10 Essential Things To Consider When Choosing A Kost

The Kost or commonly known as the boarding house is a friend for the nomads. Especially if you have to go to school or work out of town. However, finding a kost that is comfortable and in accordance with your own wishes or references is quite difficult. Therefore, for those of you who are currently looking for kost, consider the following 10 important things before choosing a kost. Check it out!

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1. Pocket-friendly rental rates

The payment decision one of the essentials things when it comes to rent a kost
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The first, of course, is the rental price. This is the most important thing because you have to adjust the price of the kost that you are interested in with the budget you have or the budget that you previously targeted. Make sure you find out how the payment system is at the kost that you are interested in. Is the payment per month, quarterly, or annually.

Also pay attention to whether the rental price of the kost is equivalent to the facilities provided. If maybe you feel that the price of the kost offered is too expensive, you can look for another kost in an area that can still be reached using public transportation.

2. Distance

overview of the distance also one of the essentials when considering to choose living in kost
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Make sure you have a reference to a kost that is close to your destination. The close distance to your destination will make it easier to go and come home every day. The close distance also helps you to have a long enough time to rest. In addition, the short distance also helps you save on the cost of going home and going.

3. Environment

The overview of the clean and comfortable kost
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The environment is also important to pay attention to, is the environment around your kost clean and comfortable, is the environment around your kost is safe, is there a public facilities around the kost area. Because if the environment around your kost is not comfortable, you also can’t rest well.

4. Lighting and Ventilation

An overview of a good lighting and circulation in a room
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Of course, a kost with sufficient lighting and good air circulation will make you more comfortable living in a kost. If your kost does not have sufficient lighting, your kost room will certainly look spooky and dark. Lack of air circulation also makes your kost room stuffy and not good for your health.

5. Kost Regulations

An overview of a kost that had a good regulations
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The most essentials things that should not be missed is the kost regulation. The rules for kost are usually had a curfew imposed, whether there is 24-hour access, regulations for water fees, electricity, laundry regulations, or who may enter the boarding house, and other regulations. You should pay attention to these kost rules because it is important for your comfort and safety once you live in the kost later.

6. Security

security guard on patrol in kost area
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It is no stranger to the tragedy of theft in a kost these days, therefore it is an essentials to ensure that the kost you will occupy has good security. Starting from whether the kost guard will always be on standby at the kost house, a safe surrounding environment, the presence of security in the area you will be occupying, whether CCTV is installed on each side of the kost, to whether security keys are provided by the kost, and so on.

7. Type of Kost

an example of the sign that tells the kost is for a man and woman
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The type of kost is also an essentials things for you to pay attention to. Are you having trouble living with the opposite sex? Or do you prefer to live with same sex? How did your parents respond to the decision on the type of kost you chose? Therefore it is important for you to consider what type of kost you want to occupy. Make sure you know each type of kost must have own consequences.

8. Facilities obtained

an overview of an essentials facilities things that the kost offered
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A complete kost facilities will certainly make your activities easier and increase your comfort. Usually the facilities offered in each kost are wifi, laundry, and the location of the bathroom inside or outside. If the kost offers complete facilities, the rental price offered is also higher. For example, a kost house that includes wifi, laundry, electricity and water, starts from IDR 3 million and above. Therefore, make sure you adjust the availability of the facilities offered to your needs.

9. Ask for a recommendation

an overview of people having conversation asking for recommendations
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Recommendations from relatives are also very helpful in making decisions about which kost you will choose. Especially if your relatives have lived in the same area as the area you are going to live in. Usually they already had an overview of the facilities offered in the area, the security and environmental situation in the area as well as the market price range of the kost. So don’t hesitate to ask your relatives, if you are confused about the price, environment, and kost facilities!

10. Compare with other alternatives

an overview of an apartment room
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The last essentials things is to compare with other alternatives, besides kost you can also see other options such as apartments, renting a house, or looking for kost with various payments, for example daily or weekly. Daily and weekly rentals are suitable for those of you who only want to stay for a short time. Or you can rent a house with several rooms and invite your friends to live together.

Well, that’s 10 things you need to pay attention to if you decide to take a kost. Make sure everything matches what you need! I hope this helps! Also check out other inspiring and interesting articles on the Flokq blog!

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