All You Need to Know Before Staying at a Kost Exclusive

When renting for a place to live in Indonesia, we are usually faced with a few options, such as a landed house, apartment, regular kost, and even exclusive kost. The most typical choice for most people is living in a regular kost. Millennials usually prefer to rent a kost as their place to live in because it’s easier and much more convenient. These days the most sought-after type of kost is kost exclusive. Here are some things to know before choosing one.

What is kost exclusive?

Kost exclusive is a type of kost with luxurious design and high-quality facilities in comparison to regular kost. Typically, a regular kost comes at an affordable rate while providing basic furniture such as a bed, a desk, and a closet with subpar quality. Meanwhile, an exclusive kost provides you with a fully furnished room with  in-house cleaning service, laundry service, 24-hour security, and even a front desk on top. Some exclusive kost also provides you with facilities such as a gym, swimming pool, and a parking lot. 

Who lives in kost exclusive?

Many people live in kost exclusive, such as married couples, office workers, university students, and more. Since most of this accommodation type is located at places near office buildings and even universities, you can expect the occupants are mostly students and office workers. They usually choose to rent one room at an exclusive kost so they can save time on commuting and doing “house” chores.

Calculating budget to live in kost exclusive.
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How much is the budget to live in kost exclusive?

Just by judging from the name itself, you would immediately think that this type of accommodation comes with an outrageous price, right? Well, the monthly rental rate of kost exclusive come in a different range of prices. The price range usually depends on the location of the kost and the facilities that come with it. Kost exclusive with a price ranging from 5 million to 10 million is usually found in locations where it is accessible to essential places and public transportation. It also provides you with a very luxurious design and top-notch facilities. However, you can also find one where it costs you under 5 million in certain areas. It may not give you the best of the best facilities, but it’s still very comfortable to live in and you can save more money for other needs. 

Kost exclusive can be found in premium neighborhoods of the city where universities and offices are located.

In general, kosts can be found in areas near CBD or in areas where universities are located. Meanwhile, this exclusive type are usually found in more fancy and elite areas where it’s easy to access, accessible for transportation, and near places that are essential to our daily lives. In Jakarta, you can find kost exclusive in areas like Kemang, Senopati, Menteng, and Senayan that are deemed as more popular and premium neighborhoods in Jakarta.

Benefits of living at a kost exclusive

Even though living in this type of accommodation can be a bit too much on some people’s financial situation, but if you have the budget for it,  we highly recommend it for several reasons.

Perks of living in a kost exclusive.
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1. Premium services and facilities

With great price comes with great facilities. It’s no doubt that this housing option gives you the best facility for you to live comfortably. Most of the time people prefer to have a fully furnished and air-conditioned room with facilities such as housekeeping, laundry service, water heater, 24-hour security and a front desk and this housing choice gives you all of that. Some kost exclusive also comes with a gym and even a swimming pool. So, it’s safe to say that the high price we pay is definitely worth it.

2. Well maintained rooms

Just like its name, kost exclusive also has an exclusive design and interior. The owner will always make sure that the rooms that are going to be rented are always in mint condition and pleasing to the eye. So, there is no need for you to worry about the room being dirty, dusty, or even smelly.

3. No strict rules

One of the reasons why this housing option is so sought after is because the rules that applies are less strict than the ones applied in a regular kost. Most kost exclusive occupants are mostly office workers and students who tend to work until late at night. By living in this more-premium housing option they are free to work overtime or pull an all-nighter at cafes to work on their assignments without having to worry they’ll get locked out. So, for all of you who want to live in a kost that doesn’t have such a strict rule, this housing option is the answer for you.

4. Strategic location

One of the perks of renting out a room at an exclusive kost is the strategic location. Most kost exclusive are located in areas where it is near essential places like shopping malls, supermarket, restaurants, etc. Unlike regular kost where it’s placed in small alleys, kost exclusive is located in much more elite areas. 

5. Tight security

24-hour security is a facility that is provided in most of this considerably premium housing option. Most of them install CCTV placed in every corner. Some even install a room key that’s equipped with an access card for better security. 

6. No additional fees

Tenants of a regular kost usually pay a separate bill for electricity, laundry, and sometimes even internet access. Meanwhile, when you rent a room at a kost exclusive all those bills are included. So, there’s no need for you to pay a separate bill.

Cons of living in a kost exclusive

While living in a kost exclusive comes with many perks, there are still downsides. Hence, you should take into consideration these few points before moving into one.

Kost in apartments generally have easy access and a strategic location

1. Missing the city view

Although kost exclusive are typically located in premium neighborhoods, the nature of kost is that it is situated in a low-rise building. As you live maximum on the 5th or 6th floor, you are missing out the city scenery which you can otherwise get if you live in an apartment.

Kost in an apartment allows you to expand your circle of friends to socialize.

2. You can’t throw a house party

Most kost exclusive may give you ample space for yourself compared to regular kost. However, kost exclusive is still a part of a small building and you have to be extra mindful to you neighbors as there are not so many spaces and thick walls between the units. Therefore, you can’t bring too many guests for you to throw a party with more than two people. This situation is different to when you live in an apartment or a landed home where it’s easier to bring guests for a simple dinner party or even a more festive house party.

Kost in an apartment allows you to live with a pet.

3. You can’t bring pets

Last but not least, the downside of living in a kost exclusive is that you can’t bring your pets. Pets are not always allowed in buildings where you have to live with other residents. However, some major apartment complexes and, surely, landed homes can offer you the option to live with your pets. If you have a pet, maybe it’s better if you consider living in an apartment or a landed home. Sharing an apartment can be an option too!

Kost Exclusive vs Kost in Apartments

While there are benefits to living in a kost exclusive, there are also the downsides. With that, you maybe want to consider living in kost in apartments. Kost in apartment is another way of saying renting a room in apartments. That way, you get all the perks of living in an apartment, at the cost of a kost as you are just paying for a room in the apartment instead of the whole unit. 

Read more about kost in apartment!

And that’s it! Those are some of the things you need to know before you rent out a room at a kost exclusive. This housing option may be expensive for some people but with all the services and facilities that come with it and if you have just the right budget for it, it can be a choice for some. However, do keep in mind that you can always choose kost in apartment or apartment rental as well.

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