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Building a home is a process that takes a lot of time. A good home is built from many pieces to reach its ultimate level of comfort and function for everyone living in your home. We understand that you might run into some problems because certain things don’t work as well as they should in your home. This might interfere with the function of things, making your home life a tiny bit less comfortable than it should be. You might be thinking about what you can do if you can’t fix the broken things because it takes a certain skill. Thankfully, you live in Jakarta, where all your needs have an answer.

If you’re facing a problem with home maintenance, we have the answers for you. We’re giving our top 5 picks on websites where you can order in the service that you’re looking for. You’ll find what you need to look for on these websites, whatever your broken thing maybe. 


Service: Laundry and cleaning services, fixing electronics and AC, water pumps, even disinfectants for house or office 

Contact: +62 812 873 73 70 (Jakarta), application available on iOS and Android

Seekmi is a website that gives out many types of services for home maintenance. They are an all-around maintenance service, with a range of offers that is sure to cover your needs. They give out the details of the service they give, so be certain to pick the right treatment for your problem. Thankfully, they also have operation care to guide you through that. The ordering procedure is simple: just choose your service, make an appointment, make your payment, and you’re set! The person to fix your problems is coming to your house according to the appointment. 


Service: AC and washing machine, refrigerator, carpentry services, kitchen set, house renovation, and remodeling

Contact: Application available on iOS and Android 

Aiming to give out the best possible service for its customers, Sejasa has built an application to be installed on your phone. Finding the help that you need is made easier and better with an application that is already there for whenever you need it. Sejasa wants you to know that they want you to have your perfect home, whatever it may look, by providing services for home design and home building options. They give profiles of the companies that work with them for these kinds of work, so you know exactly what you’re in for. From building your house to the ground up and making sure that everything works well, sejasa has your back for anything.


Service: electronic and water pump service, consulting specialists, contractors

Contact:  Application available on iOS and Android

Tukang.com is a cool new application that makes all your maintenance work easier than ever. Like most application-based services, every service that you order is based on appointments. If you have trouble unexpectedly, you can just contact the customer service on the app and explain your troubles. From there, the operations of the site will take over. They will determine if you can fix the problem yourself or you have to be sent help. If someone has to come over, then they will be at your door before you know it. Easy to find, helpful, and a fast worker. What else could you wish for?

Aura Jaya Teknik 

Service: AC, refrigerator, washing machine, water pump, water heater, electricity installation

Contact: 08128397246

One more way you can resolve your problems at home is by contacting Aurora Jaya Teknik. Specializing in electronic items in your home, they promise to work most effectively and efficiently possible. Whatever your kind of electronics is, Aura Jaya Teknik surely has your back with the tricks up their sleeves. If you need installing a new product, they will help with that, too! Your problems will be gone in no time. Contact their 24/7 customer service, and they’ll surely be there to tend to your needs, whatever it may be.

Tukang Bangunan

Service: building and renovating, interior work, electronic and water pump  installation

Contact: +62816 711 313

Tukang Bangunan has been one of Jakarta’s best-constructing services for the last 15 years. They describe themselves as a service to construct your house into a beautiful, comfortable, and modern home. They want to make sure that modern design will give the type of timeless beauty that will make your homes perfect through time. With this in mind, they give their 100% for all the services that they offer. From surveying to the perfect locations, consultations until doing the project, they want to be a part of your house-building from start to end. They post all their works online so you can see that your dreams really can come true with Tukang Bangunan.

Klinik Rumah

Service: consulting, designing, building and renovating, interior work, housecare

Contact: +62811 2211 8888

Klinik Rumah is exactly what their name states: a clinic for your house. With all the constructing and renovating works that they do, they want to make sure that your trust is the most important foundation of their work. They expand their horizon of work in Jabodetabek, where customers who seek to consult are declared free of charge. From there, you will decide together what needs to be changed in your home and what is still in good condition. With the house care option that they give, they’re willing to fix all the things that don’t work anymore, replacing and renewing your appliances to a new and improved quality.

With our picks, we hope to open your eyes to different options that will ease up your burden to finding the perfect handyman. Nowadays, you can find help everywhere if you know where to find it. With these websites and applications, we’re sure that you won’t have your house problems for a long time, as these services promise to do their most effective work to keep you happy and make your homes great in quality. But it’s time for you to give it a try, and prove that what they offer is really up to scale with the results!

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