Leading Start-Up Companies In Indonesia

As technology advances throughout the globe, start-up emerges to take a hold on that opportunity. No wonder many start-up companies are ever-growing everywhere in the world. These start-ups have become prospering due to their appealing products and people’s rapid interest in newcomers. With Indonesia’s many promising industries, a handful of world-contending start-up companies have emerged. So, here we wanted to share with you the top 5 leading and successful start-up companies in Indonesia.

1. Gojek

Gojek start-up

2010 was the start of Gojek’s start-up journey. The idea of utilizing people with motorbikes and people who has occupation as an ojek (motor taxi) is life-changing. It made a whole new revolution in the world of transportation in Indonesia. It fit the needs of the market for a fast, responsive, and available need for transportation. With this application, people don’t need to walk to a bus stop anymore to get on the bus. All they need to do is stay where they are and Gojek will come to pick them up.

To this day, Gojek has grown to not only giving online ojek experiences but many online services as well. Go-food has become the biggest food delivery service in Indonesia as thousands of restaurants have partnered up with them. Go-pay is their virtual e-money system that can be used not only in the application but also in restaurants, stores, and even supermarkets! Need to call cleaning service? They have got you covered with their Go-clean services. Expanding to that rate, Gojek has opened up in many Asia-Pacific countries, making it a Decacorn company.

2. Traveloka

Established in 2012, Traveloka is an online travel platform company based in Jakarta. It made life easier by providing ticketing services from airplanes, trains, buses, and even hotel bookings. At first, they handled domestic services in Indonesia. Since it grew to become the number one platform for travel services in the country, it expanded its services to Asia-Pacific and Europe. They have opened up branches in Asia-Pacific, making Traveloka in the list of prospering start-up companies in Indonesia.

Its simple paying method and bookings are what people like most about Traveloka. This made them open more services such as car rental, tours, theme parks, and also airport transfers. So far, Traveloka has earned the status of a Unicorn company due to its rapid growth and usability.

3. Tokopedia

Tokopedia start-up

Tokopedia is also one of the companies that have the status of a Unicorn company. Founded in 2009, Tokopedia was one of the first few start-ups to provide a marketplace platform. they saw potential in many small to medium enterprises and decided to work with them by letting them sell their products through Tokopedia. There are many reasons why people find Tokopedia interesting, but the main ones are due to their access, complete products, and product delivery system. Their services also vary to paying household bills, buying movie tickets, e-money top-up, tv cable, and many more!

4. Bukalapak


Also an eCommerce company, Bukalapak is a start-up marketplace platform for small to medium enterprises to sell their products. It was established in 2010 and has provided an online-to-offline shopping trade by working with traditional shops. Like Tokopedia, Bukalapak has helped many sellers and buyers connect. The difference is in the slogan, which is ‘100% money-back guarantee’ to ensure there aren’t any frauds and to gain customers’ trust. Their services also vary from ticketing, rental cars or motorbikes, and many more!

5. Ruangguru

Unlike the first four start-up companies, Ruangguru is an online education-based service company. The idea was to help students have access to education so they could learn remotely throughout Indonesia by online courses. The services that Ruangguru gives are virtual classes, tests platform, and video courses. Ruangguru has been working with around 300.000 teachers and has been accessed by over 15 million students.

Growing rapidly, Ruangguru also opened another platform called Skill Academy that targets college students, fresh graduates, and workers. Skill Academy provides courses around specific soft skills and hard skills that would be useful in the working environment. Ruangguru has been a success by delivering education to all over Indonesia, gaining many awards as the best digital education start-up in Indonesia.

So, those are the top 5 leading start-up companies in Indonesia. They are all an eCommerce company progressing in line with the development of world technologies. There are still many great start-up companies in Indonesia that weren’t mentioned here, so here’s a link to read more about them. The success of Indonesia’s start-ups portray the further development and advancement the country has to offer. If you’re thinking about starting one here, then head over to our guide for work permits in Indonesia and coworking spaces in Jakarta to get your start-up journey started!

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