15 Best Coworking Space in Jakarta

Along with the times, technology, and business, the number and the growth of entrepreneurs and freelancers in Indonesia are increasing. The development of technology and business has also affected the number of startup growth in Indonesia, which has increased. With so many entrepreneurs and freelancers, there is a trend for a shared workspace that is called ‘coworking space’, especially in big cities like Jakarta.

What is coworking space?

A coworking space is an open area that is used by modern workers or communal workers. Individuals from different work backgrounds can work in the same workplace. However, coworking spaces are not just for individual workers or freelancers. Coworking spaces usually also provide meeting rooms, space for events, and offices for small-medium startups.

Pros and benefits of coworking space

Coworking culture emerged as a form of transformation of work styles and technology. Due to technological developments, currently, office workers use a lot of more flexible laptops. This flexibility changes work habits because workers can carry their work anywhere without having to be in the office. So, coworking space is a solution when you are bored with your office’s atmosphere.

Due to changing work styles, coworking spaces offer a new concept where people from various fields of work can come together. Typically, coworking space is known for the long shared table, cozy chairs, enough lighting, and a cozy interior design to increase enthusiasm and productivity. In addition, the coworking space design carries the concept of open space so that the people can interact, collaborate, or form partnerships.

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Facilities of coworking space

Coworking space is very useful for startup companies to be used as offices or company operational locations. With affordable rental rates and complete facilities, coworking spaces are becoming very popular because they offer convenience and practicality.

The facilities offered are generally varied and able to accommodate the needs while working. So, the following are the average facilities provided:

  • chair and table
  • fast internet
  • drinks (water, coffee, tea)
  • printers and copiers
  • private office
  • meeting room
  • event space
  • lounge
  • pantry

Moreover, there are also many coworking spaces that offer more facilities such as lockers, correspondence services, bathrooms with showers, nursing rooms, games, and even karaoke rooms!

Price for coworking space in Jakarta

The rise of coworking spaces in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, has made more and more people rent coworking spaces to work. The cost to rent a coworking space varies, it is determined by the plan or package chosen. Usually, there are options ranging from daily – monthly rental for one table (no fixed table), monthly rental for one fixed table, to the option of renting a separate room like a private office.

The rental price for coworking space also varies from place to place. On average, the price of rent per day is around IDR 50,000 to IDR 1,500,000 per month. Meanwhile, private offices are more expensive, depending on how many people are filling the room. However, some coworking spaces also provide hourly rentals with prices starting from tens of thousands. Affordable, right?

Therefore, if you want a more comfortable and refreshing work atmosphere, but still have an atmosphere like other offices, you can make coworking space your main choice for a place to work.

The biggest coworking spaces in Jakarta

Quoted from Kompas.com, property consultant JLL in 2019 issued a list of the top five or coworking spaces that dominate the Jakarta office market. According to JLL Research Head James Taylor, the expansion of coworking spaces in Jakarta has boosted office occupancy performance.

So, to make it easier for you to choose a coworking space as a place to work, here is a list of the 5 biggest coworking spaces that dominate in Jakarta according to JLL:

1. CoHive

CoHive coworking space Jakarta

CoHive is the largest coworking space provider not only in Jakarta, but in Indonesia, with many branches in other cities such as Surabaya, Medan, Yogyakarta, and following in Bali. Currently, CoHive is the choice of 1100 companies in 36 locations in Indonesia, with 19 locations spread across South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, North Jakarta, and West Jakarta.

To rent a coworking space here, you can choose from a variety of packages divided into three main categories: Coworking Space, Private Office, and Custom Build. Custom Built is a feature that allows your company to have an office designed by the CoHive team for office displays that support productivity through creative designs. Meanwhile, for coworking spaces, they offer several options such as the Daily Pass, Flexi Desk, Dedicated Desk, and Team Desk. Apart from that, CoHive also provides other services such as meeting rooms and event rooms.

By becoming a member, you can get high-speed internet access, free-flow drinks, a relaxing area such as a lounge, access to their special events, and the opportunity to network with other CoHive members.

To find out where they are located in Jakarta, click here.


  • Coworking Space: starting from Rp110,000.00/day
  • Private Office: starting from Rp900,000.00/pax


2. WeWork

WeWork coworking space Jakarta

WeWork is one of the most popular coworking spaces in the world. Starting from New York, WeWork now has a total of 827 locations in 120 cities, including Jakarta, Indonesia.

