5 Best Quiet Spaces in Jakarta

Jakarta can be a noisy place to live for some. The urban thrum — horns blaring, traffic, trains, sirens, and jackhammers — is both the city’s dazing charm and one of its persistent nuisances. Even so, Jakarta’s city dwellers never expect the intense velocity in their town to stop for them. However, human beings need to find the time and place to be still, be on their own, and just breathe, especially in a city known to be notorious for never finding a moment to breathe. 

Do you ever wonder where do these weary souls go to their own tranquil asylums in search of solitude and quiet? Herewith, we present a guide to finding silent transcendental spots of pause in Jakarta where you can find moments of idyllic silence and heal both your soul and body, with no earplugs and headphones required.

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1. ORUM Essential Wellness Center

orum studio quiet jakarta

This mindfulness hub tucked in the Menteng area is a one-stop-shop for everything meditation and yoga. The instructors are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. ORUM offers healing meditation classes, yoga, pilates, and other restorative meditation practices. Special classes are often held at ORUM, inviting most popular yoga and meditation instructors so you can fix your out of balance inner chakra in a blink. Pregnant mothers and kids are welcome as ORUM provides prenatal yoga and kids classes. With ORUM, you can get the most positive benefits of practicing mindfully as ORUM is devoted to offering the highest quality of instruction, education, personalized care, safety, and compassion to all of its members. Relieve your stress by attending to the simple yet profound experiences of one’s breath, body, thoughts, and emotions to find a place of inner and outer balance and stability.

Address: E-Trade Building 1st floor, Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim, 55, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

Phone Number: +62-877-8503-1866/1877 or +62-21-3918-983

Price Range: Available upon inquiry.

Opening Hours:  07:00-21:30 (Mon-Fri) and 08:30-16:30 (Sat), closed on Mondays.

Official Website: orumstudio.com

Social Media: Instagram

2. Ganara Pottery

ganara art jakarta quiet

Channel your feelings into art! The idea of putting pottery and meditation together might be hard to imagine. The first thing that springs to your mind when it comes to relaxing activities, can pottery and meditation work in tandem? When you look closely at both activities, both of them are working in perfect harmony. Working with clay will allow you to be more expressive and relax your mind during the process. Head to Ganara Pottery to make your pottery from wet clay or paint pre-made ceramics, all of Ganara’s courses are all accessible, terrific fun, and brilliant to relax your mind or gain a new skill.

Classes are divided into adults and kids; the studio provides all of the materials and aprons. Also, all of your creations are for you to take home. Ganara’s most favorite classes are Pottery wheel, where you can spin and mold your ball of clay from scratch and Pottery Sculpting, where you can learn to create texture, clay carving, and build a small size figurative work using pottery techniques. Ditch your screens, grab your aprons, and get ready to throw, spin and paint!

Address: Jalan Wijaya V no. 6 , Jakarta Selatan 12160.

Phone Number: +62-822-110-110-50 

Price Range: Starting from Rp.300,000-

Opening Hours:  10:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri) 

Official Website: ganara.art

Social Media: Instagram

3. Bimasena Spa at Dharmawangsa

bimasena quiet jakarta

Whether you’re looking for a soothing getaway from your busy life, have your pamper day, or just looking for a quick fix to get the knots out from your back, a spa is always the right answer. Nestled in the lush neighborhood of Dharmawangsa, Bimasena Spa is made to give you refreshing physical and mental wellness in a serene environment where art, greenery, natural marble, and exotic hardwoods beautifully meer. Bimasena Spa features seasonal traditional Indonesian Spa from Java, Bali, and Betawi. The spa offers a wide range of relaxation and beauty treatments such as Dewa Dewi Ritual, Balinese Heritage, and Royal Javanese Lulur being their signatures. You can also spoil your skin, nails, and hair through Bimasena services. With Bimasena’s skilled practitioners, natural products, and modern equipment, they’re ready to pamper you from head to toe and restore your equilibrium. You will emerge rejuvenated!

Address: Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No.23, RT.1/RW.2, Pulo, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160

Phone Number: +62-21-725-8668

Price Range: Starting from Rp.350,000- for Spas and Massages.

Opening Hours:  09:00-23:00 (Mon-Sun) 

Official Website: bimasena.co.id

4. The Golden Space Meditation Center

the golden space quiet jakarta
Source: Google Maps

The Golden Space Meditation Center is arguably the most popular wellness center in Jakarta. Founded in Singapore in 2005 by Master Umesh H. Nandwani and Ms. Sushila Devi, it has transformed the lives of thousands through its non- religious and universal self-discovery personal growth programs. The practices in this center are meditation classes, healing consultations, workshops, retreats, corporate programs, and wellness events. Be sure to check out their schedules on their social media as The Golden Space Meditation Center always has new innovative classes!

Address: Sudirman Park Complex, Rukan Blok B No. 1, 2nd Floor, Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 35, RT.12/RW.11, Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10220.

Phone Number: +62-812-9338-3162

Price Range: Starting From Rp.300,000-

Opening Hours:  10:00-22:30 (Mon-Sun)

Official Website: thegoldenspaceindonesia.com

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

5. Union Yoga

union yoga quiet jakarta

Union Yoga is a boutique hot yoga studio located in Dharmawangsa and Kelapa Gading area. The studio is a one-stop for all types of Yoga, and you might find all of the Yoga types in this studio! Union Yoga offers Bikram, Sveda Yoga, Acro Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kids Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and more. Union Yoga offers ambiance for body and soul. The studio is purposely decorated like a half spa so that you feel at peace and comfortable. You don’t need to feel intimidated if you’re a beginner, this studio is friendly for everyone who wants to meditate, relax, and learn yoga. Unwind, unplug and tap into mindfulness at Union Yoga for guided meditation and mindful workout. It’s about time to take a deep breath and say ‘ohm’!

Address: Jl. Wijaya II No.73, RT.1/RW.5, Melawai, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12160.

Phone Number: +021-722-0146

Price Range: Starting From Rp.195,000-

Opening Hours: 08.00-21.00 (Mon, Wed-Fri), 07.00-16.00 (Tue), and 08.00-12.00 (Sat-Sun).

Official Website: unionyoga.id

Social Media: Instagram

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