Living Room Inspirations for Your Home Sweet Home

Living room is an important place at home. From relaxing, spending time with family, or even just for having a me time, living room is the comfortable place. Additionally, living room is sometimes used to welcome guests. Perhaps, you are thinking of transforming your living room? We get it, sometimes we just need a little touch of something ‘new’. Whether you are thinking of rearranging or you want to build from scratch for your new place, Flokq got you! We have curated a list of living room inspirations to help you make your dream living room.

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1. Modern Contemporary

Decorate your living room with shelves and artwork for a modern and contemporary impression. Not only that it will look good and neat, but also it actually is useful for you as a storage. Especially for people who love to collect artwork and books, this type living room would be functional while also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Monochrome

If you would like to keep it simple and minimal, you might want to try this one! Keep the tone of the furniture as monochrome with a decoration or artwork of the same color. In addition this living room does not require a spacious place and does not cost a lot. Especially these days, this theme is popular among the youth.

3. Scandinavian Living Room

Perhaps you seek for true simplicity? Look no further than Scandinavian inspired living room. It is simple, yet very lively and fresh. Let the natural light in for best experience. This design emphasizes on comfort and coziness, so make sure to keep that in mind while picking your furniture. You can also add plants for accessory to make your room greener. Continue reading for more living room inspirations!

4. Bold Living Room

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For the bold people, here we go. Not only you can play with colors, but in order to give that bold impression, you can add wallpaper. Combination of print curtain and wallpaper, and also if you’d like, rug, are giving a strong accent to the room. Make sure to be picking your favorite colors so the room will feel much better!

5. Wooden

The touch of wood in the living room gives a homey and cozy vibes. The calming tone of the wood is ideal for a relaxing living room. Moreover, it looks classic and never go out of styles! You can also add some pattern or print for rugs or pillow sheets to make it more eye pleasing.

6. Symmetric Living Room

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If you have some space and would like a little challenge, let’s do this concept! Especially if you are perfectionist, this living room inspiration would be very satisfying to have. One of the easiest things to achieve this concept is to have matching lamps, mirrors, or side tables. Be creative with what you’d love to have in your living room!

7. Art Centric

Art can make a room become more colorful and lively. However, to some people, they would like for the art to be the center of the room. Whether you like to collect art or you are wanting a statement in your room, consider getting a huge painting. When the art is dominating the room, you don’t really have to put a lot of thoughts for other decorations. Perhaps you want to be more creative and make the furniture as the art?

It is important to start with something in mind. What kind of concepts would you like to have, what is the theme of your living room? After all, it is your comfort that should be the first concern. If you are spending most of the time in the living room, especially if you are using it to work from home, a comfortable living room is crucial. We hope that these inspirations help you in deciding! Visit Flokq blog for more recommendations and guides.

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