5 Kost Foresta BSD Recommendations: Comfy And Safe

Foresta is one of the areas in BSD City. This area is suitable to live with family and teenagers because of the beautiful environment and cool air. In addition, in the BSD city area, there are also many facilities such as shopping centers, schools, hotels, and sports fields. You can also access public transportation easily such as bus stations, train stations, and toll road access. Here there are also many boarding options that you can rent and have access to anywhere, Flokq provides Kost Foresta BSD recommendations that are comfortable and safe here for you.

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1. Kost Mini Kitty House BSD Foresta

One of the BSD Foresta kost houses is Kost Mini Kitty House. This kost house is located in the southeastern part of Ci pucung and the southwestern part of Ci Pucuk. This kost house is also in a very strategic location because it is close to Hotel Santika Premiere, The Grantage Hotel, and Sapphire Sky Hotel. In addition, this kost house is a woman-only house with complete facilities. There is a bed, a closet, an en suite bathroom, and a study desk. Here there is also Wifi access, a minibar to use with other residents, and a housekeeper who will help you with hygiene.

Address: BSD Foresta L 19 no. 8, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Tangerang Regency, Banten 15339

2. Kost de Stabiloo Foresta Studento BSD

This kost is a mixed kost house located in BSD Foresta. Each room has an area of 2×4.5m with complete facilities. There is a mattress, wifi access, air conditioning, and an in-room bathroom. The kost house also has 24-hour access for each occupant. You can pay upfront without a minimum payment. There is also a kitchen, living room, parking lot, dining room used with other residents. In addition, you can also easily access minimarkets, hospitals, universities, and restaurants.

Address: Pagedangan st, Pagedangan, Tangerang Regency, Banten 15339

3. Kost BSD Studento L19/10 Woman Only

This kost house is a special kost house of women who are comfortable and have complete facilities. This location is quite strategic because it is close to ICE BSD, Aeon Mall, Unilever, and universities. Wifi access, LED TVs, lighters, and smoke-free areas. There is also an in-room bathroom, a mattress, a wardrobe, and a study desk. You can also use the kitchen, living room, parking lot, and living room along with other residents.

BSD Studento

Address: Foresta Studento L19/10 BSD City, Pagedangan, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15345

4. Brighta Kost Foresta Studento L10/10 BSD

Brighta kost foresta is a complete mixed kost house in foresta BSD. This kost house has a room with an area of 3x4sqm with each room has air conditioning, bathroom, mattress, closet, and wifi access. Each room is specially designed smoke-free and you can have 24-hour access here. However, each room is only filled by a maximum of 2 people and not for married couples.

Kost Brighta Foresta Studento Tipe B Pagedangan Tangerang
brighta kost

Address: BSD City, Foresta, Studento, L10/10, Pagedangan, Pagedangan, Tangerang, Banten 15341

7. Pine Kost BSD Foresta

Pine Kost is a mixed kost house with complete facilities that you can use. There are common areas that you will use with other residents such as the kitchen, living room, living room, laundry, and parking lot. In addition, in each room, there is a mattress, chairs, study table, air conditioning, and cabinets. It also has 24-hour security using CCTV cameras and has room cleaning services every 2 times a week.

Pine kost

Address: Foresta BSD blok N7/12, Pagedangan, Pagedangan, South Tangerang , Banten 15331

That’s the recommendation of Kost Foresta BSD for you. The strategic location will make it easier for you to get access to shopping centers, schools, and public transportation. In addition, this kost house has a complete failure so you do not need to bring a lot of goods when moving in.

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