5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Fix Cracked Walls

Cracked walls that are left alone can cause other damage that can threaten the structure of the building. That’s why you have to fix cracked walls before it they creep up and create a gap in the wall and rainwater can seep in.

How can you prevent the wall from getting cracked? Of course you have to find out the cause first. In most cases, wall cracks occur because the plaster of the wall that has not been completely dry has been sprinkled with aci. This causes the water content in the plaster to be covered by water-resistant cement. In essence, when doing plating, you have to pay attention to the level of dryness, because the hasty process will actually be detrimental.

Causes of Cracked Walls

1. Damage to Building Structures

Cracks in walls can come from damage or failure of the building structure as a whole. This is usually caused by the masonry that is attached to the structure failing to withstand loads, being subjected to strong impacts, or due to natural events such as earthquakes. This damage is severe enough to crack the plaster of the walls.

2. Composition of Wall

If you use a combination of low quality components in building a wall, this could be the reason for the cracks. Especially if you combine several bricks or mixed materials of different quality in one mix.

3. Lowering Land Surface

The ground level can also cause cracks in walls and this can occur in any type of building. If the settlement occurs simultaneously, the condition of the cracks will be worse and can endanger the structure of the building foundation.

4. Too Much Weight on the Wall

Too many ornaments that have high on the wall can also cause cracks. Ornaments such as sticky racks, clothes hangers or items can add weight that can be overwhelming at times.

How to Fix Cracked Walls

Well, to fix cracked wall, here are 5 easy and inexpensive ways you can do:

1. Clean the paint surface

clean the surface to fix a cracked wall

First, to fix a wall that has been cracked, you have to clean the wall first. This is done so that the walls are cleaner before you can take the next steps. Use a damp cloth and wipe the surface of the wall. Make sure the nails and mold that are blocking the wall repair process have been removed.

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2. Polishing the Wall with Sandpaper

The second step to dealing with cracked walls is to polish them with sandpaper. After cleaning the surface of the paint, use coarse sandpaper until the wall is visible. Then, clean again with a damp cloth so that the dust is lifted and the walls become damp.

3. Use Wall Filler

If you have done the previous two steps, now is the time for you to repair the cracked wall. Use a special cement called wall filler and apply it over the cracked wall. Wait until the material wall filler dries, yes, before taking the next step.

4. Apply Plester

plester to fix a cracked wall

The next step to fix a cracked walls is to apply paint to the wall. Unlike the usual wall paints that are used to paint walls, paint serves to level the walls and become the base of the walls before being colored again with paint. This stage is important to ensure that the wall covering is strong and prevent further cracking.

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5. Final Touch 

fix a cracked wall

The last way to repair a cracked wall is to sand it so that the surface becomes smoother. Don’t forget to coat the walls again with paint, so that the walls look smooth and like new again.

So, those are 5 tips to fix cracked walls. After reading these methods and doing them, hopefully, the cracked walls in your house can be closed again and look as neat as before. Good luck!

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