Living Alone or With A Flatmate: Which One Suits You Better?

Often times when we’re moving, we come to a quite difficult choice, that is choosing to live alone or with a roommate. Both of the choices have their own pros and cons. Finding a new place to live is one thing, but making this decision is another thing you have to yet find the answer because you don’t actually know which choice would actually be better for you. To help you decide, we’ve put key points for you to consider living alone or with a roommate.

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Living with a roommate

Financially beneficial

Living with a roommate means you’ll save your money in many ways. First, you can rent a larger apartment that will give you a bigger space to live and split the rent with them. Second, you can equally split the utility cost (mainly water and electrical bills) or even the grocery bills. You can also install a Wi-Fi router inside your unit and ask for your roommate’s agreement to pay their share.

Enjoy a bigger apartment

Since you share the expenses with your roommate, you can rent a bigger apartment with larger spaces. It means having a larger living room, a second bathroom, a designated dining area, and you can decide to get an apartment with a patio or not. If your roommate agrees on the share of the monthly rent, a bigger apartment can be a much nicer choice than the small one you live alone in. Living in a bigger apartment could also mean that you get your own bedroom and have your own privacy, if you’re the kind of person who still needs your personal space.

You’ll never be lonely

Whether your roommate is someone you’ve known for a long time or someone you just met, having a roommate means always having someone else around the house. You may want to audition your potential roommates before deciding to live with which one. When you live with a roommate whose personality and lifestyle fit yours very well, their presence can light up your mood every time you’re home. When you get along with them well, you may also reduce the risk of getting into conflicts with them (which sooner or later will eventually arise). You also have a lot of opportunities to cook together and share meals, or even hosting a party together for your friends

Broader social connections

Just like you, your roommate may invite their other friends and hang around inside your apartment. You can introduce yourself and befriend them. On the contrary, your roommate may also be friends with your friends either. This way, both of you will build even broader social connections. When you share the same friends with your roommate, you can throw an amazing party in your apartment. 

Splitting the chores

Taking care of the entire apartment can be tiring. This is where the presence of a roommate can be really helpful. You and your roommate can be a team in taking care of the apartment. Create a chores schedule that helps you organize the time and turn for you and roommate to clean and decorate the apartment- or even to shop for groceries! Sharing errands can help lighten the load for both of you. This will also keep the apartment in shape (you’re not the only one who needs to stay in shape). 

Having a caretaker

When you get sick, your roommate will be there for you to run to the pharmacy to get your medicine or to call the doctor. You won’t have to worry about being alone when you get sick. They will also make sure you take your medicine based on the doctor’s recipe and tell you to eat regularly. When you are going out of town, you can also ask the help of your roommate to feed your pet, water your plants, or check if there’s an important mail for you. 

Living alone

More privacy

Living alone means you don’t have to sacrifice your personal place to anybody else. You can use the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom without getting interrupted. You also don’t have to share what’s left inside the fridge. When you go home after a long day at work, you might find yourself wanting solitude. This can be hard to do when you have someone else living in the house. If you live alone, you’ll always have time to be alone. 


How well do you handle conflicts? While living with a roommate, no matter how close you guys are, you can never avoid the fact that conflicts will arise. These range from lifestyle conflicts (think of a roommate who loves to invite their friends over every night while you have to concentrate on your work) to financial issues (think of a roommate who always asks you to pay their share first, but always late to pay them back to you). Learning to cooperate and communicate with a roommate with a different perspective and opinion can be quite a handful. If you are the type of person who tends to avoid conflict, you might want to choose to live alone. By living alone, you won’t have to worry to navigate issues with a roommate. 

Total freedom

The best part of living alone is that you have complete control of your apartment. You don’t have to deal with an agreement with someone else- basically because everything only belongs to you. If you like to jam on your DJ set all night long, nobody will tell you to shut up. If you prefer your place to be squeaky clean, you can always clean up on a daily basis. When you feel lonely and might use some company, you can invite your friends over anytime you like. 

Deciding to live alone or with a roommate can really alter your living experience. If you feel living alone makes you feel too lonely at times, you might want to start auditioning potential roommates to move in with. If you find living with a roommate cramps your style and too stressful, lookup for a new apartment to live by yourself. The best part about renting an apartment is you can always make up your decision when the lease is up.

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