A Guide to Finding Long Term Accommodation in Jakarta

Jakarta is home to numerous multinational companies in Indonesia. Also, the ever-developing economy attracts expatriates to put their money or even move to the city themselves. Professionals, businessmen, and many other kinds of occupations alike flock in Jakarta to live. As the demand for housing in Jakarta has been rapidly increasing throughout the year, the cost of living and estates are rocketing accordingly. However, it is worth remembering that despite the increasing price, living in Jakarta is still relatively cheaper compared to other big cities if you’re comparing with Tokyo and New York.

Finding long-term accommodation in Jakarta can be quite a challenge, especially for expatriates. Just like anywhere else in the world, moving into another country for the first time will get into your nerves from time to time. The high population density and complex regulations are just one of the few problems you are going to face when moving to Jakarta

However, you should not worry as Flokq is here to guide you with the basic steps of finding long-term accommodation in Jakarta! From housing options, the best locations to live up to local knowledge that you should be aware of before moving here. So here is the Guide to Finding Long-Term Accommodation in Jakarta, just for you!

Buying and Leasing Regulation for Expats

house with pool jakarta long term accommodation guide

Although there are a lot of housing complexes and apartments throughout Jakarta, we recommend you to find the ones that are expats-friendly and also located in strategic locations. Being a foreigner in Jakarta may not be easy the first time as not everyone here speaks good English. Also, it would probably take some time for you to adjust to the lifestyle and the culture of this city.

If you are looking to buy a house or apartment in Jakarta, you should first be aware of the locally known Hak Pakai regulation. It accommodates the conditions for expatriates to be able to buy a housing property in Indonesia. The regulations include;

  1. A set of a fixed minimum price for the property per region
  2. The property can be purchased from second-hand sellers with certain criteria
  3. Foreigners and their families are only allowed to have a maximum of one property
  4. The size of the land (for the house) is limited up to 2000 sqm
  5. Property can be mortgaged in a bank or any Indonesian financial institution
  6. Foreigners are required to maintain their stay permit visa during their property ownership period
  7. When leaving Indonesia, the foreigner must release or transfer the Right of Use to another person who meets all requirements to own property in Indonesia (other foreigner or an Indonesian citizen) within one year after her or his departure from Indonesia
  8. Foreigners can buy a house in Indonesia for an initial period of 30 years, which can be extended by another period of 20 years and then can be renewed for another 30 years. 

However, since expats usually work or stay in Jakarta only for a couple of months or years, they usually choose to lease rather than buy a house or apartment. Apartments in Jakarta are relatively expensive if you compare with other types of housings. However, this comes with the advantage of sophisticated facilities and strategic locations. Most expats choose to live in the top subdistricts of Jakarta. One example is Kemang with its tons of entertainment spots and Sudirman as it is just a few munites away from Jakarta’s busiest Central Business District. 

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If you lease an apartment that is individually owned and not a unit of the original developers, you will be leasing from the previous owner. Also, all the legal transactions would be done with them. Typically, your sponsoring company and/or employer will lease the apartment on the employee’s behalf. So, the company will be the “lessee” and you as an expat, will be listed as a tenant. This is one of the most convenient ways to skip the paperwork of leasing an apartment. In fact, it could take longer administration work for a foreigner to lease an apartment in Jakarta. 


Technically, Jakarta is more than just a city. If you haven’t noticed, Jakarta is a province of its own and has 5 administrative cities and one administrative agency. Here is the list areas in Jakarta and the best location for you to stay later on.

Central Jakarta

central jakarta jakarta long term accommodation guide

This is is arguably the center of the administrative, political, financial district of Jakarta. Most of Jakarta’s skyscrapers and modern shopping malls are located in this area. Some would say that the social infrastructure in central Jakarta is better than anywhere else in the city

South Jakarta

jakarta long term accommodation guide

This part of Jakarta is probably the most fun place to hang out. You can find high-class shopping malls, office buildings, top-tier international schools, and expensive real estate. 

West Jakarta

west jakarta jakarta long term accommodation guide

This area is less popular for expats, but it has its own sophisticated malls and offices. This area is commonly known for its Chinese-Indonesian community.

North Jakarta

north jakarta jakarta long term accommodation guide

Another less popular area for expats as it is mainly industrial area and home to Jakarta’s most important seaports

East Jakarta

east jakarta jakarta long term accommodation guide

A less residentially friendly area for expats. In this area, it is mainly an industrial area. However, it does have its own airport (Halim Perdana Kusuma).

Thousand Islands

pulau seribu jakarta long term accommodation guide

The separated mainland area from Jakarta with many beautiful islands and vacation spots. However, this place generally for holiday destination rather than an ideal place to live for expats

Finding “the one”

Finding accommodation in Jakarta is not that difficult. Once you have gotten yourself the paperwork and know the ideal location you would live in, the rest should be fine. You can start choosing the exact place to stay by surfing the internet. If you haven’t noticed, Flokq can help you with this very issue! Check our website to see the most expat-friendly apartments. You can also find a community that would ease your difficulties of settling in Jakarta! However, if you’re company is well-known for having expats to work in Jakarta before or if you have your own friend in the city, it is also a good idea to have some inside references in finding a space to live in the city! 

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