Here Are 10 Recommended Premium Apartments Near Wisma BNI 46

Have you ever seen this iconic building? Yup, Wisma BNI 46 is one of the highest skyscrapers in Indonesia. Located in the BNI City complex, this office tower is also home to numerous restaurants. Since it is in the center of the business district, there are some premium apartments near Wisma BNI 46 that you should know.

Living in Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD) will give you much convenience. If your office is in Wisma BNI 46 or somewhere nearby, you can save your time on the way. Moreover, you can easily reach other vital places in Jakarta.

Here are some premium apartment recommendations for those who want to experience living near Wisma BNI 46. Let’s check it out!

1. Sudirman Park Apartment

This apartment is located in the “Golden Triangle” of Sudirman, Kuningan, and Thamrin Central Business District. It is near Wisma BNI 46 which only takes 4 minutes to drive. Despite its strategic location, Sudirman Park offers premium quality units at quite affordable prices.

Plus, you can enjoy several public facilities, such as an apartment gym, big swimming pool, clinic, and convenience store. Do you travel by public transportation often? If yes, then it’s good for you since this apartment is only 650m away from the commuter line Karet Station. It is also accessible from Setiabudi Astra MRT Station.

2. The Peak Residence

Looking for a luxurious apartment near Wisma BNI 46? You should consider The Peak Residence. Built by the famous Agung Pomodoro Group, this apartment is designed for any executives who seek an urban-modern lifestyle.

It provides some sports facilities, like an Olympic size swimming pool, jogging track, fitness center, and basketball court. Moreover, you can relax at the spa and jacuzzi here. Every unit has a minimalistic interior. Its design was even recognized by Image Publishing Australia as one of the 50 World’s Best Apartment.

3. Sudirman Hill Residences

With rental prices start from IDR 8 million, you can live in an apartment near Wisma BNI 46 in the central business district. This residence has both fully furnished and unfurnished units. Bringing the modern concept, Sudirman Hill Residences is a perfect choice to live in a luxurious apartment.

Living here will give you easy access to several places in Jakarta. From offices to high-class shopping malls, everything is within your reach! Plus, you can maintain your healthy lifestyle by exercising at the gym, jogging track, or swimming pool. The apartment also has a coffee shop for the residents.

4. City Lofts Apartment

If you work in the Wisma BNI 46, you might like this premium apartment. It only takes 5 minutes to travel back and forth! Moreover, the City Lofts Apartment is located right above the Citywalk Mall in the upscale area of Sudirman.

It is also close to some vital places, including Siloam Hospital, Sudirman Memorial Hospital, and many office buildings. Inside the apartment, you can find plentiful facilities for the residents. If you love sports, you are allowed to use the fitness center and the jogging track. There are also a swimming pool and a kids’ playground.

5. Sudirman Suites Apartment

This exclusive apartment is suitable for every professional or young executive who looks for a luxurious residence. The building has a perfect combination of tropical and modern design to maximize your comfort. Plus, Sudirman Suites Apartment offers easy access to everywhere, including the Wisma BNI 46.

Here you can find many shopping centers around the apartment. If you seek your favorite luxury brand, you are able to visit Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, and many more.

The apartment is also reachable from some universities and hospitals. Sudirman Suites provides various high-class facilities for the residents. There is a tropical garden and roof garden where the residents can relax and enjoy the city lights.

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6. Setiabudi Apartment

Living in SCBD area near Wisma BNI 46 will give you quick access to other places in South Jakarta. Not only accessible to offices but also malls, restaurants, and other vital places. In Setiabudi Apartment, renting will always feel like home. Inside the unit, you can rest comfortably and use some premium facilities.

Furthermore, this luxurious apartment provides great public facilities, such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sky garden. Sounds great, huh?

7. Kempinski Private Residences

As one of the most luxurious apartments in the city, Kempinski Private Residence offers high-class amenities and a great location. It is situated right in the central landmark of the city, Bundaran HI. This apartment is also near Wisma BNI 46, which can be reached within 10 minutes of drive.

If you are an executive or businessman who worked around SCBD, this apartment might be the best choice for you. The apartment is connected to the well-known Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall and Menara BCA. This will make it convenient to get everything you need.

Furthermore, this apartment is reachable from the entertainment areas in Kemang or Senopati.

8. Shang-ri La Residence

This place offers a five-stars living experience at the heart of the city. It consists of twin towers with 31 floors which come with a private entrance by fingerprint identification access. Due to its prime location, you can visit the Citywalk Mall or Grand Indonesia on foot. Plus, it is very close to Wisma BNI 46, only takes 7 minutes by walking.

Shang-ri La Residence has some premium public facilities that you can use, such as a modern business center, a large pool, a 24-hour gym, and an on-site dry cleaning service. Moreover, there is a daily housekeeping service, so you don’t have to do the house chores by yourself.

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9. Anandamaya Residences

Built at the heart of Sudirman, this residence has a luxurious design with a unique concept. It brings out the touch of Hong Kong’s style, combined with maximum convenience. If you’re looking for an apartment near Wisma BNI 46 with prices starting from IDR 49 million per month, Anandamaya Residences might be your answer.

Apart from its prime location, this apartment comes with many types of units, including the suite units, grande units, and 4-bedroom signature. It also has a high-speed internet connection to support you working from home.

10. Istana Sahid Apartment

This place comes with plentiful spacious units to meet the residents’ convenience. Located in the Sahid City Complex, Istana Sahid is an upscale apartment that gives quick access to the business district, including to the Wisma BNI 46.

It is surrounded by some famous malls, such as Plaza Indonesia, fX Sudirman, and Plaza Semanggi. Living here also makes it easier to catch the TransJakarta bus or MRT. It even can be reached on foot.

We’re at the end of this article! So, that’s all 10 recommended premium apartments near Wisma BNI 46 in Sudirman. Are you looking for other recommendations? Visit Flokq’s blog or Flokq’s homepage to rent your dream apartment!

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