4 Best Daycares in South Tangerang

Due to their bustling daily life, not rarely that parents must leave their precious little ones, then pay for baby sitter services or even a daycare. Daycare is a favorite place for Moms to entrust their kids there. Daycare has so many benefits that you need to know. Especially, your little kid can be trained to socialize because there are a lot of peers. They might also be happier and not feel lonely than having to be at home alone with a baby sitter. Not only that, being in daycare will train the kid’s independence too. For Moms and Dads who live in the South Tangerang area and been thinking of leaving your little kiddo in daycare, try some of this most recommended daycare! Here is the list of 5 best daycares in South Tangerang.

1. Little March Daycare

the worker of Little March Daycare
Little March Daycare

Little March Daycare is a two-story house with separate care facilities for babies (2 months – 1-year-old) and toddlers (1 – 5 years old). The first floor has one bedroom with air conditioning for toddlers, a shared dining room, a spacious playroom equipped with giant blackboard walls, and a bathroom specifically designed for the comfort of the little kiddos. The second-floor consists of one bedroom with air conditioning for babies, an activity room, a bathroom, and a spacious balcony for morning sunbathing routines.

The safety factor is very much considered in the Little March Daycare, therefore the top and bottom of the stairs are fitted with a safety gate, as well as between the kitchen area and the children’s play area. Apart from that, CCTV infrastructure is also installed and can be accessed online by parents of the children. Children’s activity reports are also documented for parents every day.

The activities here are varied and interesting, with the main focus on developing life skills through the Montessori method. Stimulation of children’s growth and development is carried out through play and learning activities such as sensory play, locomotor play, dramatic play, movements & songs, and also storytelling. Meanwhile, the stimulation of the baby’s development is done through baby gym activities and music for babies. 

So, for Moms and Dads who live in the area of Ciputat, Bintaro, BSD, and Pamulang, please visit Little March Daycare to directly survey the location and register your kiddo. There are daily packages, monthly, and even weekend care. Great, right?

Phone Number: +62812 – 8120 – 6280

Address: Grand Serpong 2, G/15, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

Social Media: @littlemarchdaycare on Instagram

Opening Hours: 7.00 – 18.00 (Monday – Friday) & Closed (Saturday – Sunday)

2. Little Sunshine Daycare

kids in Little Sunshine Daycare
Little Sunshine Daycare

One of the daycare in the Bintaro area is Little Sunshine Daycare, precisely on Perkici V street, a safe and comfortable environment for a daycare. The safety factor is a requirement that must be done by a daycare. Not only security from kidnapping but also security from inside the house, such as the interior, there should not be open sockets, floors, and walls must be equipped with foam, and there is a safety gate if there are any stairs. All these things have been fulfilled in Little Sunshine.

Members in Little Sunshine are children from the age of 2 – 10 years old. For ages under 4 years old, entering the baby class program, which focuses on motor and language development. While for those over 4 years old, entering the independence class, with activities such as planting, coloring, and also cooking class program.

In addition, Little Sunshine Daycare also has facilities such as a personal bed, room with air conditioner, children’s toys, films, and educational books. Including child development programs, child independence programs, trained caregiver personnel, and live-streamed CCTV, so the parents are able to monitor their kids via mobile phone wherever and whenever they are.

Phone Number: +62857 – 7344 – 8757

Address: Jl. Perkici V Blok EA 6 No.41, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan

Social Media: @lilsunshinedaycare on Instagram

Opening Hours:  07.00 – 18.00 (Monday – Friday) & Closed (Saturday – Sunday)

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3. Fun2Gro Daycare

bedroom Fun2Gro Daycare
Fun2Gro Daycare

Fun2Gro Daycare is one of the best daycares in South Tangerang. The program provided by Fun2Gro Daycare is a program that provides all the basic needs of children for basic knowledge that is very much needed in child development. Their team consists of experienced instructors with active learning methods, and caregiver who are experienced in handling kiddos, and a psychology graduate lecturer as a coach.

For children aged 18 – 13 months, entering the infant or toddler level. Whereas for children aged 30 months – 5 years, they entering the preschool level. Their daily activities include playing outside and inside the playground, learning activities in small and large groups, reading books, and routine care such as eating, taking a nap, and also bathing.

Fun2Gro Daycare also holds special activities such as guest visits in the form of regular public health and dental checks every month, joint cooking activities, and also book reading or storytelling activities. Children are also provided with lunch and healthy snacks both in the morning and evening. If the child has a special diet program or is allergic to certain food ingredients, can be informed by the staff there, so they can prepare food according to the child’s needs. Very recommended.

Phone Number: +6221 – 7486 – 4276

Address: Jl. Kasuari Blok HB3 No.19, Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan

Social Media: @fun2grodaycare on Instagram

Opening Hours: 06.00 – 18.00 (Monday – Friday) & Closed (Saturday – Sunday)

4. Rumah Tumbuh Daycare

inside Rumah Tumbuh Daycare
Rumah Tumbuh Daycare

Rumah Tumbuh Daycare is a daycare located in BSD, South Tangerang. They provide the best facilities as a place for children to learn and play, include clean and spacious house, strategic location (close to the BSD – Jakarta toll road), a room with air conditioner, a Montessori area, a miny library, a learning curriculum referring to the Montessori method, supervision conducted directly by the owner, an online CCTV, a collection of educational toys and books, and many more. This daycare also provides regular doctor team visits include pediatricians, dentists, and psychologists.

The main activity in Rumah Tumbuh Daycare is, in the morning they take a bath accompanied by a caregiver, then go to the dining room to have breakfast and also gardening in the backyard such as watering, planting, or sowing seeds. Children are also invited to toilet training accompanied by teachers and caregivers. After the outdoor activities, children are invited to Montessori-based indoor activities.

Phone Number: +62812 – 1045 – 1080

Address: Jl. Sulawesi V Blok E9 No.RM21, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan

Social Media: @rumahtumbuh on Instagram

Opening Hours:  07.00 – 18.00 (Monday – Friday) & Closed (Saturday – Sunday)

So there you have the best daycares in South Tangerang. Finding the most suitable daycare it’s not easy. Sometimes we set various criteria, for example, we must adhere to a particular education system, the ratio between caregivers and children, what facilities are available, and most importantly, what positive supplies are given to the child that can be useful for their future. Alright, Parents! Hopefully, you get the best suitable daycare for your precious little kid through this list we’ve made.

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