you much more time and you can do other cleanings as well since you don’t have to step out of the door. You can also wash your clothes frequently so there won’t be any pile of dirty clothes stacking in the corner of your apartment.

Heater and Air Conditioning

Needing a heater or air conditioning in your apartment unit is a matter of the weather and season in the area where you live. When you live in a tropical country, you’ll definitely need a blow from the AC all day long. However, if you live in a place where it’s always below 20 degrees, you might want a heater in your unit. An apartment with both heater and air conditioning is very rare unless you live in a country with 4 seasons. 

Water Heater

In Indonesia, it’s common for people to have a shower or bath with cold water. That’s why some apartments don’t have a water heater installed in the bathroom. If you’re not used to having a cold shower, you might want to recheck this before moving in, or you might have to buy your own water heater.


Your imagination of living in an apartment must’ve included the picture of you sipping a cup of tea in your patio with your bathrobes on while watching the sunrise at 5.30 am, isn’t it? That’s what everybody got on their minds. Yes, it is nice to sit on your private balcony and watch the streets down below. However, the fact that most apartments provide patios that are too small to even fit an outdoor coffee table and chairs will give you a second thought about affording an apartment with patios because the cost is usually much higher. 


Elevators are commonly found in apartments. However, older low rise apartments tend to stick with stairs rather than elevators. You really should consider an apartment with elevators because, on your moving day, you will regret renting the old apartment with stairs while bringing your queen-sized mattress to your unit on the 4th floor. This amenity should also be considered because if you have an older guest, they might not be able to walk up the stairs. Elevators are really necessary in apartments. 

Secured Building

We all want to live in a place where we feel safe. Security is crucial, especially when you live in a big city, where most apartments are. Basic security features that every apartment should have are locking doors, locking windows, and working exterior lights at the entrances and in the aisles. You don’t want to go out of the elevator welcomed by the pitch-black aisle in the middle of the night, don’t you? It will also be better if the apartment has an extra layer of badge security system in the entire building. The badges will only be distributed to the residents and the security officers. This feature may not seem important at first glance, but when you forgot to lock your doors or a case of emergency happens, you will be grateful for it. 

Pet Friendly

Do you have a furry buddy? Or are you planning to have one? Get to know in advance whether the apartment allows you to have pets inside their building or not. If they do, you should roam around the common facilities inside the apartment and around the neighborhood. Will the environment be nice for your dog to take a walk? If you don’t have a pet, don’t plan to have one, or don’t even want to encounter one, you might want to skip apartments that have this amenity. 

High-Speed Internet Access

Nowadays, the internet becomes a basic need for everyone all around the world. We can access any information, socialize with our long-distance friends and families, and even finish our works all thanks to the internet. Check out whether the apartment provides reliable internet access or not. You have to consider the internet provider they are using either because it’s just as important as the available internet speeds. Make sure you get an internet access worth as much as the price you pay. A good internet service in your apartment is a necessity.

Fitness Center

After a long day at work, exercise may be your way to escape from all the stressful routine. Having a fitness center inside the apartment building will really be beneficial for those of you who like to workout. Not to mention that you don’t even have to leave the building to exercise and workout anytime you want to, but it will definitely save you much more money than affording a fitness club membership.

Swimming Pool

Swimming will be a very interesting idea to spend your weekend. However, if it’s an open swimming pool, trust us, you’ll only use it when the weather’s nice. And when it is, everyone in the apartment will also dip into the swimming pool and there will be a sea of humans. It will be better if your apartment has an indoor swimming pool, but that’s rarely found. All in all, you will use the swimming pool lesser than you thought you will. 

So, there you have some of the basic facilities in an apartment that you should consider looking for. We hope this list helps you find the perfect home! Happy moving!

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