Recommended Kopi Kenangan Menu for Coffee Lovers

Kopi Kenangan has become one of the most sought-after and popular grab-and-go coffee chains in Indonesia. They started back in 2017, and by 2020, they have sold 30 million cups! At the moment, they have 600 outlets in 45 cities and have established new brands under Kenangan Brand, including Cerita Roti and Chigo. Amazing, right? Their success is due to the hard work of their employees, and of course, their delicious beverages! In Kopi Kenangan, you will be offered a variety of beverage options that are all guaranteed to be delicious. Seeking a beverage recommendation? Flokq is here to give you our 5 recommended Kopi Kenangan menus!

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1. Kopi Kenangan Mantan

If you’re an old-fashioned coffee lover who is straightforward about their coffee, our recommended Kopi Kenangan menu for you is their Kopi Kenangan Mantan. This beverage is their signature drink, combining coffee from their delicious coffee beans with milk and palm sugar. It tastes distinct, different than the coffee offered at other coffee chains in Indonesia, thanks to the aforementioned coffee beans. When you’re ordering Kopi Kenangan Mantan, you can customize your coffee by ordering it with less sugar or less ice or adding toppings. Their toppings include boba, grass jelly, Oreo, Marie Regal biscuits, and coconut jelly. Yum!

2. Avocado Coffee

The next beverage that we choose for our recommended Kopi Kenangan menu is for those of you who are big fans of avocado and avocado-based desserts! Yep, it’s their Avocado Coffee. For this drink, they combine their delicious coffee with avocado essence that tastes very similar to real avocados. The taste itself is divine! The bitterness and acidity of the coffee are perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the avocado. If you’re trying to avoid excessive caffeine, don’t worry! You can even opt for their Avocado Milk or Avocado Salted Caramel instead.

3. Salted Caramel Macchiato – Light Coffee Series

When we say Kopi Kenangan is the perfect coffee chain for all, we meant it. That is because they also offer a “Light Coffee Series.” Hence, those of you who cannot stomach harsh caffeine can still drink their coffee! With Light Coffee Series, Kopi Kenangan exchanges their usual coffee beans with Single Origin Arabica Kenangan Beans by Mikael Jasin for four of their coffee beverages. Those coffee beverages include Americano, Dolce Latte, Mocha Latte, and Salted Caramel Macchiato. Our pick for our recommended Kopi Kenangan Menu is Salted Caramel Macchiato, as it tastes like a lighter version of their already delicious Salted Caramel Macchiato.

4. Susu Sultan Boba Gula Aren

If you still can’t get enough of the ongoing boba fever, we have just the drink for you. Our fourth recommended Kopi Kenangan menu is their Susu Sultan Boba Gula Aren. This drink features creamy milk combined with palm sugar and boba as the star of the show! Perfect for those of you who are craving something sweet on a hot summer day. Their boba is perfectly chewy and sweet from the palm sugar. Hence, we can guarantee you’ll be coming back for more! Other than Susu Sultan Boba Gula Aren, they also offer milk tea, jasmine earl grey milk tea, and hazelnut choco milk tea to combine with their Sultan boba.

5. Marie Regal Shake

Last but not least for our recommended Kopi Kenangan Menu is their yummy Marie Regal Shake! This drink will bring you back to your childhood days with its distinct taste. It features Marie Regal biscuits that are blended into their creamy milk. Delicious, right? This drink is perfect for you who are craving for something sweet but not too sweet. If you’d like a kick to your Marie Regal Shake, you can also request your barista to put in a shot of their Kenangan Blend!

Kopi Kenangan has a variety of delicious beverages, but we highly suggest you try our recommendations. Or be adventurous, and try something else entirely! Have fun, and enjoy your coffee!

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