13 Home Hydroponic Plants You Can Grow

Hydroponic plants are one type of plant that can be grown at home. This type of plant does not use soil as a planting medium but uses other media such as gravel, coarse sand, coconut husk, Rockwool, perlite, and wood fibre. This planting medium uses a water solution containing nutrients so that plants develop properly. If you like farming but have a narrow area of ​​land, growing plants this way can be an alternative. Generally, plants that can be propagated in this way are vegetables and fruits. Here are 13 home hydroponic plants that you can grow.

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1. Paprika

The first plant you can grow hydroponically is paprika. Generally, paprika is grown conventionally, but it turns out that this plant can also be grown hydroponically. In growing this plant, you must pay attention to the nutritional intake that is adjusted to the growing phase of this plant.

2. Tomato

Besides, generally, you can see this plant grown on open land; tomatoes are also one of the plants that can be grown hydroponically. The first step that can be taken if you want to grow tomatoes hydroponically is to buy certified seeds. After that, you can choose the cocopeat media according to your plant’s needs. Do not forget you have to pay attention to the care of this plant such as watering, providing nutrition, doing embroidery, and so on.

3. Lettuce

One of the plants that are also often cultivated hydroponically is lettuce. This plant has a fair shortage ranging from 30-45 days. There are two types of lettuce that are commonly bred, namely green leaf lettuce and red leaf lettuce. This plant is usually processed into salads because of its fresh taste and high economic value.

4. Kale

Another plant that can also be grown hydroponically is kale. This plant has a relative shortage of about 4 weeks. One of the advantages that you can get if you plant kale is that it can be harvested more than once in one planting period. You simply cut off the top of the kale and let the roots continue to grow and multiply.

5. Pakcoy

Another plant that you can also breed at home is Pakcoy. This plant contains many vitamins and minerals and can be processed into a variety of healthy foods. Generally, if pakcoy is grown hydroponically, the planting medium used is Rockwool. This plant has a fairly shortage of about one month to be harvested.


6. Celery

One vegetable that has a distinctive smell that many people like is celery. This vegetable is generally used as an addition to soups and soups. For planting itself, this plant uses a wick or axis system if grown hydroponically. This plant can be one of your choices in growing home hydroponic plants.

7. Melon

One type of fruit that can be grown hydroponically is melon. There are several stages that you must learn in cultivating melons, namely seed selection, sowing, planting, care, and harvesting. This must be considered so that the melons of your plant can grow optimally and healthy.

8. Watermelon

Besides melon, watermelon can also be a plant that can be grown in hydroponic form. Even watermelons that use hydroponic growing media have a higher economic value than ordinary watermelons. Watermelon grown hydroponically takes about 2-3 months to harvest. There are several stages of hydroponic watermelon planting that you can follow, namely seed selection, seeding, planting, maintenance, and finally harvesting.

9. Grape

One of the fresh fruit that can also be grown hydroponically is grapes. This fruit has a characteristic plant with vines. You can breed various types of grapes hydroponically. Know all the requirements for growing grapes that are grown hydroponically so that they can grow optimally and healthy.

10. Strawberry

In addition to grapes, strawberries can also be an option for fruit grown hydroponically. This system is also considered cheaper than conventional planting. The type of hydroponics used to grow strawberries is a drip hydroponic system.


11. Mustard Greens

Another plant that can also be grown hydroponically is mustard greens. These vegetables contain lots of vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants to boost the body’s immune system and prevent cancer. In addition, the texture is also crunchy and smooth. You can use Rockwool media to grow these vegetables.

12. Chilli

One type of food seasoning that you can grow using hydroponics is chilli. This plant is certainly not foreign to the public, especially those who like spicy foods. Chilli is very easy to grow using pots or hydroponic methods. You can breed chillies to use in everyday cooking.

13. Cucumber

One of the water-rich plants that can be grown using the hydroponic method is cucumber. Generally, cucumbers can be grown with husk charcoal. You can also plant this plant using a pot made of used glass that is plugged into a special hydroponic pipe. Cucumber is one of the healthiest foods and is usually eaten as an accompaniment to main meals or as an addition to salads.

Those are 13 home hydroponic plants that you can breed. These plants can also be used as cooking ingredients for those of you who are used to cooking breakfast or lunch. Hope this helps!

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