Fun Things to Do on a Friday Night in Jakarta

Leaving the office for the weekend after a long, tiring day at work must have been everybody’s most treasured moment. The rituals happening next depend on each person. On Fridays, the werewolves howl through the night. This is their time to expose their truest colors—it is the time to shine! So, get out of those social restrictions that have been trapping you for the whole week. Prepare to submit yourself for the weekend! Here are 5 fun things to do on a Friday night in Jakarta

1. Bars and Clubs

Loewy bar jakarta
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It feels like a long list of cool bars and nightclubs in Jakarta would never stop unrolling. We understand that you need a space to finally let the sanity out and relieve yourself with a few drinks and tipsy dancing. Our recommendation is to hit up Central or South Jakarta area – where all the magic happen. You might not meet the prince of your dreams, but we assure you that you will meet the drinks of your life.

The list of bars in Jakarta is never-ending, thus you might be overwhelmed with the options. Do not fret because we have compiled a list of great bars in Jakarta!

2. Art Shows  

art shows friday night in jakarta
Source: Swargaloka Art

For those who prefer immersing themselves into the beauty of art, Jakarta got you boo. Art institutions such as Taman Ismail Marzuki regularly hold theatrical, dance, and music performances, which start at 19.30 from Monday to Saturday, while 13.30 on Sundays. This art institution area also comprises of a mini-sized movie theater called Kineforum, which is mainly functioned as a free movie screening venue held by any film communities. Moreover, most of the time they would also invite some guest speakers for a panel discussion, still related to the film shown, afterward. 

Another art institution that is functioned to hold similar artsy performances of mostly local artists to help them grow is including Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. In here, theatrical and dance performances, extending to pop music concerts have been held, so there is a certain way of how the building becomes one of Jakarta’s lively art venues besides Taman Ismail Marzuki. 

3. Night Markets

kota tua market
Kota Tua market

Night markets are where you could find low priced dinners and take-away snacks for your Netflix and chill session later at home. Many tenants showcase famous Indonesian street foods that will help you engage more in conversations with friends because they are just so inclusive and down to earth. Locals are the ones who go to these night markets frequently, but they are also the top targets among many tourists, so do not get too overwhelmed by the flowing number of people munching around. But, hey! It is Friday and you are out of the office. A paper bag, 2 plastic cups of fried goods, a cup of IDR3,000 iced tea, and the fifth is on the way to wrap up the night. 

Jakarta has a big number of night markets, but the top three ones would be Pecenongan Night Market, Pecah Kulit Night Market, and Friday Night Market. Pasar Santa is also recommended for a night hangout with friends. For additional information, a great food festival at Jalan Jaksa is held annually by the government, so you might want to check that out as well. 

4. Quiet Bookshops 

post bookshop pasar santa friday night in jakarta
Source: Instagram @post_santa

Tranquility is preferred by most people on Friday nights after days of stressful work. There are some quiet bookstores in Jakarta you could visit to relieve the nerdy side of you. POST Bookshop, for example, is located at Pasar Santa, where most Indonesian millennials spend their weekend nights with friends. It is a great affordable hangout place. Not many realize that amidst the loud laughter and thick smoke of burnt cigarettes, lies a unique bookshop unlike anywhere else. 

POST Santa Bookshop does not sell books in big masses as what Gramedia does. Instead, there are only two or three copies available for each title—so the early bird gets the worm analogy applies to this situation. But, worry not, because the shop has a unique curated book collection ranging from local to international writers. Most books are published independently, too, so there is a sense of privacy within each. We mean, is it not always interesting to take a peek at someone’s secret which no one is supposed to know, but you have the chance, so you do it anyway? 

5. Stay at Home

stay at home friday night

Last but not the least, you can always stay at home. Living in such a progressive era, everything could come to your door with just a single click. You want to binge rewatch Friends from the very first season? It is available on Netflix Indonesia already. Gofood offers a large selection of restaurants, so don’t worry about food! Check out Gofood’s hottest merchants.

*A pro tip: for even more comfortable Friday nights, provide yourself with freshly washed sheets and blanket. 

The weekend is meant to be a special space for you to recharge your mental battery. Don’t worry about spending your Friday night the ‘right way.’ Some say going to bars is the best way, but maybe you opt to staying home. Whatever the plan, make sure you get and feel the fun electrify your brain. For now, make every weekend count. 

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