Rent a Bike in Bali: A Complete Guide

Rent a bike in Bali is a very popular way of traveling in Bali. From Kuta beach to the cultural beauty of Ubud. Traveling around Bali can be done in various ways. However, getting around by motorbike is the most practical way and is often done by tourists and local people. You can usually find places that rent one (or how many you need) around Bali. Renting a bike makes scheduling and traveling around Bali easier and cheaper. First, you usually don’t pay as much money to get a driver or taxi. Moreover, you can try and see all the beautiful places in Bali without worrying about the pick up time.

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If you’re feeling a bit nervous about the idea of renting a bike, we get you. Bali might be a paradise, but it’s not for the faint of heart when it comes to traffic. Follow these tips to rent a bike or scooter in Bali! 

1. Have your International Driver’s License Ready 

Right. It may be a no-brainer that we need an international driver’s license for renting a bike in Bali. But to your surprise, you might find places that don’t necessarily require you having an international driver’s license to rent a scooter or bike. One might think ‘I’m not going to let a little license stop me from ruining my time in Bali’. But frankly, we recommend against renting a bike if you don’t have experience with one or have not received your international driver’s license already. Not having an international driver’s license can ruin your fun when local police stop and fine you. And even if you do decide to buy one, please find somewhere that is relatively safe and quiet for a test run.  

Another tip. There used to be a temporary tourist license that you can use, but the program was ceased way back. So make sure to have your driver’s license (particularly the ones that allow you to ride a bike) ready before going to Bali.  

2. Have a travel insurance ready 

Another thing to prepare in addition to your international driver’s license is travel insurance. Again, Bali can be hell even for experienced bikers due to its traffic congestion and often surprising behaviours of local street goers. Just to be smart and safe, [paying up extra for travel insurance alongside your bike renting fee can be a lifesaver. Especially, if you’re living in Bali. Paradise Island is certainly a once in a lifetime experience with both positive and negative connotations.  

3. Check the condition of your bike before renting

rent a bike in Bali
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Now, in choosing a bike things might get a bit dicey. For one, you have to make sure the condition of the bike or scooter is not in shambles. A particular part you should see are the tires. For all you know, the tires are in bad condition, and when you ride it it might become deflated. Imagine having to walk all the way to your destination despite owning a scooter! Simply unbearable. So make sure you have your tires pumped up and ready to go! 

4. Check for extra accommodations and accessories 

Sometimes, when you are renting a bike you are also given extras. One such example is the provision of 4G modems for your travelling convenience by larger bike renting companies such as bikago. Having a fast and reliable internet that doesn’t eat up your phone data makes sense, right? Still, best to make sure you don’t pay what you don’t need.

5. Wear a helmet 

riding a bike while wearing a helmet
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Now that you have your license setup up and have your bike chosen. You’re ready to ride a bike. Another thing we recommend is to wear your helmet whenever you are riding. Understandably, there are some reasons why you wouldn’t wear a helmet, like not wanting your hair to get messed up, the place you’re going to isn’t that far, or seeing the locals not bothering wearing a helmet among others.

Considering Bali’s traffic is very unfriendly towards beginners and the threat of police looming around, we really recommend you wearing a helmet. Usually the renter will give you one alongside the bike, or you will have to buy one for yourself if the helmet doesn’t fit well with you. Either way, if you’re planning to live in Bali, renting a motorcycle long term can be a fun option for you. But, it’s best to drive safely by using a helmet to protect you from harm. 

6. Ride with friends 

ride a bike with your friends

Riding alone might feel nice, but being able to ride with others is a treat! You and your friends, riding against the wind while facing the beautiful sunset. If you come alone, don’t worry! Places like coliving spaces can actually help you get accustomed with many things in Bali. This includes learning how and where to buy a bike. Your coliving mates might know a thing or two about a bike renting place with good quality and bargain!

7. How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on which bike rental service you are going for. Well-known and large rental service companies such as bikago and bali bike rental will usually charge you for 2500k Rupiah per month, but there might be cheaper options reaching 1500k Rupiah per month. Here is a common list of motorcycles that you can use. Larger companies usually have diverse types of bikes that you can buy, but usually any bike rental services should have these three bikes: 

1. Scoopy

The small yet fancy-looking scooter. If you have a big posture we recommend against renting this 

2. Honda Vario 

The be all and end all of motorcycles in Bali. There are also other variants such as Honda Vario 150 with more price.

3. Honda CRF 

This motocross bike lets you explore beyond the beaten path. Perfect for trekkers or jungle goers.  

Places to rent a bike in Bali:

Here are some of our recommended places to start your search for your ride while living in Bali! 

1. Bikago  

Location: Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.71D, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 

Contact Number: 0855-7467-9030

2. Bali Bike Rental 

Location: Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 71c,Kerobokan Bali, 80361 ID 

Contact Number: 

  • +62 855 7467 9030 (ID)
  • +61 8 6244 0048 (AU)
  • +49 30 568 37145 (DE)
  • +1 (314) 400-7228 (US) 
  • +44 1206 700330 (GB) 
  • +64 6 888 6019 (NZ) 
  • +31 85 8888 216 (NL)
  • +27 87 550 7886 (ZA)

3. Bali Bike House 

Location: Jl. Padang Bali No.61, Dalung, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 

Contact Number: 0812-3762-8584

4. EZYRIDERS Electric eBike Tours & Rentals 

Locations: Front Hotels, Jl. Popies 1. No. B13. Kuta Beach, Badung Located: Behind The Heritage/Kutabex Beach, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Contact Number: 0811-3961-077

5. Bali Big Bike 

Locations: Jalan Raya Kerobokan 71 c/d Kerobokan, Bali 80361 

Contact Number: 

  • +61 8 6244 0048 (AU)
  • +49 30 568 37145 (DE)
  • +1 (314) 400-7228 (US)
  • +44 1206 700330 (UK)
  • +31 85 8888 216 (NL)
  • +64 6 888 6019 (NZ)
  • +27 87 550 7886 (ZA)

6. Mr. Rental Bike 

Locations:  Jalan Bumbak Dauh, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Kerobokan, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 

Contact Number: 0853-3324-3900

HR Bike Rental

Locations: Gg. kingkong I No.99, Kuta, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361 

Contact Number: 0853-3324-3900 

8. Don’t drink and ride 

This is also a no-brainer. Please stay safe and be ethical when riding your scooter. It might not only be your life, but other lives at stake too.

And that’s that! We hope you find your bike and wish you a safe ride while staying in Bali!

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