At WeWork, there are three options you can choose from: Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks, and Private Offices. For individuals or small teams, you can choose a Hot Desk or Dedicated Desk with a monthly payment. Or, you can also choose a private office for a larger team with conference room access.

By renting a working space here, you will get access to high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, lounges, pantries, printing machines, and community events. In addition, each WeWork location also has unique facilities that vary from location to location, such as an event room, nursing room, bathroom with shower, food hall, karaoke room, and games!

For information regarding WeWork locations in Jakarta, click here.


  • Shared Desk: starting from Rp2,000,000.00 / month
  • Private Office: starting from Rp4,000,000.00 / pax / month

Contact: +62 21 2789 9808

3. GoWork

GoWork coworking space Jakarta

Another popular premium coworking space network in Indonesia is GoWork. Concentrated in the Jakarta and Bali metropolitan areas, GoWork prioritizes flexibility and allows users to choose between daily, package, or monthly rentals. With an elegant and modern design, this coworking space offers a luxurious, comfortable atmosphere, and complete facilities to support productivity.

You can choose a Hot Desk (Daily, Flexible, Monthly) or Private Office. Hot Desks allow you to work in open spaces and free chairs so you can network and collaborate with different people every day. However, if you need a special room for a team, choose a Private Office that is made for teams of up to 20 people.

The facilities that you will get are also great, starting from high-speed internet, printers, free coffee and tea, spacious lounges, and exclusive events and workshops! In addition, each package you choose will have optional add-ons such as a dedicated business address, accounting services, and meeting rooms.

To find out where GoWork is located, click here.


  • Hot Desk: starting from Rp125.000 / day
  • Private Office: starting from Rp2.800.000 / pax / month


  • Phone: +62 21 3000 6718
  •  WhatsApp: +62 811 996 8896

4. Regus

Regus coworking space Jakarta
Regus Indonesia

Regus is a worldwide network of coworking spaces that provides the most beneficial option for digital nomads or business people, as they have offices all over the world, including in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions with a network of 900 cities in 120 countries.

You can choose from several options offered: private offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and meeting rooms. By renting a coworking space or office, you can get a telephone line and a handset. In addition, if you need a temporary space when you have a project, they offer offices with private windows or no outside views, and can even get temporary office suites with small meeting rooms.

If you need a bigger room to hold events, Regus has a multipurpose room equipped with an AV screen, projector, whiteboard, flipchart, and stationery that you can borrow. For those who need a virtual office, Regus has many packages to choose from with complete facilities. Digital nomads can also benefit from being a member, as it allows members to come to Regus anywhere in the world.


  • Hot Desk: starting from Rp 60.000 / day
  • Private Office: starting from Rp 1.800.000 / pax / month

Contact: +62 21 2555 5601

5. Kolega

Kolega coworking space Jakarta

Launched at first in Tebet, this coworking space in South Jakarta has gained popularity because it is located in strategic locations and its efforts to approach youths. Kolega is one of the largest coworking spaces in Jakarta that has collaborated with many companies with 18 locations in Indonesia.

Kolega has become a choice for people who are in the world of start-ups, creatives, freelancers, even students. They provide a coworking space (daily or monthly), private offices, meeting rooms, and event space for 20-50 people. For packages, you can choose between hourly or daily, monthly, and event space packages.

By renting a coworking space at Kolega, you will get access to a fast internet connection, lockers, printers, pantry, free mail service, and free flow coffee. Apart from that, you can also take part in the exclusive events and workshops they hold.


  • Coworking space: starting from Rp110.000 / day
  • Private office: starting from Rp2.500.000 / month


  • Phone: +6221 5790 7667
  • WhatsApp: +62 859 4686 3558

Coworking space in each area of Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the cities that provides workspace like the aforementioned because it is included in the Metropolitan area. All over Jakarta, you can also find coworking spaces everywhere. So, here are some lists of coworking spaces according to each area in Jakarta:

Coworking space in South Jakarta

6. Conclave

Conclave - coworking space South Jakarta

Conclave is a coworking space provider located in three locations in South Jakarta: Wijaya, TB Simatupang, and Arteri Pondok Indah. Located near offices, Conclave is suitable for those of you who work or live near this area.

You can use a coworking space here starting from IDR 100,000 per day with access to fiber-optic internet and a pantry. You can also rent a meeting room for IDR 300,000 per hour for a capacity of 20 people and facilities for meetings.

