12 Indonesian Subway Menu Recommendations and Tips for Ordering!

The fast-food restaurant from the United States, Subway has finally re-opened its outlets in Indonesia. Previously, Subway had a presence in Indonesia but closed in the early 2000s. Check out this article to find out the Subway Indonesia menu recommendations before visiting the outlet.

This restaurant is back in Indonesia with its first branch at Cilandak Town Square (Citos), South Jakarta on October 15, 2021. Indonesian people, especially in the capital, are very enthusiastic about welcoming it. Even to the point of making long lines on the opening day of the Subway outlet in Citos.

Ordering Tips

Well, for those of you who want to try the delicious Subway menu for the first time, read the following tips.

Choose your bread

The Subway menu consists of bread with various toppings that can be adjusted to your liking. You can choose the type of bread first. There are slices of bread made from Italian White, Wheat, and Honey & Oats.

Choose the size and topping

Next, determine the sandwich size: 6 inches (15 cm) or 1 footlong (30 cm). After that, then select the toppings and choose whether you want to make a salad or wrap. Choose vegetables, then choose the sauce you like. You can choose the honey mustard sauce, mayonnaise, thousand islands, chipotle southwest, tomato, chili, BBQ, and sweet onion.

You can enjoy a portion of the Subway sandwich menu with prices ranging from IDR 25 thousand to IDR 95 thousand. Not only selling sandwiches, but Subway also offers a variety of soups, wraps, and cookies that are no less delicious.

These menus are selected menus that are also available at overseas Subway outlets. Even so, later Subway Indonesia will present a regional special menu. Here Flokq summarizes the Subway menu that you can order as sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

1. Veggie Delite

veggie delite subway menu recommendation
Source: Subway.co.id

Are you a vegetable lover or a vegan? Don’t worry you can’t order food here. Indonesian Subway has a Veggie Delite menu, which is toast wrapped in vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, onions, green peppers, and fresh cucumbers. Plus, you can also add sauce to enhance the taste. One serving of Veggie Delite sandwich is worth IDR 25K.

2. Chicken Slice

chicken slice subway menu recommendation
Source: Subway.co.id

The filling consists of thin pieces of chicken meat that are tender and savory combined with fresh vegetables and sauce. This combination tastes great with freshly baked bread. To enjoy this Indonesian Subway menu, you only need to spend IDR 32 K.

3. Roasted Chicken

roasted chicken indonesian subway menu recommendation
Source: Subway.co.id

As the name implies, this Indonesian Subway menu is perfectly grilled seasoned chicken. To make it more delicious, you can add vegetables, cheese, and sauce to taste. Certainly suitable for those of you who want to eat quickly but still filling. The Roasted Chicken sandwich menu can be enjoyed at a price of IDR 37.5 K.

4. BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken subway menu recommendation
Source: Subway.co.id

The BBQ Chicken menu from Indonesian Subway consists of small pieces of chicken wrapped in sweet and savory BBQ spices. With a price of IDR 37.5 thousand, you can already take home this delicious sandwich. Besides, not only tasted delicious and filling but also low in calories, only 343 kcal!

5. Chicken Teriyaki

chicken teriyaki menu
Source: Subway.co.id

Looking for processed chicken with Japanese-style spices? Well, you have to try the Chicken Teriyaki menu, one of Subway’s mainstay menus in Asia.

Inside the toasted sandwich, there are pieces of chicken smothered in teriyaki sauce. The savory and sweet taste is combined with fresh and crunchy vegetables. About the price, you only need IDR 37.5 thousand for a serving of a Chicken Teriyaki sandwich.

6. Italian B.M.T

italian b.m.t subway menu recommendation
Source: Subway.co.id

One of the world-famous Indonesian Subway menu recommendations is Italian B.M.T. Many people say this abbreviation comes from the biggest, meatiest, tastiest, this product offers delicious Italian-flavored toppings. In a sandwich, there is sliced ​​salami, chicken, and pepperoni. All three are made even more perfect with the sauce of your choice! You can buy a portion of Italian B.M.T for IDR 45 K.

7. Spicy Italian

subway menu spicy italian
Source: Subway.co.id

Still with an Italian taste, this Indonesian Subway menu recommendation is suitable for those of you who love spicy food.

Spicy Italian consists of sliced ​​salami and spicy pepperoni served on toast. You can add fresh peppers, olive oil, and more for an Italian flavor. The price of one Spicy Italian sandwich is only IDR 45 thousand!

8. Tuna Mayo

tuna mayo
Source: Subway.co.id

Tired of eating sandwiches with meat or chicken? Don’t worry, this Indonesian Subway menu recommendation is the right choice for you. No less delicious than the processed chicken menu, this menu contains fresh tuna combined with a delicious cream of mayo.

This combination makes Tuna Mayo one of the favorite menus on Subway around the world. You can add sauce and fresh vegetables to your liking. Moreover, the price is also quite affordable, which is only IDR 37.5 thousand to enjoy a serving of Tuna Mayo.

9. Egg Mayo

egg mayo
Source: Subway.co.id

At Indonesian Subway, you can buy the Egg Mayo menu, which is toast with a thick egg filling, seasoning, and mayonnaise cream. This menu is perfect for those of you who avoid meat but don’t want to eat only vegetables.

Although relatively simple, the Egg Mayo sandwich is very popular among people. Plus, the calories are also low, only 303 kcal. You can taste a serving of Egg Mayo sandwich at a price of IDR 32 K.

10. Steak & Cheese

steak & cheese
Source: Subway.co.id

Another delicious Indonesian Subway menu is Steak & Cheese. Toast with steak? Why not? Subway serves tender cuts of steak with green peppers and melted cheese that are delicious when eaten with toast.

In addition to tender meat, Steak & Cheese has a distinctive taste that suits Indonesian tongues. Can you imagine how juicy it is? Well, you can enjoy Steak & Cheese sandwiches by spending IDR 49 thousand.

11. Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate chip cookie
Source: Subway.co.id

Are you reluctant to eat a ‘heavy’ sandwich or wrap? In addition to the menus above, you can order snacks such as this one cookie from Indonesian Subway menu. Subway’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are sprinkled with lots of choco chips, but they’re not too sweet.

Suitable to accompany you relax or work while drinking a cup of coffee. This snack is quite cheap, you know, only IDR 17.5 thousand for one piece.

12. White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie

white chip macadamia
Source: Subway.co.id

Another Indonesian Subway menu recommendation is the White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie, a cookie that is just right for you to want to snack without the chocolate taste. With a price of Rp. 17.5 thousand, this cookie tastes delicious with savory macadamia nuts. It’s also perfect as a companion to eat Subway sandwiches and fresh drinks!

That’s all the famous Indonesian Subway menus for you. Now, you don’t have to go abroad to taste these legendary sandwiches. Since October, Subway has started to open its new outlets in major cities. Of course, it can be a practical choice of heavy eating when you are busy. Don’t forget to try the cookies and soup, too!

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