11 Hidden Costs of Moving to a New Place

Before moving out, you must’ve plotted the budget with all its moving costs as detailed as you possible. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Whether you move by yourself with the help of friends and family or hiring a moving company, there will be extra costs that you don’t realize before summing up your total moving expense. To help you prepare for those unforeseen expenses here is a list of the hidden costs of moving.

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Moving supplies

If you decide to move by yourself, you will have to collect moving supplies. There will be a lot you have to pick up from the store- try to make a list so you won’t miss anything. Boxes, bubble wrap, duct tape, scissors, you name it. When you’ve shopped for the list, there will come a time when you realize you haven’t bought enough supplies and that will add up rapidly. Moreover, the better quality of the products are, the more protected your belongings will be- and the more it will cost you.

Renting a storage

Not all people move to a bigger space, and that’s why moving out won’t guarantee that your old furniture will fit into your new place. In this case, you have to rent a monthly storage to keep your belongings safe. This also applies when you’ve moved your belongings out of your old place, but the new place hasn’t let them in yet. 

Spending a night in the hotel

Just like your belongings- you also matter. When moving couldn’t be finished in a day, you will continue it in the following day. However, neither of your old and new places may are the greatest place to sleep at. Sleeping in a massive mess is not the greatest situation for this situation as it may overwhelm you. The solution to this problem is to spend a night in a hotel- and this will add up the number in your budgeting. How much you spend actually depends on which hotel you decide to spend a night in, so choose wisely.

Utility deposits

Moving out means installing utilities in your new place. You’re going to pay for administration fees and deposits to your utility provider. To prevent being shocked by the excessive amount of money you have to pay, call the provider and ask them how much will you have to pay. In addition, do not forget to shut down your utilities in your old place. If you forget to do so, they will charge you for an extra month and that will definitely ruin your budgeting.

Fuel expenses

Fuel prices at the station vary, so moving companies usually charge you for fuel expenses at the end of the trip. Do not forget to ask them for the fine print and read it carefully. You may be able to save up more on fuel expenses if the truck is also carrying another family’s possessions. Therefore, the fuel cost will be split in two.  

Purchasing moving insurance

Breaking your possessions during moving is a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how careful the movers carry your items, accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Reputable moving companies may cover basic insurance during your move. However, if you are carrying big screen LED TV or other electronics, you may need to purchase extra insurance to cover the replacement cost of the damaged item. 

Boarding pets

Watching the moving process could lead to anxiety for your pets. That’s why it’s best to board your furry buddy overnight. That way, they will be out of the way and won’t be exposed to the stress that moving often causes. Boarding fees vary by the boarding kennels, so acknowledge how much you have to pay for each of them.

Stair or elevator fees

If you live in a building without elevators, moving companies usually will charge you for stair fees. This applies because they will have to carry your belongings while going up or down the stairs- which god knows how narrow it could be. However, this doesn’t only apply to stairs. If you are moving to the top floor of a high rise, they might also charge you additional elevator fees. The price you have to pay depends on the moving company you choose. 

Parking tickets

When you are moving to the city, you should be aware of parking tickets. The moving truck may park in front of your place for hours- unloading lots of your possessions. Make sure they don’t park on illegal spots because if they do, you’ll be responsible for the parking tickets. To avoid this from happening, figure out parking spots before moving day. That way, you can get a permit if needed.

Restocking ingredients

The decision to throw out the perishables is often made by movers. This is because moving companies will not transport perishable food items, and you will have to carry them yourself. Instead of carrying them over and dealing with the fact that they may rot because they’re not being kept inside the fridge, people chose to just throw them away. Yes, it is easier to get rid of them, but don’t forget to shop for ingredients and stock up your fridge once you’ve settled in your new place. If you don’t, you might wake up starving the next morning and feel disappointed to discover your emptied fridge.

Filling up your new place

It doesn’t matter how much decors and furniture you bring from your old place; you will find oddness when you try to fit them in your new place. It may be because they don’t fill up the space enough, or it may just seem a little strange and you want to give it a little touch to make it perfect. This might doesn’t sound much, but once you go to IKEA or any other store likewise, you’ll end up picking more and more stuff to put inside your trolley. Trust us, this is one of the main reasons your budgeting will blow up. So, when you shop for extra furniture, think of what you really need and what you can reconsider. 

So there you have a list of the hidden costs that you might want to prepare for. We hope this helps you with your move! Be sure to double-check your expenses too!

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