5 Recommendations for The Best Halal Noodles Brands

Who can resist the deliciousness of instant noodles? If you are an instant noodles lover, of course, you are already familiar with ramen. This food originating from Japan is made from flour with a manufacture that relies entirely on hand strength, not machines, served with a variety of choices of sauces and toppings. Because of its instantaneous nature, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Ramen noodles will also taste better if served hot in cold weather. Plus, there are many options for the best halal ramen brands.

In Indonesia itself, instant noodles especially ramens are also favored by many people. Its diverse taste with delicious broth and premium fillings, such as mushrooms and other dried vegetables, make many people love ramen. In addition, many restaurants provide ramen noodle menus that taste no less delicious than those in their home country. But now, you don’t have to go far to visit a restaurant just to eat ramen noodles, but you can enjoy it in the form of instant ramen noodles. Here are tips for choosing before buying and recommendations for instant ramen noodles for you.

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Tips to Choose the Best Halal Ramen Brands

Before you get to know which ramen noodles are halal, let’s check out the tips to choose the best halal ramen brands down below!

1. Choose according to your taste

With a wide selection of ramen noodle flavors on the market both from local and foreign products, it will certainly make you a little confused in choosing which noodles are delicious. We recommend that you choose instant ramen noodles that suit your taste. The main taste of instant ramen noodles itself generally consists of spicy and non-spicy flavors. As for the processing, generally divided into fried noodles and soup noodles.

Ramen from Japan or Korea is also different, so when you eat it, the taste you enjoy will approach the spices that have the characteristics used in the country of origin. Like sesame, garlic, or with a sprinkling of nori (seaweed) you generally find more for the taste of instant ramen noodles from Japan. Meanwhile, Korean instant ramen noodles will use a spicy chili flavor with a combination of chicken or meat broth.

2. Pay attention to the composition

The composition of noodle products is also the next important thing for you to pay attention to. Why is that? Because instant ramen noodles are imported products, then the language used is generally Japanese or Korean.

Therefore, you have to be more selective. Especially for those of you who are Muslims, because not all of these instant ramen noodles have the halal label from MUI. In addition, knowing the overall composition will make it safer for those of you who have allergies to consume.

3. Ramen noodle size

The size of instant ramen noodles may be an important thing for some people, especially for those of you who like mukbang or eat a lot more than the usual portion. For your information, instant ramen noodles have a larger size than regular instant noodles, while for instant ramen noodles from Japan, the texture is also more chewy and soft.

4. Pay attention to the expiration date

Another thing that is no less important but is often overlooked by many people is the expiration date which is usually on the packaging. Instant ramen noodle products are generally on the market, especially imported products, so you should pay more attention to this. Because surely you don’t want to eat instant ramen noodles which can harm your health.

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Recommendations for The Best Halal Noodles

After knowing some of the tips above, read more about 5 recommendations for delicious and halal ramen noodles from Flokq below.

1. Samyang Green Hot Chicken Ramen

Samyang Green Hot Chicken Ramen - best halal ramen brand
Source: Brambang

The first halal instant recommend we recommend is the Samyang Green Hot Chicken Ramen. This Korean ramen noodle does not doubt its fame. Samyang consists of a chewy noodle texture and has a fairly spicy taste so it is sure to be liked by spicy noodle lovers. Samyang is also equipped with a topping in the form of vegetables and dried seaweed to add to the taste.

Having a large portion in one pack will make you feel quite full after finishing it. You don’t need to worry because this Korean ramen noodle has already pocketed the halal label from MUI. With its delicious, savory, and spicy taste, it will certainly make you addicted.

2. Arirang Samyang Korean Fried Noodle Extra Hot

Arirang Samyang Korean Fried Noodle Extra Hot - best halal noodles brand
Source: Shopee

Another brand that is on the list of best halal ramen is the Arirang Samyang Korean Fried Noodle Extra Hot. If you are a spicy lover then you must try this one ramen noodle. Arirang Samyang releases a variant of ramen with a very spicy taste and the addition of a fresh citrus leaf aroma. You will be addicted to this instant fried ramen. You don’t have to go all the way to Korea to enjoy this delicious Arirang Samyang, because you can get halal instant ramen with a 130-gram package, you can get it through available online shops.

3. Paldo Bulnak Bokkumyun Noodle

Paldo Bulnak Bokkumyun Noodle - best halal ramen
Source: Tokopedia

Another ramen that is on the list of halal noodle brands is the Paldo Bulnak Ramen. If you feel bored with the taste of ordinary ramen noodles and are looking for ramen with a savory seafood taste, Paldo Bulnak Ramen from Korea might be a reference that you can try.

Yes, as the name implies, Paldo Bulnak Ramen contains octopus broth with an ideal blend of spicy flavors and also various spices, such as garlic and ginger. When you boil these noodles, the cooking water is claimed to be clear and colorless. This instant ramen from Paldo is perfect for those of you who like seafood.

4. Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 - best halal noodles
Source: Tokopedia

Myojo Ramen Char Mee 100 is one of the noodles with a fairly legendary ramen brand originating from Singapore. Myojo also became the first instant noodle producer since 1971, and until now Myojo has always maintained the quality of all its instant noodles, including this ramen variant. Plus, it is also categorized as a best halal instant ramen.

This Ramen Char Mee 100 variant has a spicy taste, so it gives its sensation when you eat it. In addition, this ramen broth is made from a combination of fish, shrimp, peanuts, sesame, and milk. If you have a seafood or gluten allergy, you should avoid eating this one noodle.

5. Nissin Gekikara Ramen Extra Hot

Nissin Gekikara Ramen Extra Hot - best halal ramen
Source: Shopee

Another ramen noodle recommendation that is no less favored by many people is from Nissin Gekikara Ramen. If you ever wondered, ‘is Gekikara ramen halal?’ the answer is yes. This brand is halal and super tasty.

This Japanese fried noodle has a chewy texture with a blend of selected spices and a spicy taste on the tongue. This ramen noodle is wrapped in jumbo portion packaging. With the taste and size of the noodles on offer, you don’t have to worry because the instant noodles produced by Nissin are priced at quite affordable prices.

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Ramen noodles are now a fairly popular food in Indonesia. This instant ramen noodle product also comes in various flavors, sizes, and prices for connoisseurs. You can make this food as an alternative to the usual noodles that are already on the market. Hopefully, the recommendations and tips above can help you choose a delicious and appropriate ramen noodle so that it will become your favorite food.

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