Want to Rent an Apartment Room? Here’s What You Should Know

Living in big and metropolitan cities with the aim of work or education makes us tend to choose cheap and temporary housing. However, several things should be considered before renting an apartment, from financial readiness and documents to choosing a location and provider. Here we provide complete information about renting an apartment room, from considerations in choosing an apartment to strategies timing to get a cheaper rental price!

What is apartment room rental?

Renting an apartment means paying for temporary ownership rights to an apartment. Generally, we can rent an entire apartment unit. However, we can also choose to rent one of the rooms in the apartment unit.

What is the system for renting an apartment room based on ownership?

Renting an apartment can have different systems depending on who the owner of the apartment is. For apartment buildings that are owned by the company, the regulatory system is well managed, from administration to apartment building operations. For apartment buildings that have been sold as strata title and are owned by individuals, the regulatory system depends on the owner so that the standard of decoration, layout room, and quality can vary according to the owner’s standards. Therefore, ownership information needs to be known so that we can find out what kind of apartment we rent.

Fasilitas sewa kamar apartemen.
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What facilities are there when we rent an apartment room?

Living in an apartment, whether you rent a room or a whole unit, means experiencing all the facilities available in the apartment. In general, apartments are built in complex forms by offering various facilities and accessibility. The sports area (fitness center, tennis court, and swimming pool) and the recreation area (playground and minimarket) are the most common facilities available in apartment complexes. More luxurious amenities can be a golf course or spa services.

When we rent a studio apartment room, we get a home facility compact and quite complete with a bed, bathroom, small kitchen, and a work or study area in one room. Meanwhile, when we rent an apartment room in a shared unit, we can get private bedroom facilities with a living room that can be used with flatmates, a kitchen that can be used together, a bathroom, and maybe there is also a work or study area for used together.

In addition, you can also get cleaning services when you live in an apartment. Apartment rooms with cleaning services are usually the most expensive because provided maid service is. Like in a hotel, the entire room will be cleaned every day including the mattress, bathroom, and kitchen area.

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The advantages of renting a room compared to renting an apartment unit

1. Making new friends

When we rent an apartment room, it usually means that we live in one of the rooms in the apartment unit that is shared with other people or housemate our. By having a housemate, especially if they are originally strangers, we have a new network of friends. Expanding friends also has various advantages, such as the opportunity for a new job or someone who gives warmth to our home.

 2. More affordable maintenance costs

With the room size that suits your needs and is relatively small, maintenance and cleaning costs are more affordable. Renting an apartment room can also be done instantly where we no longer need to think about the affairs of the apartment unit as a whole. What’s more, if there are maintenance costs, we can share the costs with our housemate.

 3. Can save on various daily needs

This third point is still related to the existence of a housemate who lives with us. With a housemate, we can share the cost of our daily needs. Internet fees, tissue, home cleaning equipment, etc. can be charged to joint expenses.

Advantages of Renting an Apartment Room Compared to a Kost

Boarding house In Indonesia, it is common to use boarding as an alternative to living in an apartment. Generally, boarding is cheaper because of its location which is not on main roads such as apartments.

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In addition, boarding houses have much simpler facilities. However, there are various advantages of renting a room in an apartment that can be obtained at the same cost as renting a boarding room.

1. More Complete Facilities

Apartments generally have more facilities than boarding houses. Apartments that have affordable rental prices generally have swimming pools and gyms for exercising. By renting a room in an apartment, we can save on rental costs but have the opportunity to live in an apartment with more complete facilities such as a jogging track, garden, and more. These apartment facilities are an advantage over boarding rooms which generally only offer a single room without a swimming pool or gym.

 2. Higher Accessibility

Apartments are generally located on main roads because the complexes are bigger than boarding houses. Thus, it will be easier for apartment residents to walk to public facilities such as bus stops, stations, and even shopping centers. This is different from renting boarding rooms which are generally located in small alleys or settlements, which make us have to walk or drive further to reach public facilities

3. City View

The third advantage is a more charming city view. Apartments have higher floors than boarding buildings, which generally only reach four or five floors. Living in a high floor apartment also offers us a charming view of the city.

Things to Think about before Renting an Apartment Room

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It is undeniable that the most important thing in choosing a place to live is the budget or the right price according to the thickness and thickness of the wallet. A budget is something that cannot be forced because the quality of a luxurious rental will certainly not be enjoyed if it is not comparable to the ability to rent. Budget calculations can also determine whether renting an apartment room is the right choice compared to renting or buying an entire apartment unit.

Therefore, it takes extra effort to find the most suitable apartment rental room. Here are some important elements that should be considered:

  • Total income. Of course, the principle of “a bigger stake than a stake” needs to be kept in mind in order to keep up with your monthly or annual income.
  • Expenses before renting an apartment room. Such as vehicle loans, business loans, gym or magazine subscription fees, and others.
  • Estimated expenses after renting. Basic costs such as electricity and maintenance of apartment rooms must be taken into account. This also affects the type of room you want to rent, with cleaning services, full-furnished or non-furnished.

Roommate or Not? Make Your Choice

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In general, the main essence of renting an apartment room is due to practical reasons and flexibility in choosing. This certainly affects a lot when residents decide to share their residence with a roommate or more. This consideration is quite important because it determines whether it is sufficient to rent a room in an apartment, or to rent a unit that accommodates a group of prospective residents. The availability of rooms that can be rented also greatly determines whether to include a roommate.

Apartment Location: Mobility or Comfort?

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Apart from relating to price, the location of the apartment is also a serious consideration before deciding on a renting option. The right consideration can be determined before renting a room. For example, an apartment with comfortable facilities at an affordable price in a suburban area certainly sounds tempting, but it can not be worth the cost of traveling to work or campus which is quite high and takes a long time. Location considerations can also be conditioned on the main mode of transportation used, whether private vehicles or public transportation.

Administrative Readiness for Apartment Room Rentals

After long consideration and having determined the choice of rooms to rent, the readiness of documents for administrative matters is the next important thing. Not only official documents contain personal data, but also documents stating financial readiness to rent an apartment such as statements from banks and track records of previous apartment rentals. Preparing these various documents not only facilitates the process of submitting room rental applications, but also directly indicates that prospective residents are the most suitable candidates, especially when the availability of apartment rooms is limited.

When is the Right Time to Rent a Cheap Apartment Room

Although there are no very contrasting periods when the price of renting an apartment room becomes very cheap, several factors of time can affect the price of a room rental. Like other property businesses, there are high and low seasons where in a certain period the rental price is relatively cheaper. This is influenced by the high and low demand. The period of the new school year or summer usually triggers high interest in renting apartment rooms, both monthly and yearly. Prospective residents are often found networking together in finding the most suitable apartment rooms for rent. Meanwhile, for the general context, the demand for apartment rooms tends to decline in the holiday season because it focuses on holidays rather than semi-permanent transfers. However, there are a few challenges in renting an apartment room at the end of the year because generally, the rental period ends in the middle of the year or summer.

And there your go, a complete guide on renting a room in an apartment. Now, after reading all the things we handed to you, you’re completely ready to rent your first apartment!

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