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You may often have hard days and make you tired or the problems you are facing right now are so difficult for you that you feel alone, hopeless, and sometimes stressed. Or you may want to tell someone about your problem, but you can’t always get what you need if you only talk to the people closest to you.

Maybe you’ve tried to tell the people closest to you, but you continue to be judged because your story is often considered strange and makes no sense to them. So, you choose to keep quiet and hide it. Something that you keep under your breath will make you suffer from stress and even depression.

When you experience this problem, have you ever thought about consulting a mental health professional? Or even afraid of the stigma of a mental disorder label, so they decide not to do counseling. It is better not to judge first, it could be that a psychologist or psychiatrist is the answer to all the anxiety you experience.

With current information and communication technology, you can get professional counseling via the internet and gadgets. In addition to helping you understand your own feelings and conditions, online counseling has many advantages. Come see the benefits below!

The Advantages of Doing Online Counseling

Doing counseling online you can do wherever you are, especially if a psychologist or psychiatrist is not available close to where you live. This makes it very easy to access them, even if only online. In addition, this online counseling service time can also adjust to your activities and can be arranged according to your wishes with the psychologist or psychiatrist. Online counseling services are carried out together with psychologists or psychiatrists, with results and quality that are close to face-to-face counseling services. You can also choose to consult via chat, telephone, voicemail and video calls. For those of you who are more comfortable consulting without face to face, online counseling is an alternative for those of you who want to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Besides the many advantages offered by online counseling above, the price of online counseling is also very affordable. Before you do a consultation, you can see how much money you will incur. There are also many online consulting services that offer attractive offers, such as price discounts, and others. So, you don’t need to be afraid to pay too much. For that, let’s look at psychologists and online therapies that you can use to do consultations.

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1. Ibunda Online Psychologist

It is an online platform that provides a safe space to share your struggles and also offers psychology-based online consultations. Its name translates to a mother in Indonesia in which it conveys a caring and lovable person in the family. Because of that, you can pour out your heart about all matters relating to life. In addition, this platform also often provides discounts!

2. Halodoc

This platform is certainly familiar to many people, where Halodoc is known to have many health-related consulting services through applications or websites, one of which is related to health. It’s one of the most popular online health services in Indonesia. At Halodoc there is also a clinical psychology and therapy that can help in Indonesia. Concerning prices, consulting fees at Halodoc tend to be cheap, starting from 25,000. Halodoc is also accesible through phone by installing it in App store.

3. Riliv

This is a platform that is claimed to be the pioneer of a healthy mental lifestyle, here you can consult with the appropriate psychologist and the type of therapy needed. It’s stated to be the number 1 mental health service provider in Indonesia. Its name is derived from the word ‘relieve’ which translates to medications for health problems. It has been mentioned in several big media outlets such as The Jakarta Post, Forbes, Tech in Asia, and The Straits Times.

4. Kalm

This platform provides online counseling services that are flexible, private, and affordable. The name is derived from the word ‘calm’ so you can get calmed after having this therapy session. This platform connects you with qualified professionals. Before you consult, you need to fill in a number of questions to match counselors and therapies that fit your needs.

5. Pijar Psikologi

This recommendation is an organization that provides information about mental health. This psychological incandescent site presents a number of views from loyal users. It is hoped that site visitors who read can open their minds and can motivate themselves. You can also tell stories about life problems, you can go directly to psychology incandescent sites and select the ‘free consultation’ feature.

6. Klee Online Counseling


It is a psychology bureau that serves offline and online counseling via chat, telephone, or video call. Klee provides counseling services with psychology which is divided into three levels based on the length of their work experience in psychology.

7. Kariib Online Counseling

This platform provides online counseling services in Indonesia with certified psychologists in a confidential, private, and can be done anonymously. This platform is also suitable for those of you who do not want to give a personal identity. Services offered include chat-based counseling to telephone, and are very flexible in choosing schedules and psychologists.

8. Psikologimu

This platform can also help you overcome your psychic problems. The quality of each of these psychologists is very good, because Psikologimu has selected qualified people and certainly experienced in the field. Not only that, Psikologimu is also accessible through app store by phone so you can access it any time at any moment regarding your mental condition.

9. Sehat Jiwa

This platform for online counseling in Indonesia that is developed by the Ministry of Health is a website and application that aims to provide information about mental and location of medical facilities that can facilitate patients with mental conditions. Because it’s officiated and run by public government, it can assure to give the best experience for those who need mental health therapy.

10. Alpas.id Online Counseling

If you need a story buddy, you can use the Alpas.id service. Unlike other platforms, you can use Alpas.id through social media they have or use email. Because of that, this platform is good for busy people with less leisure times. So, they can start session by sending e-mails and receive proper consultation message. However, because it’s rather indirect, it’s less

Well, here are some of the psychologists and online therapies that we recommend to you. From now on, you don’t need to be confused to talk about your problems to professional people through the platform that we explained above. Bookmark this article to make it easier for you to find the psychologist and online therapy you need.

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