5 Best Daycares Around West Jakarta

Daycare is more than just a place to stay for the children while their guardians are away. Their growth in the daycare will greatly help them for the next step, preschool, and kindergarten. We don’t think anyone would argue that the ideal main caretaker is a parent, but these are modern times wherein many families both parents work and daycare is necessary especially in West Jakarta. By hiring a nanny, a child receives more than just the physical care of a daycare environment.

Nanny is potential for tardiness and they’re expensive. Meanwhile, daycare is both reliable and affordable. The child is offered an environment and activities that aid in his physical, social, emotional, and mental development. It aids in the development of independence and ignites a love of learning. If you’re looking for high-quality daycares, we have compiled a few places in West Jakarta that you can put into consideration.

1. Trust DayCare

Trust DayCare

In this era, Trust DayCare sees that many adults work and that reduces the time to take care of their children. To fill this gap, the founders of Trust DayCare establish a daycare center that has adequate facilities and learning facilities for children. They want the children to have a good knowledge of matters relating to SQ, EQ, and IQ. With their value principles, Trust DayCare is trying to make a positive contribution to every child entrusted to them. To ensure the development of the children, Trust DayCare maintains good communication with every parent.

The location of this daycare is quite strategic, a quiet housing complex so it is free from vehicle noise. The concept of Trust DayCare is to become a daycare center with adequate facilities and develop the children’s knowledge. Trust DayCare focused its training on independence and discipline. It’s all because they want the children to have a good character. Trust Day Care has different activities every day, such as cooking or dance classes. The activities are of course adjusted to the children’s ages. Any child from the age of three months to six years old can be accepted to this daycare.

Phone Number: +6282110000880

Address: Jalan Surya Utama 3 No. H12, Sunrise Garden, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours: 7.30 AM-6 PM

2. Little Shine Daycare

Little Shine Daycare

Initiated by Jovita Maria Ferliana, M.Psi and Agustina, M.Psi., this daycare program is specially prepared for school. The basic method of care that they use is love, care, and passion for the children’s early development. Having years of experience in the psychological area, we can trust Little Shine Daycare’s curriculum.

This daycare is only intended for children aged at least 1.5 years old. It is because one of the educational programs provided is socialization with peers. When separated from parents, children are expected to learn to recognize and interact with new friends so that they can be more independent. The activities consist of arts of crafts, music, role-playing, some basic writing, and arithmetic.

Phone Number: +6287846089179/+628170705303/+6287887888958

Address: Apartemen Mediterania Garden 2, Tower Heliconia Lantai 1, Blok HJ2B, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours: 7 AM-6 PM

3. Al-Hadi Daycare

Al-Hadi Daycare

As one of Islamic Daycares in Jakarta, Al-Hadi Daycare offers religious teachings such as encouraging children to pray on time. The advantage of this daycare is that they also offer an additional program, Tahfidz. Tahfidz is a program where the children will be guided to memorize verses in the Koran. Other than religious activities, this daycare still has common daycare activities like toilet training activities, socialization, and many more. Daycare also has a large outdoor playing area for the children to play and move freely. Al-Hadi Daycare is open from 8.00 – 16.00 every Monday to Friday.


Al Hadi divided the classes into a full day and a half-day. The full-day class starts at 7 AM until 5 PM while the half-day class starts from 12 PM until 5 PM. The children will be having two meals and snacks a day and a weekly tutoring.

Phone Number: +622158544578, 85892362754

Address: Jalan Aries Utama Blok F12 No. 8, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours: 8.00 AM-16.00 PM (Monday-Friday)

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4. Yayasan Rumah Tuhan

Yayasan Rumah Tuhan

Getting early religious teaching is important for children to grow as a good person. That’s why Yayasan Rumah Tuhan Daycare offers to teach Christian values for children. This daycare has both inside and outside areas that are safe for the children. Activities offered include storytelling, reading books together, and socializing. There are also periodic child health reports and medical facilities overseen by pediatricians.

The teaching will be focused on character building, growing Christian faith, and manner & ethics development. There are additional facilities with additional fees such as language courses, transportation, and outing programs. For the payment, guardians can choose to pay hourly or monthly. A child as young as a newborn baby until 12 years old children can join this daycare. Moreover, Yayasan Rumah Tuhan Daycare is also welcoming children with special needs.

Phone Number: +6281511427411

Address: Jalan Anggrek No. 3 (Cendrawasih Raya), Cengkareng Barat, Jakarta Barat.

Opening Hours: 7 AM-6 PM (Monday-Friday)

5. Twinkle Stars EEC & Ben’s Daycare

This daycare that is located in West Jakarta is here to help working people with children as an early childhood educational institution. They use a national curriculum in teaching, combined with the Montessori method and brain gym. The children will be taught how to help themselves, socialize in groups, recognize and communicate in English, and so on. This daycare is supported by Montessori education brain gym experts, Ms. Lely Tobing Mont Dipl and her teaching team.

Learning with the Montessori System means focusing the teachers to help students’ independence in learning. There are nine programs in Twinkle Stars. The first one, brain gym program, is aimed to balance the right and the left side of the brain. To develop the children’s cognitive skills and enrich their knowledge, they train the pre-academic skills with thematic system learning. The activities consist of music stimulation, learning by doing outside activities like outdoor play, and religious learning. In order to reduce the children’s stress levels, they also conduct a massage from children to children’s activity. All in all, these programs are set to build the character of the children.

Phone Number: +62215658654/+62811 1280 699

Address: Jl. Ratu Bar. 1 No.12, RT.10/RW.8, Duri Kepa, Kec. Kb. Jeruk, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11520

Opening Hours: 8 AM-4 PM

So, there you have it! Some of the best daycares in West Jakarta to take care of your kid(s). It’s very helpful if you happen to be a working adult with children and your concentrations are divided into taking care of kids and working. So, if you happen to live or work near West Jakarta, don’t bother to give it a try for your children and choose what’s best for them!

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