If you need a bigger room, you can rent an auditorium with a capacity of 150 people starting from IDR 1,500,000 per hour. Apart from that, you can also rent a private office starting from IDR 5,000,000 per month.

Conclave is open every day from 9.00 – 17.00, but if you register as a member, you have 24-hour access.

7. Wellspaces

Wellspaces - coworking space South Jakarta

Located in office buildings and central business areas, Wellspaces makes you feel the atmosphere of a work environment that supports productivity. You can find Wellspaces at Equity Tower SCBD, Menara FIF TB Simatupang, Tokopedia Tower Kuningan, Treasury Tower SCBD, Epicentrum Kuningan, and Kemang.

Wellspaces aims to build an engaging and collaborative environment. They often hold events and seminars, so you have the opportunity to network with startups and/or other entrepreneurs. Each Wellspaces location offers various facilities, ranging from Shared Desks, Meeting Rooms, Private Offices, and Event Space.

For the price, Wellspaces provides different prices, depending on the rental package chosen and its location.

8. Greenhouse Coworking Space

In accordance to its name, Greenhouse has an interior design that is eco-friendly; giving it a natural and fresh atmosphere. Located in Multivision Tower’s 25th floor in Jl. Kuningan Mulia Lot 9B, Kuningan, this coworking space offers a view of South Jakarta in a room of 1.800 m2 with a capacity for 300 people/

You can enjoy working in Greenhouse starting from 177,000.00 per day for a Hot Desk / Open Plan Seating. Other than that, you can also become a member and rent a Dedicated Desk for Rp 3,000,000.00 per month or a Private Office starting from Rp 16,000,000.00 per month. Facilities you can use here are high-speed wifi, printer, scanner, photocopy machine, mineral water, and coffee. Other than that, if you’re hungry, you don’t need to exit the building since Greenhouse has a restaurant and bar.

The coworking space here opens every monday – friday from 09.00 until 20.00 but they open for 24 hours for members.

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Coworking space in Central Jakarta

9. Avenue8

Avenue8 - coworking space Jakarta Pusat

Located at Tamansari Parama Suite 7B, Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 84, Menteng, Avenue8 is a premium service-based coworking space and office in Jakarta. They provide flexible package options that can be selected according to your business needs. They can even take care of coffee breaks, lunch, and transportation. Like a coworking space with 5-star service, right?

The packages offered by Avenue8 are private office, coworking space, virtual office, meeting room, and event space. You can rent a coworking space starting from IDR 150,000 / day or IDR 1,800,000 / month, private offices starting from IDR 3,200,000 / month, and meeting rooms starting from IDR 200,000 / hour.

All packages include high-speed internet, free-flow coffee and tea, access to a co-working space, and access to the lounge. In some package options, you can also use printing services, cleaning services, and free shipping. If you choose to use the event room with a capacity of 40 people, they will provide a sound system, projector, and lunch (additional fee).

Avenue8 is open every Monday – Friday from 8.30 – 17.00, but you will get 24-hour access if you rent a private office.

10. Kolla Space

Kolla Space
Kolla Space

Located on Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 32B, Kebon Sirih, Menteng, this coworking space was originally an old building which was later renovated with a contemporary design. The interior design is homey with a modern touch, making it comfortable for long hours of work. The location is also close to places to eat, making it easier for you when you’re hungry.

They offer many packages, such as coworking desks, meeting rooms, event rooms, private offices, community packages, and training packages. Apart from an internet connection, you will also get free-flow coffee and tea. If you rent a meeting room, there is a plasma TV that can be used for presentations during meetings.

Kolla Space provides affordable prices: coworking desks starting from IDR 50,000 / hour – IDR 100,000 / day – 1,800,000 / month, meeting rooms starting from IDR 50,000 / hour, and private offices starting from IDR 5. 000,000 / month.

They are open Monday – Friday from 8.00 – 21.00 and Saturday – Sunday from 9.00 – 17.00.

11. Ke:kini Ruang Bersama

Ke;kini is a coworking space and community centre in Cikini, Central Jakarta that accepts various companies, groups or individuals from even more varied backgrounds to work and collaborate. Other than that, they are also affiliated with a humanitarian institution that promotes social justice and peace

Facilities that you can get here are office room with many tables that you can use interchangeably (hotdesk), WiFi, free printing per day (with a quota), meeting room, and free flow drinks for water, coffee, and tea. Other than that, members can also get access to various events that is held in Ke:kini!

