Give It a Try! Top 5 Recommended Menu at Golden Lamian

Who here is a fan of noodles? Then surely you’ve heard of the famous lamian! Originating from China, lamian is a type of soft wheat flour noodle. Chefs typically make lamian by twisting, stretching, and folding wheat flour dough into strands. If you find yourself in Jakarta and craving this particular Chinese delicacy, you’re in luck! Golden Lamian, established in 2017, is a fast food noodle restaurant, bringing a taste of both China and Indonesia to their menu. Famous for their lamian, here we have 5 recommended menu at Golden Lamian!

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1. Lamian Extra Spicy Beef

At the top of Flokq’s recommended menu at Golden Lamian is their Lamian Extra Spicy Beef! Famous amongst locals, it’s no wonder this menu is a best seller. It perfectly suits Indonesians’ preference for spicy meals. This menu features a spicy, red-colored broth, a generous serving of lamian and beef, choy sum, and a boiled egg for added protein. Spice lovers’ satisfaction is guaranteed when they order Lamian Extra Spicy Beef. You can ask any customer of Golden Lamian; they will tell you the taste is addicting! A beginner in spices? Don’t worry! You can adjust the spice levels, from 1 to 3.

Price: Rp49.090,00

2. Lamian Ayam Goreng

This ones for those whose tastebuds are tamer, and who are craving fried chicken. We at Flokq recommend Lamian Ayam Goreng from Golden Lamian’s menu for your lunch or dinner. This meal features crunchy, delicious strips of chicken and choy sum on top of a big portion of lamian. Best of all, it is all served with Golden Lamian’s original signature sauce. When you order Lamian Ayam Goreng, every bite will be bursting with savory goodness. On hot summer days, this meal will be perfect if paired with Golden Lamian’s Creamy Mango Pudding.

Price: Rp34.545,00

3. Lamian Rica Rica

Be honest. Have you been eating too much Lamian Extra Spicy Beef? Hmm, we thought so. Do you want to try something else but still crave something spicy? Lucky for you, we at Flokq have got you covered. Lamian Rica Rica is one of our most recommended menus at Golden Lamian. It has the perfect level of spiciness with its rica rica sauce on top of its delicious lamian. Also featuring a generous serving of cut-up chicken and choy sum, you will leave Golden Lamian feeling full and satisfied after having Lamian Rica Rica for your meal.

Price: Rp43.636,00

4. Nasi Hainan BBQ Combo

If you’re a true Indonesian, and you feel unfulfilled without having rice on your meal, Golden Lamian has you covered. One of our recommended menus at Golden Lamian for you rice lovers is their Nasi Hainan BBQ Combo. This menu features their savory and delicious Hainanese rice, complemented by a serving of chicken and roasted duck and choy sum, all cooked to perfection. Careful; you might even find yourself paying for seconds!

Price: Rp47.272,00

5. Golden Soup Chicken Lamian

Gracing the last spot in Flokq’s list of Top 5 Recommended Menu at Golden Lamian, yet certainly not the least, is their Golden Soup Chicken Lamian. Think the chicken soup your mother made when you were sick as a child; this is that, only with delicious lamian! Featuring a rich and creamy broth, slices of perfectly tender chicken, seaweed, mushroom, and boiled egg, this meal is the definition of comfort food. In this rainy weather, be sure to order Golden Soup Chicken Lamian at your nearest Golden Lamian! You can even follow it up by their Caramel Romance Pudding for a more nostalgic feel.

Price: Rp50.909,00

Don’t these look and sound delicious? Of course! Come to the nearest Golden Lamian franchise for your next meal, and have one of these recommended menus! We assure you, you won’t regret it.

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