10 Best Orchids in Indonesia

Orchids are one type of ornamental plant that occupies the top position as the most popular ornamental plant. But did you know that orchids have various types with different flowers? Yep, orchids are also famous for their many types consisting of thousands of species with different characteristics, uniqueness, and charms from one another.

The Latin name for orchids is Orchidaceae. The name is a flowering plant tribe that has the most types. Various types of orchids spread throughout the world, including tropical, wet tropics to circumpolar. Most of the orchids are in Brazil and Indonesia. In Indonesia, various kinds of orchids can also be found easily, because Indonesia has many tropical rain forests where this place is a place where orchids can live.

People often use orchids as symbols of love, luxury and beauty. These types of orchids have special special characteristics. The specialty of this orchid is what makes many people interested in caring for this plant. There are special characteristics of orchids that are not found in other plants, namely orchids are the largest family of flowering plants, which mostly inhabit the tropics. The special characteristics of the orchid flower also include shape, structure, and petals. This special characteristic is what makes orchids so loved by everyone.

Orchid Growth Type

Based on the type of growth, orchids can be divided into two types, namely monopodial and sympodial. Monopodial orchids have characteristics, have one stem or one growing point. Flower growth starts at the tip of the stem. Examples of monopodial orchids include, Vanda sp, Phalaenopsis Sp, and many more. Moon orchids also fall into this category.

Meanwhile, sympodial orchids have more than one growing point. Flowers will appear on the shoot or side of the stem. You can see some of them from the living roots. The advantage of this type of orchid is that it is able to store water and food reserves in blocks, known as semi tubers. Examples of sympodial orchids, namely Dendrobium Sp and Cattleya Sp.

For those of you who are curious about the types of orchids in Indonesia, we have compiled them for you. Here are some of the best ones.

1. Dendrobium


First, we have Dendrobium orchids. These are a type of orchid commonly used as indoor ornamental plants in pots. Therefore, you don’t need to be surprised if you often find this type of orchid in the house. The size of the flowers is not too large and many make this orchid preferred by orchid lovers.

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2. Phalaenopsis Amabilis

Phalaenopsis Amabilis

This type of phalaenopsis orchid has about 60 species, and the most popular species in Indonesia is phalaenopsis amabilis or the moon orchid which is widely grown in West Kalimantan. People call this flower the moon orchid because of its color like the moon at night. Generally, this orchid is white with white and red hues in it.

3. Miltonia

miltonia orchid

For the type of Miltonia orchid, the trait that characterizes it is that this Indonesian orchid has a striking color in the labelumnya area. The Miltonia species grow large flowers, but small, slender petals. Orchids of this type are also easy to grow and easy to spot, making them a favorite of orchid collectors around the world. Species of this genus are widely used to produce artificial hybrids.

4. Pecteilis Radiata

Pecteilis Radiata

Fourth, our list recommends Pecteilis radiata. Known internationally as the White Egret Orchid has a unique shape compared to other types of Indonesian orchids. Usually, orchids highlight the uniqueness of their color, but this type of orchid actually has a shape that attracts attention. Pecteilis radiata has the shape of a bird in flight, this type of petal orchid is shaped as if the wings of a bird are flapping.

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5. Bletilla Striata

Bletilla Striata

Fifth, we have Bletilla striata. It’s also known as ground orchid, is a type of terrestrial orchid with spear-shaped leaves. People often find these orchids growing in clumps along grassy slopes with sandy soil. This type of orchid can grow in a variety of soil conditions. Due to the shape and color of the beautiful flowers, people usually grow them as an ornamental plant in the yard.

6. Oncidium 


Next, we have Oncidium. This type of orchid have flowers that are not too large, but have very attractive and striking colors. The stripes arising from contrasting and colliding colors make this orchid very beautiful and alluring to anyone who sees it,

7. Laelia 

laelia orchid

Next, we have Laelia orchids. They have a characteristic where the petals look slimmer when compared to vanda and phalaenopsis orchids. This is one of the main attractions for this type of orchid.

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8. Cattleya orchid

cattleya labiata orchid

The Cattleya orchid is one of 42 species of orchids that exist. This type of orchid is one of the most popular orchids in Indonesia because it has the characteristics of large and striking flowers. Cattleya has many types of beautiful colors.

9. Vanda orchid

vanda orchid

Here we have Vanda orchids. These are also some of the most popular orchids because of their beautiful patterns. This orchid has about 80 species with their own unique colors, shapes, and characteristics. These orchids are spread in several countries in the world, including Indonesia. Many people admire the shape of the vanda orchid petals because they are very unique.

10. Cymbidium orchid

Cymbidium iridioides

If you look at the most prominent part of the cymbidium orchid, this is the labellum. Labellum orchids always have to be more attractive in both color and shape, because it serves as a drawer for insects so that pollination can occur.

So, those are the types of orchids in Indonesia, aren’t they beautiful? Are you interested in maintaining it? Which orchid do you think is your favorite? Don’t forget to bookmark this article so you can see it at any time.

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