A Guide to Camp in Bogor

Bogor is known for its many natural attractions, fresh air, and highlands. Famous places like Sentul and Puncak have been the source of entertainment for the people in Jakarta to take a day off or have a quick getaway. They enjoy the beautiful scenery, natural attractions, and they could do so many activities! From exploring culinary goods, going on a safari ride, and also camping!

Bogor is known to be the nearest place to have beautiful camping areas, such areas are in National parks. Bogor has two famous National Parks that are located near the mountains, National Park of Mount Halimun Salak and National Park of Mount Salak Endah, and that hasn’t included other mountains and natural attractions like Gunung Bunder. Of course, these areas are perfect for your adventurous soul to go camping, so, here’s a guide on how you could camp in Bogor!

Do Your Research

Before staying somewhere, the most essential step is to know what is it that you want and whether it is available. This includes the types of camping grounds in Bogor (Check out the post here), the pros and cons between camping grounds, and adjust the prices with your budget. It’s also better to check the camping grounds surroundings, some camping grounds are just in a forest, some have beautiful scenery of the city, while others are near a waterfall.

If you’re going camping alone but want to join a group, some of the camping grounds in Bogor also provide a group camp! But if you are going with friends and families, then you better find a place that could make everyone happy, if you’re lazy to go on the classic camping trip, then the camping grounds in Bogor does provide a ready tent and equipment for you to rent, usually, they also have a built toilet for you to go to. Also, if you’re looking for a serious camping trip, figure out whether they having camping guides to ensure your safety.

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Plan Your Stay

If you have done your research and have come to a decision for the place, then it’s time to plan out the rest! This step includes planning your transportation to the camping grounds, the number of nights you’re going to stay, and the things and activities to do while camping. For transportation, you could rent a car from your town or just bring your vehicle.

Since, you have already chosen a place, then planning the activities would be easy, you could come up with the activities regarding the surroundings of the area, you could plan to go for a swim in the waterfalls in the morning, have campfires while looking at the stars, or even having outbound activities. All the activities that you would like to do will help you know how many nights that you would like to stay camping.

Make Reservation

After you planned everything out, including the date of camping, then all you need to do is make a phone for reservations. Make sure you tell them everything you need and want to go camping, the camping place, the guide, and the facilities. This is also a good chance to ask anything that is bothering your mind regarding the camping grounds, for example how is its safety guaranteed and what other facilities does the management has to offer. After you are sure and the management has understood your request, then you could agree on the date of camping.

Pack Your Things

This is probably the most essential step you have to consider. Of course, while staying for the night moreover in open nature, you’re going to need lots of stuff to take with you. The only thing that you don’t want to consider taking is electronic stuff like your phone or camera because they are prone to get lost, broken, wet, or even stomped on. Here are some stuff to consider if you’re going for a more serious camping trip make sure to bring these stuff in one big bag :

  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents and the equipment
  • A multifunctional knife, some ropes, a torch, and an emergency lamp
  • Dry Bags so your clothes won’t get wet when it’s raining
  • Bedding roll and a small pillow
  • Enough clothes and underwears
  • Simple sanitary products
  • Medicines
  • Easy slip-on shoes and a closed-toe shoe
  • Plate bag (contains a plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, and spoon)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Raincoat
  • Portable stove and cooking equipment

If you’re going for a simple camping trip and tenting equipment is already been made for you then all you have to take with you is enough clothes, a sleeping bag, and simple sanitary products along with a torch. You could also bring your camera! They usually have little food stalls for you to enjoy so you don’t have to bring a portable stove, too! Other than these lists of things to bring, you could also bring other stuff to adjust your needs. Here’s a tip, make a list of things to bring so you don’t forget anything or bring too much of it.

Have Fun!

Have Fun!

All there is left to do is have fun! Make sure to do as many memorable activities as you can and take many pictures, but don’t let that make you not enjoy your time having fun in nature! Make the most of your time when you’re camping with friends and family!

So there you have your guide to camp in Bogor, don’t worry too much, the camping grounds in Bogor are usually well served by the management there. We hope this is useful for you if you want to go camping in Bogor. Don’t forget to check other guides in our blog!

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