Located in Jl. Cikini Raya No. 45, Ke:kini opens every monday – saturday from 09.00 – 21.00.

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Coworking space in West Jakarta

12. Apiary

Apiary - coworking space Jakarta Barat

This rising coworking space only has a place at Lippo St. Moritz Tower Puri Kembangan and Menara Global Kuningan. Not only as a coworking space, but Apiary also develops a community of startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate teams. To promote collaboration between community members, they regularly hold events such as Buzz Night (monthly network night with free wine), Lunch & Study with other members over free meals, as well as workshops on various topics.

The rental rates for coworking space at Apiary differ depending on the location, but the perks of the packages remain mostly the same: Shared Desks starting at IDR 150,000 / day, Private Offices starting at IDR 6,400,000.00 / month for a team of 6. Apiary also rents out meeting rooms and event rooms for seminars, workshops, classes, even interviews, and consultations.

By renting a place here, you can enjoy facilities such as a fast internet connection, lounge, free-flow drinks, lockers, mail reception services, laundry, and daily cleaning.

13. Kedasi


Kedasi is another network of coworking spaces in Jakarta that aims to provide a workplace in a comfortable and supportive environment to work in. In West Jakarta, you can find Kedasi on Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur 6 No. 2A, Grogol Petamburan. They provide hourly packages at pocket-friendly fees to accommodate those with more flexible needs.

Like most other coworking spaces, Kedasi provides coworking space, private offices, and meeting rooms. To work in a coworking space, you only need to pay IDR 30,000 / hour or IDR 100,000 / day. If you’re a student, Kedasi offers a special package for students, which is IDR 75,000 for a day with free-flow drinks and free printing of 20 sheets. In addition, Kedasi also provides an event room that can accommodate 20-50 people and an auditorium with a maximum seating capacity of 350 people.

Kedasi aims to help users work with focus while relaxing by providing a calm and relaxing space such as an outdoor lounge. With the concept of an open workspace, you can network with other people while eating or smoking. Moreover, to unwind, they provide a game room that can be used to play with friends or even take a nap.

By being located near the street, it makes Space Inc easy to find. With a comfortable atmosphere and completed with an interior design that is simple, this place is perfect for freelancers, office wokers, and startup employees. The office room is quite wide with private sections in it that can house up to 28 people.

They provide coworking space, virtual and services office, event room, and meeting room. Free facilities that you will certainly get as you please are coffee and tea, free snacks, internet, meting room, printing services, locker, and many more. Every package options can give you a different special facility. For the event room, they desgined it like a theater that is complete with sound system, projector, flipchart, and other useful equipments; depending on the demand. The meeting room is also equipped with a projector.

Space Inc is located in Rukan Daan Mogor, Jl. Daan Mogor Raya, Tj. Duren Utara, Grogol Petamburan. This Coworking space opens at 08.00 – 20.00 (Monday -Friday), 09.00 – 17.00 (Saturday), 09.00 – 15.00 (Sunday).

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Coworking space in North Jakarta

15. UnionSPACE

UnionSPACE - North Jakarta

UnionSPACE is a coworking space that has several branches scattered around Jakarta, one of which is North Jakarta. They provide a coworking space that can be used for work or hosting events. Even though the location is located inside the PIK Avenue Mall, this coworking space can still provide a modern comfortable atmosphere, suitable for growing companies. So far, they have collaborated with many startups and communities.

The packages they offer are also complete: coworking space starting from IDR 950,000 / month, private offices starting from IDR 6,299,000 / month, meeting rooms, event rooms, and virtual offices. They also provide supporting facilities for work, such as drinks, pantry, relaxing area, and gym access. If you want to use the event space, they will provide technical facilities such as a screen projector and sound system in a room with a capacity of more than 40 people.

16. Werkspace

Werkspace - North Jakarta

Werkspace is also a coworking space with several branches in Jakarta, including North Jakarta: Pluit and Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Located on Jl. Pluit Indah Raya 168 Blok B-G, this coworking space has a modern and luxurious concept with dim lighting and a classic interior design. They have also worked with startup companies for years, and have special services for companies.

