8 Iftar Snacks Recommendations: Tasty and Easy to Find!

During Ramadan, it isn’t rare for people to go out of their house a few hours before iftar to spend their afternoon seeking amusement and distractions from hunger and thirst. Therefore, people often stroll around looking for snacks, or foods and drinks they can enjoy when the time to break the fast comes. In Indonesia, we often call this activity ngabuburit which comes from Sundanese language. Now, if you are one of those who often do ngabuburit while waiting for iftar, you might as well feel tempted to buy a lot of snacks. Out of many types of snacks that you can enjoy later, we have compiled 8 iftar snacks recommendations in the following list below. Not only do all these snacks taste great, but they can also be found easily in the nearest street stalls around your house.

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Now, without further ado, let’s check out our iftar snacks recommendations for you to break the fast later!

1. Kolak

If you have a sweet tooth, then out of the 8 iftar snacks we mentioned in this article, kolak is a must-try. Kolak is an Indonesian dessert that is composed of many ingredients such as bananas, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cassava, and tapioca pearls. However, many people also add a variety of components like jackfruit, rice balls, and plantains to their kolak. The base of the soup itself is made from palm sugar or coconut sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves. Most kolak which is being sold at restaurants or street stalls is usually served hot or warm. This will be a perfect snack before you go for the main course during iftar.

2. Mung bean porridge

Of course, mung beans porridge has to be included in our list of iftar snacks recommendations. In Indonesia, people often call mung bean porridge bubur kacang ijo, abbreviated burjo. This sweet treat doesn’t only have amazing taste, but it is also good for your health. Especially, since mung bean contains a lot of nutrients. Mung bean has high antioxidants and is also rich in potassium, magnesium, and fiber, which may reduce blood pressure. The mung beans porridge itself usually consists of boiled mung beans, coconut milk, and palm sugar or cane sugar. More often than not, people also add black sticky rice to the porridge. Last but not least, you can always eat the mung bean porridge with white bread.

3. Dadar gulung

Dadar gulung is one of the Indonesian traditional sweet cakes and is very popular here, especially in Java. During Ramadan, many people look for dadar gulung since this could be the perfect iftar snack. In terms of this snack, dadar could be translated as pancake, while gulung means to roll in English. As the name suggests, dadar gulung is composed of grated coconut and palm sugar wrapped inside a thin pancake made of rice flour. The pancake itself is mostly colored green because it uses pandan leaves as its natural food coloring. From children to adults, dadar gulung can be enjoyed by almost everyone due to its interesting presentation and sweet taste!

4. Klepon

Originally coming in green color, klepon is also one of many iftar snacks that Indonesians love eating during Ramadan. Klepon is a traditional snack of boiled rice cake balls that are filled with molten palm sugar and coated in flaked coconut. The main compositions of the dough are glutinous rice flour, sometimes mixed with tapioka, and a paste made from pandan leaves. Originated from Java, klepon is very popular among Indonesians and you can easily find this in many traditional restaurants and street stalls. Also, the sensation of the molten palm sugar when it melts in your mouth truly makes this snack very addicting!

5. Candil porridge

Many kinds of sweet snacks are always popular during Ramadan and candil porridge is definitely one of them. Candil porridge itself is an Indonesian word to describe a round snack made of sticky rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Other than sticky rice, candil can also be made from sweet potato mixed with tapioca flour. The chewy sensation of those brown sweet balls tastes really great when it melts in your mouth. For the base of the soup, people usually use brown or palm sugar, coconut milk, pandan leaf, and salt. Sometimes, there would also be pearl sago added to the candil porridge as a complementary ingredient.

6. Fruit soup

Fruit soup or sop buah has always been one of the most popular iftar snacks during Ramadan in Indonesia. It is an Indonesian iced fruit cocktail dessert consisting of several fruits sweetened with liquid sugar or syrup, sometimes added with condensed milk. The common diced fruits that are usually used for fruit soup include strawberry, watermelon, avocado, cantaloupe, pineapple, jackfruit, apple, dragonfruit, and mango. However, you can adjust your own choices of fruits when you buy the fruit soup from the street stalls. Also, sometimes there is kolang-kaling or sugar palm fruit as an additional ingredient for the fruit soup. You will totally love fruit soup if you have a sweet tooth!

7. Lupis

Another Indonesian traditional sweet cake that is made from glutinous rice is lupis. This is one of many iftar snacks that people also enjoy eating, especially during Ramadan. This dessert consists of several chewy, triangular-shaped cakes in green color, grated coconut, and brown or palm sugar sauce. Sometimes, lupis are also shaped cylindrically like lontong, another Indonesian snack made of compressed rice. Also, lupis are usually wrapped in banana leaves, which are steamed until they are cooked. Many sell this dessert in traditional markets, restaurants, and even street stalls during Ramadan.

8. Rissole

Out of all these iftar snacks recommendations, some of you probably look for something savory. Rissole is here to grant your wish! This snack is a patty in a small, long size and is enclosed in pastry or rolled in breadcrumbs. Rissole is usually baked or deep-fried. Moreover, it comes with various filling options like different types of vegetables, minced beef, shrimp, cheese, and egg plus mayonnaise. Rissole is commonly served as an appetizer. However, a lot of people oftentimes also enjoy rissoles as snacks. Last but not least, if you are a spicy food enthusiast, rissole tastes really great with the green chili!

That’s all the 8 iftar snacks recommendations that we suggest you try for breaking the fast later. Have you tasted any of the snacks before? If you haven’t, which ones do you look forward to trying the most?

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