Things You Should Agree on with Your Flatmates

Living in a coliving situation like in Flokq probably might be a little bit tricky as conflicts and problems may arise. By agreeing in the first place, you and your roommate set healthy boundaries so everything runs well. If your roommate happens to be your family (sister, brother, cousins, etc) it will be easier since you both know each other well and having the same values. But, if you both merely know each other, making a discussion about what is allow and not is the best way to keep your daily life on track. 

Things to Discuss With Your Flatmates Before Signing An Agreement
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Sit together and discuss what is your values, what makes you uncomfortable, what you don’t allow, what you can tolerate, and ask your roommate about his/her. Here are some types of roommate template agreements that you may adopt with your roommate. From the most simple to the more formal one, you can even hire lawyers or people form legal staff to keep things right.

fighting roommate agreement


Roommate Template Agreement

  1. Determine’s everyone’s share of monthly rent and who will pay to the landlord.
  2. Decide which bedroom to occupy
  3. Set up a cleaning schedule, who is in charge of the cleaning kinds of stuff, and which to clean, etc.
  4. Set a quiet time for everybody
  5. Decide who can come for a visit, what time, etc. You don’t want unwanted people to come and barge in.
  6. Determine the rules if one of you wants to leave and moving out, like giving one month’s notice.
  7. Decide how you both handle disagreement or conflicts or problems
  8. Write this down on a paper, print it and stick somewhere inside your apartment or room as a friendly reminder
  9. You may write down things that you can’t stand or tolerate at all and make an agreement between you two
  10. Write the date, sign the agreement and make a copy for each of you.

Type: 2

Roommate Agreement Template

This form was created to aid in communication between roommates about expectations and to define basic guidelines for their living arrangements. 


This agreement will be in effect from _______to _________

Money and Property Matters

Rent Amount:

Date the Rent is Due: 

How will rent be paid?  

Security Deposit: ________________ per roommate. Each roommate will be responsible for their share of the charges accrued by damages.

Utilities: (Please put whose name is on the account and how bills will be split.)

  • Included Gas Bill, hot water, electricity, telephone, cable, and others.

Household Supplies: (This includes everything from light-bulbs to paper towels to dish soap.)

  • Cost and Supply 


  • What will be shared? 
  • What will not be shared? 
  • What can guests eat? 
  • How will the cost be divided? 

Shared Property:

  • Cookware, Electronics, Furniture, Gadgets

Space Use

Cleanliness: (Please indicate how often and by whom areas will be cleaned.)

Common Areas:

Kitchen & Dishes:



*Roommates should also discuss what “clean” means to each of them.

Personal Space:

  • What is off-limits to roommates? 
  • What is off-limits to guests?
  • How will you indicate that you want to be left alone? 


  • When is it ok to have overnight guests? 
  • When is it not ok? 
  • How often can there be overnight guests?
  • How many people can visit at one time? 
  • What time should guests leave during the week? 
  • What time should guests leave on the weekend? 

Quiet/Study Time:

  • What times are “quiet hours” during the week? 
  • What times are “quiet hours” on the weekend? 
  • Where are the study areas?

In our apartment, the following are:

  • Smoking is permitted/not permitted. How much/often? 
  • Alcohol is permitted/not permitted. How much/often? 
  • Drugs are permitted/not permitted. How much/often? 

Our Pet Policy: (include the responsibility of costs and care) 

By signing this agreement, we acknowledge that all roommates have equal rights and responsibilities to all common areas and our own private spaces. 

Roommate ___________________________________ Date ___________________

Roommate ___________________________________ Date ___________________

Each roommate is encouraged to keep a copy of this record.

Type: 3

Roommate Agreement Template

Moving out
How long each of you will give notice until move out.

Refer to how you both resolve conflict and handle problems that may arise.

This refers to anything especially about personal space, privacy, etc.

Also, we agree with the following arrangements regarding:

  1. Food/Cooking/Kitchen Supplies/Kitchen Clean-up:
    Draw up specific rules about who is responsible for buying kitchen supplies and food staples; decide if turns will be taken cooking meals and washing dishes; set down rules about food sharing; or set general rules like all dirty dishes must be washed and put away promptly – not left in the sink.
  2. Cleanliness/Cleaning Supplies/Cleaning Responsibilities:
    Draw up specific rules about who is responsible for keeping which rooms clean; set a cleaning schedule; or set general house rules like no clothes on the floor in open areas” or shoes must be removed upon entering.
  3. Privacy/Guests/Overnight Guests:
    Roommates are entitled to bring visitors into their room or apartment, but it’s important not to abuse this privilege. You might also set rules about the frequency of guests’ duration of their stay. You don’t want any guest to become an unofficial resident.
  4. Sharing of Personal Items:
    Roommates agree to refrain from borrowing personal property without prior approval…If clothes are borrowed, with permission, the borrower is expected to return the items cleaned.
  5. Noise/Study Times Space, pets, parties, etc

(Attach additional sheets if necessary to address other issues such as security, furniture, appliances)

Those are three types of roommate template agreements that you can adopt to make living in a coliving apartment or shared room safer. Keep in mind that the roommate template agreement and leasing agreement are two different things. Roommate template agreement is an agreement that is made between you and your roommate for your daily lives while living together while leasing agreement is an agreement between you and the Landlord and it’s quite formal and legal to keep all the payments safe and under control. Feel free to edit, add or delete some points. 

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