Deciphering The Rental Terminologies in Bahasa Indonesia

Rental lingos or rental terminology is your basic guide to venture more on the rental realm. Especially if you’re currently looking for a new place to rent or buy. Knowing them in advance may boost your understanding of the apartment. Today, our scope is the rental terms in Indonesia. Because just like in other countries, Indonesia also has its local’s lingos. 

Before that, take note of lots of leasing agents, and landlords are widely using lingos in the advertisement or description. Once you know how to decode those ads, you can find yourself a suitable pad and settle down with a great leasing agreement and better spend your time comparing renters’ insurance and decorating the new space. So here is a list of the common rental terms used by leasing agents or landlords in Indonesia to help you understand more on your

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Rumah Pangsa:

The other word for an apartment or flat. A residential model that only takes up a fraction of the space of a building. An apartment building or rumah pangsa can have dozens or even hundreds of residential units


A rental room that is usually in a guest house or a flat-like housing. The rent room is usually only a bedroom, some have their own bathrooms or shared bathrooms. Apart from that, all the facilities are common.


Bedroom. Most of the time, people are going to put the amount of bedroom and then the abbreviation. E.g.: 1 BR, 2 BR, etc. However, it may be a little odd if you’re talking to someone and say the word “BR” instead of the bedroom. This abbreviation is generally used when it’s written down. So, if you’re speaking in-person with someone else, we suggest you to not use the abbreviation.


Another widely used term is BA or Bathroom. When someone writes a BA, they are indicating the number of bathrooms available within the apartment. You should take a look cautiously regarding the number of bathrooms. Because the number of bedrooms doesn’t always sync with the number of bathrooms. Thus, don’t assume that the place has the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms in every circumstance. 


This type of apartment has a single large multipurpose room that serves as the bedroom, the kitchen, and as well as the living room. So, when you enter the apartment, you will see the bed, living room (if any), and kitchen all at once. Nonetheless, the bedroom is located in a separate space. 


Monies paid and retained during your tenancy that will be credited back less any final charges post-move-out. Basically, a deposit is guaranteed money from you to your landlord. It is used as collateral that if you happen to damage their place, your deposit will be used to fix the damage. But if the deposit money isn’t enough yet, the landlord is going to charge you more respectively. Also, without any collateral, the landlord afraid that the tenant leaves the house in an invoice debt at the end of the rental period. Deposit is commonly used in Indonesia. Whether you’re renting an apartment, kost, or a house.  

PBB (Pajak Bumi dan Bangunan):

Pajak is the Indonesian word for tax. Bumi dan Bangunan is the other word for land and building. Combining those two means a tax for land and building-or property. In Indonesia, whenever the landlord renting a place, the renters or tenants are not responsible to pay the PBB. This policy is in line with the rental laws in Indonesia. Because the landlord is still the sole owner of the place at the end of the day. Renting the place is only a periodical contract. 

Utilities or fasilitas:

Utilities in Indonesia are various, but pretty much the same as in other countries. Such as electricity, telephone, PDAM, and or television subscription. In most cases, these fees are being paid by yourself. Meaning that these utility fees are not in your monthly rental fee. But for detailed and exact information, read clearly what utilities that already covered in your rental fee and whatnots. 


The electricity in Indonesia is managed by PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara) and each unit is given 1,300 W in general. However, the electricity price of a unit is might be more expensive than houses in Indonesia. It’s because the government is enacting the same electricity price calculation for apartments and the office buildings or malls. 


PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum) is the governor’s company for managing residential water. The cost of water will be calculated in IDR times per cubic meter used. 

Meanwhile, the options for telephone and television subscriptions are numerous to choose from. Hence, you can find out about it more on the internet or you may ask your landlord. 

Fully furnished:

There are two types of apartment comprehensiveness. The first one is fully-furnished and the second one is non-furnished. A fully-furnished apartment means that the apartment is filled with furniture and ready to use. Typical furniture included are beds, showers, televisions, sofas, dining tables, and more. 


This is the term to state that the apartment unit comes with a vacancy of furniture. But, worry not, essential furniture like kitchen-set or air-conditioners is still provided. 

Fitting out:

The term is used to describe a fee that the renters will pay if they want to renovate something in their unit. But, keep in mind that not all landlords will allow a renovation in their unit. That’s why it’s compulsory for the residents to report first to the apartment manager or landlord before making an installation or will be subject to fines if not reported and caught by the manager.

IPL (Iuran Pengelolaan Apartemen):

Or also known as a maintenance fee. Commonly the calculation is measured by IDR times per square meter. Meaning, the more spacious your apartment unit is, the more expensive the IPL will be paid compared to the owner of the smaller unit. The IPL fee will be used for the management of building operations, cleaning, security, insurance, and apartment employee salaries.

PPJB (Perjanjian Pengikatan Jual Beli):

Simply interpreted as an agreement made by parties who buy and sell property such as land, houses, and including apartments. This agreement only exists if you are buying the apartment, not renting it. PPJB Apartment has an initial agreement made by two parties who will conduct an apartment sale and purchase transaction. PPJB is usually done before the buyer and seller make an endorsement by transferring the Deed of Purchase/Akta Jual Beli (AJB) which incidentally has legal force because it was ratified by a notary.

AJB (Akta Jual Beli):

Also known as the Deed of Purchase is an authentic deed drawn up by a notary for the transfer of land and building rights. You need to have this if you’re buying a property such as an apartment in Indonesia.

After reading and understanding the widely used terms above, we hope that you can get a better comprehension of the apartment’s lingos. Better comprehension may help you to choose the right apartment for your needs. Furthermore, if in any case there’s still a term that isn’t listed above and you have zero ideas what does it mean, feel free to ask your agent or landlord.

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