Start Your Career in Bali: Ultimate Guide for Jobs for Expats in Bali

Staying in Bali for a short-term holiday can be too little sometimes, while you have already fallen deeper in Bali’s charms. You might have started to think about moving in and start a new life in Bali as your way to explore Bali even more. You can kick-off your new beginning of living in Bali by finding jobs in Bali. Take a look at this article to understand about Bali jobs for expats better.

What kind of Jobs Available in Bali?

Pursuing your Bali jobs starts with knowing the field first. Since Bali is famous for its tourism, there are lots of Bali jobs in tourism areas that are suitable for expats such as hotel managers or chefs. Apart from the tourism area, Bali jobs also allow you to work in other sectors such as education. That can be done as an English teacher or as an instructor for things you are good at.

Other types of jobs available in Bali for expats are construction sector, business and IT sector, and entertainment where you can work as a musician or performer and take part in Bali’s festivals or annual events. Expats who want to work in Bali will find more opportunities at an international company with a diverse working culture.

Finding a job once you are already in Bali is usually more complicated than having one before you move there, especially as far as visas and permits are concerned. Therefore we highly recommend you begin your job search long before your intended moving date.

What Are the Requirements to Work in Bali?

As a foreigner who wants to hold a job in Bali, you need to know the requirements first to avoid any problem. Before starting to work, you have to get a work permit with the help of an employer that hires you. Ensure that the company has a legal business entity in Bali and is allowed to hire foreigners. This is an important part, since being employed without a work permit is illegal.

There are two options if you want to acquire a work visa for Bali. One of them is a business visa, which is a visa assigned to people interested in conducting business negotiations or working on a project with a Balinese company. This visa is only valid for up to 60 days.

Apart from business visas, there are some expats who have acquired a work permit. This enables them to expand their stay in Bali. This part needs help from your employer where they have to apply for KITAS which is a temporary stay permit card, valid for 6 to 12 months.

The company that hires you needs to provide its own set of documents. You also need to provide some of your personal documents such as CV, passport, health insurance, copy of your degree, work certificate and a photo of yourself.

It may take a couple of months, once the process is done, you’ll be asked to go to your local Indonesian embassy to apply for your work visa. After that, you’ll need to get an NPWP, which is a tax number that you might need to use for things like opening a bank account and getting your driver’s license.

Another option for you is to contact an Indonesian immigration agency. They will find a job and take care of all the paperwork for you. Some employment agencies have immigration agents that are willing and able to aid you in finding work in Bali which needs additional costs.

How to Find Jobs as an Expat in Bali

Finding a job in Bali as an expat might take some time, energy and money. Many cases happen where employers are reluctant to cover the costs of getting work permits for the hired expats. Apart from those obstacles, you still can do your best to start your job in Bali. Here are some information on how to find work as an expat in Bali.

1. Networking

LinkedIn as networking way
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Networking can help you find a job in Bali a little easier. By networking, you might find or get an offer of a job with the help of referrals. One of the ways that you can build a professional network for your work is to utilize the online resources available, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Other things you can do is joining forums or attending conferences and events suitable for your interest.

2. Job Boards                                        

Job boards are a super-easy way for you to browse about jobs that you are interested in. by utilizing job boards, you can also set up job alerts and notify by emails whenever there is a job available that matches with your interest. You can do this activity anytime and anywhere just like you surf the internet.

3. Contact Businesses Directly

By contacting the businesses directly, will raise up your opportunities to get a job in Bali. You can check their website and look at their career page for current opening positions. This activity will allow you to submit your CV as your application to the company.

4. Newspapers

This might sound traditional, but newspapers are also a good choice that you can do to find a job in Bali. Spend some time taking a look and reading about job postings in newspapers such as The Bali Times to see opening opportunities that meet your interest and your quality.

Prepare for the Local Business Etiquette

Understanding the local business etiquette is important for you to know before landing your work in Bali. It can be for daily grind or special meeting purposes. For example, remember the holidays and festivals based on Hindu and Muslim calendars that applied in Bali. It is important so that you won’t arrange business meetings on these dates.

Furthermore, there are some key-points of business etiquette in Bali, such as wearing appropriate business attire. It is considered as a sign of respect, a right-hand shake as a proper greeting way. Addressing business partners by their title, handing out business cards during the first meeting, and you can try to rephrase your business partner’s sentences to avoid misunderstanding.

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8 Best Jobs Recommendations for Expats in Bali

Lastly, we have a list of 8 best jobs that is often considered as a suitable work for expat especially expat.

1. Diving Instructor

Diving jobs bali
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Diving is a popular water-sport activity in Bali as there are available lots of diving spots, followed by lots of options for diving operators and instructors. Becoming a dive instructor is a perfect job for expat in Bali since most diving sessions are using English language. If you have a certification of instructor courses, and you’re passionate about exploring underwater sites with beginner divers, start your Bali jobs as dive instructor.

2. Foreign Language Teacher

As a foreigner, you can work as a foreign language teacher in Bali where it usually teaches at kindergartens, high schools, universities, or any institutions. By becoming a foreign language teacher in Bali, you will experience valuable cultural insights through close interactions with Balinese people. As for pay rates, international schools pay the most, national schools coming in second and other English institutes paying the least.

3. Work in Hospitality

Hospitality is the perfect industry to become a part of the community in Bali. This job will allow you to learn all about local traditions and even dishes. One of the ways for you to work in hospitality in Bali is by joining as operations manager at villas or hotels. There you can show your abilities to understand the needs of visitors.

4. Construction Project Manager

A large number of infrastructure and construction projects are continuously being developed in Bali, this is a great opportunity for expats to work. Experience, credentials, and qualifications for the job and basic language skills to manage a team. Those will help you be hired as a construction project manager in Bali.

5. Yoga Instructor

Many towns in Bali offer yoga retreat class which is usually as a part of hotels or villas facilities. With the high demand and popularity of yoga in Bali, working as a yoga instructor is also a promising work that you can pursue. Becoming a yoga instructor will allow you to enjoy the opportunity to exchange knowledge with like-minded yogis worldwide.

6. Artist

Working as an artist in Bali is available with many options such as model, photographer, DJ, dancer, and more. The tourism and artistic events that are held in Bali every year will be a great opportunity for you to gain more experiences as an artist in Bali.

7. Start Your Own Business

As an expat, you also have the opportunity to start your own business in Bali. It can be an IT consultancy firm, running a restaurant, import-export company, or anything that matches your interest and ability. You’ll improve your professional skills while forging personal connections to help you achieve more.

8. Start-up Entrepreneur

With Bali’s lifestyle, it is possible for you to work as a start-up entrepreneur in Bali. Running a startup in Bali will include your personal and professional life to create a better work environment. That somehow will also affect Bali’s economic sector. A popular method to do this is by blogging or travel writing and starting a YouTube channel with affiliate marketing or influencers.

And that’s all there is to know about getting jobs for expats in Bali! Starting your new career in Bali definitely needs lots of preparations, so arm yourself with this guide and land a perfect job in Bali!

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