7 Iftar Drinks Recommendations: Healthy and Refreshing!

As we are now in 2022 Ramadan’s special month, many people start discussing what dishes should they prepare for suhoor and iftar. Especially when you live in Indonesia, people usually start preparing the iftar menu several hours before maghrib comes. While some people prefer to cook the meals and prepare their chosen drinks themselves, some others prefer to do some killing time before iftar by strolling around where they live to buy the food and drinks they wanted. In this case, most people would look for something light as the appetizer and something sweet plus refreshing for the drinks. Moreover, after fasting on a hot day, it is pretty normal for people to crave more sweet stuff that can replenish their energy back. Now, we are going to let you know the 7 iftar drinks recommendations that we think are not only refreshing but also healthy and taste great as well.

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Without further ado, let’s check out these 7 iftar drinks recommendations in the following list below! Who knows it might help you to decide from now on which drinks you are going to have for the iftar later?

1. Es Kelapa Muda

young coconut ice

Young coconut ice or what’s known as es kelapa muda in Indonesian, is the type of drink that surely will quench your thirst after fasting for more than 12 hours. We include this in our list of iftar drinks recommendations because young coconut ice is a nutritious drink and it is more than just its refreshing taste. The main compositions of the coconut water themselves are electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins which are beneficial for health. The coconut water also contains natural sugar that will give a sweet taste even without you adding more sugar to it. This drink mainly consists of coconut water along with fresh, young coconut meat. However, if you have a sweet tooth, you can always add some condensed milk to give more sweetness to it. Last but not least, coconut water is good to keep your body stay hydrated.

2. Watermelon smoothie

It is always important to consume something that contains a lot of water after fasting for more than half a day. That’s why we pick watermelon smoothie as one of the iftar drinks recommendations that you can enjoy. We all know that watermelon is undoubtedly one of the most hydrating foods and is very healthy. This sweet fruit has more than 90% water content and contains some important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium. Moreover, it is pretty easy to make a watermelon smoothie at home yourself. You can blend the deseeded watermelons along with some milk until it the texture feels creamy and smooth. Then, you can add cocopandan syrup or some honey to make its taste even sweeter. Also, don’t forget to put in some ice cubes since being served cold is more refreshing.

3. Cendol

One of the next iftar drinks that we think would be a perfect choice for you to break the fast is cendol. Since this drink is quite popular, you can find this kind of drink in many Southeast Asia countries. And in Indonesia, you can find cendol easily whether in restaurants or street stalls. This drink mainly consists of droplets of mung bean flour jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup. People often add some pandan leaves to their cendol since they will make the drink smells good. In addition to that, if you want, you can also give the drink some additional toppings like diced jackfruit, durian, or sweetened red adzuki beans.

4. Mung bean ice

If you look for a refreshing iftar drink that has many benefits for health, this mung bean ice could be a good alternative! Usually, the main compositions of this drink are boiled mung beans, coconut milk, fresh milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaf to make the drink smells great. If you want, you can also add some fruits as a compliment. For example, jackfruit or banana. That way, your mung bean ice would taste even more flavorful. Don’t forget to add the shaved ice to the top of your glass if you prefer for the drink to be served cold.

5. Iced cantaloupe fruit

The fresh and sweet taste of the cantaloupe fruit will surely make your thirst go away instantly. This iced cantaloupe fruit, or what’s known as es blewah in Indonesia, is quite easy to make. Besides its sweet taste, cantaloupe fruit is good to keep your skin stay healthy, can improve your digestion system, and is good for dieting because of its low-calorie content. All you need to prepare are the cantaloupe fruit itself, the meat of a young coconut, melon syrup, and ice cubes. If you don’t have coconut meat, you can also replace it with coconut jelly or nata de coco.

6. Shaved cucumber ice

Out of all the iftar drinks that we put into our recommendations list, shaved cucumber ice is one of the simplest to make. Not only cucumber is affordable and easy to find, it is also high in nutrients. Cucumber is rich in electrolytes that can prevent your body from dehydrating. In addition, cucumber contains antioxidants and can potentially help you to lower your blood sugar. If you are looking for something fresh and healthy, then shaved cucumber ice might be your best option. To make this drink, you only need shaved cucumber, lime, melon syrup, and ice cubes. As an option, you can also add some basil seeds to your drink if you want.

7. Aloe vera ice

Who doesn’t know aloe vera? From cosmetics products to food and drinks, this plant is popular for its many purposes and its multiple health benefits. A glass of aloe vera ice not only will quench your thirst, but also keep your body stay healthy. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any special skills for you to make this drink. You can simply prepare peeled aloe vera slices, shaved melon, melon syrup, basil seeds, and ice cubes. If you would like to have a different sensation for this drink, you can also replace water with soda. Or, if you want to add a more refreshing sour taste, you can give your aloe vera ice some lime juice.

So, that’s all the healthy and refreshing iftar drinks recommendations that you can enjoy later. Have you ever tasted any of those drinks yet? Or if you haven’t, which drinks that you look forward to trying when you break the fast?

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