Recommended Healthy and Nutritious Iftar Menu for You

Iftar is a moment that is eagerly awaited by anyone who is running it, especially for Muslims when the month of Ramadan comes. After a day of fasting, of course, it will make you want lots of food and drink when it is time to break the fast. However, you also have to remember to keep yourself in control in choosing the food and drink menu after your stomach is empty for the whole day. Therefore, choose a healthy iftar menu for your digestion.

A healthy diet can maintain body condition while fasting so that you can undergo fasting during Ramadan optimally. However, what is the iftar menu that is good for health?

Usually, the menu for breaking the fast is dominated by a variety of sweet foods. Although some sweet foods or drinks are included in the healthy menu category, still, some of these sweet foods or drinks use a lot of added sugar as a sweetener in them.

Sweet foods are usually chosen as an iftar menu because they can restore energy quickly. However, you still need to pay attention to the nutritional content because some types of iftar foods are high in sugar and carbohydrates, but contain little protein, vitamins, or minerals.

Foods that contain too much sugar are not good for your body because they can increase the risk of several health problems, such as excess weight gain to diabetes. So that the body can return to energy and stay healthy, see what iftar menus you should avoid and recommendations for healthy iftar menu that you can make as choices.

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Iftar menu that you should avoid

Before continuing to discuss what are the healthy iftar menu for your body. You should know some menus that should be avoided or minimized after you fast all day, including:

  • Fried food
  • Foods that contain high fat
  • Preserved packaged and canned food
  • Foods that contain a lot of added sugar and salt
  • Drinks with added sweeteners
  • Carbonated drinks or soda
  • Packaged drinks or juices
  • Various foods and drinks with high fat, sugar, and salt content

Several types of food and drinks that have been mentioned above are types of iftar menus that you should avoid because long-term consumption can cause various serious health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension, digestive disorders, to heart problems.

In addition, fried foods can also cause cholesterol and make your body unable to work optimally. If your daily nutrition is still fulfilled and balanced, then your body condition will be maintained so that you can undergo fasting worship to the fullest.

After knowing the types of food and drinks that you should avoid on an iftar menu, consider the following Flokq version of the healthy iftar menu recommendation.

1. Dates

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The first healthy iftar menu dates. No wonder why dates have become one of the good iftar menus for your body because each date seed contains a combination of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and minerals so it is highly recommended for you to consume.

This content will provide balanced nutrition for your body without overdoing it at all. In addition, dates also contain simple glucose which will increase sugar levels and can help restore the energy that has been expended during fasting all day.

2. Mineral Water

Mineral Water

This healthy and nutritious iftar menu might escape your attention. Sweet drinks will certainly feel fresher, but you still have to prioritize mineral water intake to restore the electrolytes lost from the body after a day of fasting and activities.

During the fasting month, adults are encouraged to continue to consume 2 liters of mineral water every day. This need can be divided into two glasses after breaking the fast and at dawn, then four glasses of mineral water at night.

3. Fish


The next iftar menu is one of the healthy and nutritious food menu options that can be processed in a variety of ways. Yes, you can cook processed fish into a variety of healthy menus, one of which is steamed cooking. Fish can provide good content for your body’s health, such as protein, amino acids, to the right iron to provide nutrition when breaking the fast.

4. Eggs

Food Detik

Just like processed fish, eggs can also be processed into a variety of healthy foods for breaking the fast. Eggs have low calories but contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats that are good for the body’s health. In addition, eggs are also easy to digest by the body. You don’t have to worry about getting indigestion with this healthy and nutritious iftar menu.

5. Vegetable and Fruit Salad


Vegetables and fruit are one type of healthy iftar menu that you can make your next choice. When fasting in the month of Ramadan, of course, it is highly recommended that you eat rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. Both menus are suitable to meet your daily fiber needs.

Vegetables and fruit are slowly processed in the stomach and intestines. This makes the stomach empty longer. Therefore, the effect of fullness on your body will last longer.

When preparing vegetable and fruit salads, you should avoid dressings high in salt, sugar, and saturated fat, such as sweetened heavy cream, mayonnaise, and cheese sauce. You can replace with dressing salad healthy foods, such as olive oil, honey, lemon, and yogurt without sugar.

6. Soup


Just like vegetable and fruit salads, soup is one of the healthy iftar menu that provides fiber intake and is recommended for you to consume. The soup contains various types of vegetables that can enrich the nutrients and the soup will also help restore the water content lost during the day of fasting.

To be a healthy iftar meal, make sure you don’t add excess salt to the soup dish. On the other hand, for a richer taste, you can add peppercorns, celery leaves, star anise, and cardamom. In addition, you can also add pieces of meat or chicken as your protein intake. Protein increases the hormone that triggers feelings of fullness and decreases the hormone hunger.

Soup can be processed in such a way according to your favorite ingredients. To be safe, you can consume chicken soup which is specially made with free-range chicken as an example of the iftar menu because the free-range chicken soup will provide high protein when combined with vegetables so it is good for your body’s health.

7. Fruit Pudding

Fruit Pudding

Pudding is usually known as one of the foods that offer a sweet taste and high sugar content. However, you can make pudding healthier by making a variety of fresh fruits as the main ingredients. Because various fruits can provide you with healthy nutrients such as vitamins and fiber that are good for your body’s health.

How to make fruit pudding is quite easy. First of all, you can make pudding from plain jelly powder. Once ripe, prepare a few pieces of your favorite fruit in a separate container. Then, you dissolve the ripe jelly on top of the fruit pieces and let it sit for a few hours.

When finished, the fruit pudding is ready to be served and you eat. It feels incomplete if you eat pudding without sauce or vla. You can also make your vla using healthier ingredients like egg yolks, vanilla, and low-fat milk.

Here are the recommendations for a healthy and nutritious iftar menu for you. Hopefully, some of the menus above can be an option for you when determining the iftar menu.

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