Around Tamansari Semanggi Apartment: 10 Restaurants Near Tamansari Semanggi Apartment to Try

Tamansari Semanggi apartment is an apartment complex with a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments to choose from. This comfortable apartment is strategic in location, which is in the prime area of South Jakarta. Surrounding Tamansari Semanggi, you can find many apartment offices, embassies, and other shopping centers in the central business district. For convenience, complete facilities are provided, including a 24/7 security system, parking lot, swimming pool, fitness centers, 24-hour minimart, laundromat, restaurants, pharmacy. Residents of Tamansari Semanggi apartment are mainly young professionals, especially ex-pats. With that, there is a big community of ex-pats in and around Tamansari Semanggi apartment. There is an endless amount of cuisines worldwide and traditional Indonesian food. Here we have 10 restaurants near Tamansari Semanggi apartment to try.

1. GIA Restaurant

GIA is a sophisticated yet modern Italian restaurant and lounge. You can enjoy top-quality dishes with the best ingredients. Moreover, there are also rare liquors, unique cocktails, and wine. The ambiance of GIA restaurant is perfect for informal meetings and quality time with family and friends.

Estimated price: IDR 700.000 for 2 people

2. Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD)

The family’s favorite pizza place has lots of menus to offer, mainly pizza. Still, there are other dishes to choose from. Pizza hut is a great choice to complete your craving for a pizza party. Pizza Hut delivery service also caters to your busy schedule by providing 30 minutes guarantee for each delivery so you can enjoy warm food.

Estimated price: IDR 250.000 for 2 people

3. Kitchenette Pacific Place

Heart-warming and homey describe Kitchenette Restaurant best. You can choose from a wide selection of foods and desserts, most falling into the comfort food category. Dining at Kitchenette will be a precious memory with your friends and family. Recommended menus are signature galettes and salads.

Estimated price: IDR 350.000 for 2 people

4. Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia is an Italian restaurant specializing in catering for large orders or social events. The restaurant also has a luxurious private room for 15 people. Recommended dishes are Oxtail Soup, Aryaduta Burger, Australian Steak, Grilled Salmon.

Estimated price: > IDR 200.000 /person

5. Kembang Goela Restaurant

This unique restaurant is a fusion of Indonesian and Dutch cuisine. The Interior of Kembang Goela is luxurious with the touch of vintage design. Recommended dishes include Oseng-oseng ketjipir, 1 meter sausage balado dendeng, boentoet balado, oedang kapiten jongker.

‎Estimated price: IDR 400.000 for 2 people

6. Kila-Kila by Akasya


“Kila-kila” meaning in Sansekerta is “sound of happiness”. Living up to its name, this restaurant will bring you joy with delicious and innovative Indonesian food. Recommended dishes are Bakmi Jawa, Gurame Acar Kuning, and Indonesian pastry at Kila-Kila is a must try too!

Estimated price: IDR 450.000 for 2 people

7. School Food Blooming Mari Restaurant

This restaurant will bring you the taste of Korea with original spices from Korea and also trained chefs. Originally from Gangnam, South Korea, School Food Blooming Mari Restaurant will make you feel in Korea with its unique interior and facilities. Recommended dish in this restaurant is Toppoki.

Estimated price: IDR 250.000 for 2 people

8. Menya Sakura Ramen


Ramen is a famous Japanese food loved by many people around the world. Luckily there is a restaurant near Tamansari Semanggi apartment that provides the best ramen. Menya Sakura Ramen has a unique vintage stall design, adorned with posters on the wall. Recommended ramen is Tsukemen or dip ramen.

Estimated price: IDR 200.000 for 2 people

9. Odysseia


Odysseia is a unique themed restaurant with a fusion menu of Western and Asian dishes. It is an excellent choice for family dinner because everything is for everyone, from seafood, appetizers, and dessert. The recommended menu from Odysseia is the Lasagna. The outdoor area of Odysseia is very aesthetic with flowers and a garden, making it a great place to take pictures!

Estimated price: IDR 400.000 for 2 people

10. La Brasserie


La Brasserie is a luxurious restaurant in the lobby Le Méridien Jakarta. A perfect mix of International and Asian food, you can enjoy eating at La Brasserie any time of the day. Recommended dishes are Coconut Flavoured Gravlax Salmon, Timbale of Tomato Mousse, Grain Fed Black Angus Rib Eye Steak, Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Oxtail Soup, Rendang Sapi, Indonesian Lamb Curry.

Estimated price: IDR 610.000 for 2 people

They say that nothing brings people together like good food. A great restaurant is one of the recipes for an enjoyable time spent with family and friends. You can add the restaurants near Tamansari Semanggi apartment to your next weekend go-to places!

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Find more restaurants to explore around Jakarta here!

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