Anti-mainstream Date Ideas in Jakarta

For some people, dating might consist usually of going to restaurants, binging, or going to the movies. While that’s not bad at all, you can spice things up in a variety of ways and means. You just got to think beyond what’s the usual thing you guys do. But if you can’t think of anything new as of now, we have some ideas that might help you. Oh, and don’t worry there are options for a new couple and also ones for a longer kind of relationship. So here are some things that Jakartans can do to spice it up.

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Restaurant Roulette

The idea is quite simple, make a list of restaurants that you guys would love to visit, preferably the ones that you haven’t had the chance to go to. After you’ve collected the list, assign numbers on each of the potential places. Then go to a roulette generator like at or’s random picker wheel. Alternatively, you can do the analog way of using a six-sided dice or if you’re keen on board games, use those fancy ones that have more than six sides! You can spice Restaurant Roulette by for example having a roulette but for a full course meal: So you roll the wheel or dice for each part of the meal!

Memory Lane Marathon

Here’s an idea, have a full day date for going down either one of your memory lanes or both of your memory lane. Go to your childhood home, your elementary school, or that one restaurant that you used to spend a lot of time with when you were a kid. Don’t forget to plan the route if these places are a bit far off from one another. This kind of date is perfect for any kind of relationship – old or new, it’s a way to get to know each other more. Or you could basically go around the places you like to visit in Jakarta. For older couples, you can get to know what your partner went through in detail from all those childhood tales, and for newer couples, you can have a fun introduction to who your partner really is.

First Date Revisit

This type of date is recommended for couples who’ve gone through some time with their relationship. When some time has gone by, like a few months, or even a year or two, the first date that you had maybe something that feels distant. So why don’t you guys revisit it? Go to that same bar, or that restaurant, or that cinema that you guys spent your first date in. Try to also remember the outfit that you guys wore and wear them for the occasion for maximum effect. Oh, and try to get there at approximately the same time, it’ll be a unique experience for a perspective of how far you guys have gone through.

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Surprise Cooking

For those couples who like to eat and date, this option is perfect for you. Try to set a date for a dinner date for a home-cooked meal. You can either do it like a picnic, so you each bring it with you to a place, or even surprise cook it at your home. If you guys often cook for each other, try to pick a new recipe that you haven’t cooked for your partner, but don’t tell them what you’ll bring to the table. For those who don’t usually cook for each other, you can maybe try to make their favorite meal. Of course, this option needs careful consideration of safety and not to mention a willingness to finish something half as tasty as you would like it to be!

Scavenger Hunt

Like an easter egg hunt, but with your partner. So set up elaborate clues all over town and try to make it a race against each other! Set up a prize for the winner and preferably set aside a full day for this since you never know how long it will take and how exhausting going around town would be. Perfect for those living in a particularly large city like Jakarta with a lot of nooks and crannies!

Public Transport Roundabout

    Now this one would require you to be in a city with a good enough and interesting enough public transport routes. Also, try to plan this date on a relatively less busy day. So the idea is to get on public transport, maybe a bus or commuter line, try to get off at any part of the city that you want. The point is not the destination, but in getting to know another side of the town. This type of date is especially fun for people living in Jakarta since the public transport system is well-maintained. Don’t forget to top up your card or bring a lot of cash.

Make and Trade Playlists

The idea is plain and simple. Have you and your partner make up a playlist that you want the other to listen to. It can consist of songs that remind you about them, songs that you like from your childhood, or maybe your favorite road trip playlist. Compile them in Spotify or in a good old fashioned CD, and additionally, have a splitter to listen to it with, you can then listen to it blissfully together while stargazing or on the beach.

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Photo Date Day

The idea is actually like a regular date, but make sure that there is a lot of photo taking involved, and preferably set aside a whole day for it. So just go around town or the places you actually visit and bring a camera or a polaroid or even just use your own phones. Afterward, try to compile the pictures into an album or one of those short cheesy short videos! For some, documenting memories can be as important as the memories itself, so you can combine this type of date with the other types of dates so that it’s well documented! Also perfect for a couple’s vacation in the concrete jungle Jakarta.

So there you have it, a list of things that you can do to spice your relationship up! These dates can especially be fun if you do it on either of your birthdays or the date of your first date. Make sure to have this article bookmarked for you to remember these ideas!

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