You can choose from several options offered: Coworking starting from IDR 100,000 / day, Dedicated Desks starting from IDR 2,000,000 / month, Private Office starting from IDR 1,650,000 / month, meeting rooms, event rooms, to virtual offices. The facilities that you will get include high-speed internet, free coffee and tea, free printing and photocopying (except for Coworking packages), mail and package services, as well as daily cleaning services. In addition, for full members, you can get other additional facilities such as business travel assistants, accounting & tax services, graphic design services, and many others.

17. Concrete Space

Located in Concrete Building (it’s really named that way), Concrete Coworking Space has services that is different from other coworking space in North Jakarta, they have a photo studio and coworking suite. A coworking suite is a luxurious facility in the second floor that is designed specially for startups. Facilities there include private coworking space and entertainment, similar to a private office with luxury. Concrete has a modern and comfortable interior that is pleasing to the eye with a ‘concrete’ theme all over the building, also dimmed lights that can make you feel at ease when working.

Packages offered by Concrete include coworking space, meeting room, suites, and a multifunction room. All packages include free coffee and tea, access to the library, a playing room, and a Zen garden. If you choose the multifunction room with a capacity of more than 40 people, then you will get a sound system, projector, chairs, tables, and more. They also provide events and workshops for customers. The suites are a luxurious place equipped with 11 large suite rooms that will be perfect for startups and are with fingerprint access and other special facilities!

Concrete is located in Jl. Pluit Tim. Raya No. 17, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan and opens every Sunday – Saturday from 09.00 – 18.00. But for those suite renters, it’s accessible for 24-hours.

Coworking space in East Jakarta

18. Vin&Co.Working

Vin & Co Working

Vin & Co. Working is a coworking space located at Vinoti Living, Jl. Taruna No. 8, one of the modern buildings in Cipinang which is suitable as a place for a growing company. With modern interiors and natural elements, this place has both indoor and outdoor spaces. The garden that surrounds a coworking space gives a calm impression and fresh air, perfect for those of you who want to focus on completing work in peace.

Rental packages and space provided by Vin & Co. Working are: Flexi Desk starting from IDR 70,000 / day, Dedicated Desk starting from IDR 1,000,000 / month, Private Office starting from IDR 5,000,000 / month, meeting rooms, and event space. By renting a place at Vin & Co. Working, you can get facilities such as lockers, free coffee & tea, pantry, and mail handling services. If you want to use the event space, they will provide technical facilities such as a screen projector and sound system.

19. Theater House ID

Theater House ID
Theater House ID

Theater House ID is a coworking space at Villa Bambu Wulung No. C6, Jl. Bambu Wulung Raya, Bambu Apus, Cipayung, with a minimalist and modern design. The concept of this coworking space was originally a simple house which was later converted into a comfortable modern style house with a large workspace.

Theater House ID has 3 floors with the master bedroom on the top floor and a rooftop garden above it. In the middle, there is an event room with seating positions like in a theater. Finally, the other part of the house is a coworking space that you can use to work comfortably.

The packages offered by Theater House ID are a coworking space, meeting rooms, and event spaces. All packages include unlimited coffee and tea, a pantry, and access to the lounge to relax. They also provide a small dining table. In addition, if they want to hold an event in the event room, they will provide a sound system and projector in the room with a capacity of 30 people.

For more information regarding prices, contact them on Instagram @theaterhouseid or +62813-1561-8893.

20. Reneó Space

This place has an open space that is fomfortable, but what makes this East Jakarta coworking space moer comfortable is the coffeeshop that you can enjoy outside their rooms. For years, Reneo has been used for many events, even for weddings! It started as a modern home, but it changed to an office space that is minimalistic. Sadly, Reneo Space doesn’t provide Private Office. But still, their facilities are quite the bargain!

They provide flexible desk, meeting rooms, and an outdoor room. Their outdoor room is usually used for events but there is also a small lounge inside for smaller events. Other facilities that you will get is free internet. Reneo Space is like a coffeeshop with an office space and affordable price.

Reneospace is located in Jl. Pondok Bambu Batas No.14, Duren Sawit, and opens every Monday – Friday at 09.00 – 21.00. Daily reservations start from Rp 50,000.00 per day. Visit their instagram for more information.

So, those are the recommendations for the best coworking space in Jakarta for you. We hope that this list of coworking spaces will help you in choosing a coworking space in Jakarta that is suitable for a workplace, either for personal use or the startup office you have set up.

Also, if you live around or outside Jakarta, don’t forget to check out our other articles about coworking spaces around Jakarta!

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