10 Essential Steps for a Stress-Free Move

The idea of moving to your new place is exciting. Imagine living in a new place, with a new environment and new people to meet. Moving to a new place is where you could have a fresh start and let go of your past. However, moving will definitely be exhausting. It can be overwhelming for some people and drive their stress level up. Worry not, we are here to save you from the stressful feelings with a list of steps to help you move!

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Pick a moving company 

Before getting further into the list, make sure you browse moving companies around your neighborhood that can help you during the moving process. There must be a lot of companies, and you have to choose one and use their service. It might sound easy, but picking a professional is a must. Do not hesitate to call them one by one and ask what they have to offer. Then, you can look at the reviews from previous customers to compare each one of them. If possible, pick a company that will help you do a valuation- this means the company will assess your possessions at home and make sure you have the right-sized transportation to carry your stuffs and the right amount of helpers on the day you move.  

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Make a list

Before you pack your stuffs, create a systematic list of things you’d like to bring to your new place. You have to do this in advance so that you will be able to add things to the list later if you haven’t written it down in the first place. This list is intended to make sure you’ve packed all of your belongings. You can also check every item on the list each time you’ve put each object inside the box.

Classify the boxes 

Boxes look just the same. If you have clear boxes, use them instead of the brown ones. It is easier for you or the movers to recognize what is inside the box and where to put it in your new place. However, most people only have enough brown boxes. For alternatives, you can use color labels and classify each color (e.g. blue is for the living room, green is for the bedroom, etc.) and stick more label tapes to write down the specific category of the items inside the box. Therefore, you will not be confused about which box to open when you’re looking for something. To make it easier, keep correlated things together (e.g. lamps with light bulbs) so you won’t be missing the complementary parts when you’re assembling them.

Pack early 

Don’t pack in the last minutes- it will definitely stress you up. Instead, pack as early as you can. You don’t have to rush and pack the whole stuffs at one time. Pack one by one, starting with the things you don’t use daily. In this step, you can also throw away pieces off stuff you don’t need anymore and determine which stuffs you won’t be bringing to your new place. Cutting the number of the stuff you’re going to bring will definitely make the moving much easier. When you’ve packed early and there comes the day when you have to move, you won’t even realize you’ve done your packing! 

Prep the new place in advance

Before going into your new place with all those boxes, it is better if you can go there first and prep things while the unit is still clear. In this chance, you can resurface floors, repaint walls or put on wallpapers, and install new fixtures. If your new place isn’t spotless, this is the best time for you to do a deep clean. 

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Cleaning essentials

Keep your cleaning kit in one box. Moving in and unpacking the boxes in your new place will definitely create a big mess. There will be trash and dust here and there. By keeping your cleaning kit in one place, it will be easier for you to reach them once you’ve done unpacking your boxes. Be sure to clean your new place well and to the smallest details, because what is a new home without a shiny look?

Keep valuables safe

Keep your essential files organized and your jewelry and family heirlooms in a separate box. These are the things you can’t afford to miss during the moving day. If possible, keep them with you the entire day. However, if you want the moving company to bring your documents, make sure you have signed the insurance contract.

Ask for help

Yes, you’re an independent person. But don’t be shy to ask for help from your friends or family to help you on the moving day. This will also reduce the tension that will build up if you work on it alone. Having someone to talk to and help around will definitely be a great help to have a stress-free move. Make sure to reward all your helpers with a meal, since they use a lot of their energies too.

Unpack the necessities 

When you’ve moved all the boxes into your new place, make sure you unpack the necessities first, such as bedding, kitchen supplies, and toiletries. After you’ve finished unpacking them, you may continue unpacking room by room, until it’s all done. You can postpone unpacking the things you don’t urgently need to use to the next day. That way, you won’t be too exhausted.


After a long day of saying goodbye to your old place, unpacking, and cleaning your new place, be relaxed. Yes, you must be tired. But don’t let it stress you out.  Make a nice cup of tea and buy a take-out for dinner. Don’t bother to cook by yourself, since it will make you even more tired. Last, don’t stay up late and get enough sleep. Save energy for the next day. Even if you’ve done unpacking, you must’ve realized you need to buy some things you don’t have and hit up the store. 

So, there you have some tips to help you move to a new place, and it’s also stress-free! We hope this helps and you enjoy your new place! Don’t forget to check out our other tips and trick on our blog!

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