12 Best Richeese Menu Recommendations that You Must Try

If you have lived in Indonesia long enough, then you must have heard about Richeese Factory. This is an Indonesian fast-food restaurant that mainly offers a menu of savory dishes that are served with its tasty and popular cheese sauce. Established in Bandung, West Java, Richeese Factory opened its first outlet in a shopping center, Paris Van Java, on February 8, 2011. Now, after a decade, Richeese has successfully expanded to many cities throughout Indonesia with more than 160 outlets. If you crave something spicy that can be served well with savory cheese sauce, then you will absolutely love Richeese’s signature menu. Moreover, here you can also set out your own spicy level standard. Also, there are plenty of dessert options to balance out the spiciness that you gain from the spicy main course. Therefore, we decided to create this list of best Richeese menu recommendations that you must try!

So, if you have not yet tasted any menu from Richeese but would love to try some, worry not! You might find yourself ordering something or even many things after reading this article. Now, let’s check out these recommendations of the best Richeese menu that will spoil your taste buds!

1. Hot & Spicy Chicken

One of the first Richeese menu recommendations that you need to try is this Hot & Spicy Chicken menu. Consisting of 4 pieces of crispy fried chicken with a spicy sensation, the best way to enjoy this menu is by dipping the chicken pieces into the cheese sauce. The spiciness of the chicken really goes well with the palatable cheese sauce. Furthermore, you can also order rice if you think eating this menu alone will not be enough to fulfill your hunger.

2. Fire Chicken

The next one is this Fire Chicken which is a part of the “Fire” series menu. What makes Fire Chicken different from Hot & Spicy Chicken is the fact that Fire Chicken consists of crispy fried chicken wrapped with BBQ sauce. When it comes to the level of spiciness, you can definitely choose between level 0 (beginner level) up to level 5 (ultimate level). Other than that, the savory cheese sauce that will blend well with the spicy taste of the chicken is truly delicious. Eat this menu together with hot rice and you might find yourself wanting some more!

3. Fire Chicken Wings

It looks like Richeese understands very well people’s preferences of chicken’s body parts they enjoy the most. Hence, this is why Fire Chicken Wings made its way to our list of best Richeese menu recommendations. This menu is also a part of the “Fire” series since the chicken wings are also wrapped in spicy BBQ sauce. The only difference is that you’ll only get several pieces of chicken wings when you order this menu. Along with the juiciness and the crispy chicken skin, accompanied by the spicy BBQ sauce and tasty cheese sauce, all the chicken wings lovers out there will surely love this menu!

4. Fire Chicken Bite

We aren’t finished yet with the “Fire” series from this Richeese menu recommendations list. The next one is called Fire Chicken Bite. It is because of the small size of the chicken that you can definitely enjoy in one bite. Since the pieces of the chicken are round in shape, Fire Chicken Bite is very suitable to be enjoyed as a snack. However, if you still want to eat them altogether with rice, then it would taste great as well! Aside from that, this could be an option for children who usually don’t eat in big portions. And don’t forget the combination of its BBQ sauce plus cheese sauce, very flavorsome!

5. Richicken

You don’t eat spicy food but still want to try some Richeese menus? Well, worry not! Richeese also offers this Richicken menu which doesn’t taste spicy at all. It consists of 4 pieces of chicken and like any other chicken menu in Richeese, you will also get the delicious cheese sauce to dip your chicken in. In addition to that, since this menu is not spicy, children can definitely enjoy it. Eating Richicken with warm rice is also a nice way to satisfy your belly!

6. Fire Flying Chicken

Still a part of the “Fire” series, this Fire Flying Chicken is a menu of one whole fried chicken with the option of spicy and non-spicy levels. Wrapped in a Richeese special seasoning, this menu tastes really great and is very suitable to be eaten together with family or friends. If you feel like ordering one whole chicken is too much for yourself, Richeese also offers several package options for you to enjoy this Fire Flying Chicken in a normal portion. The packages usually include rice, beverages, and cheese sauce. Aside from that, Fire Flying Chicken even had gone viral in the past and that is another reason why we include it into our Richeese menu recommendations!

7. Cheese Crackling

Chicken skin lovers would definitely love this side dish from Richeese called Cheese Crackling. It is a menu that consists of crispy chicken skin served with savory cheese sauce. Ever since this menu was first introduced, many people have been curious and ended up ordering it, making Cheese Crackling quite popular among Richeese’s regular customers. As a side dish, you can always combine this menu with the other menu which contains spiciness to make it a great combo of a meal!

8. Fire Burger Beef (Atomic/Nuclear)

Of course, we have to include Fire Burger Beef into our list of best Richeese menu recommendations. This burger comes with 2 level options of spiciness which are Atomic level and Nuclear level. Consisting of premium beef patty, lettuces, sliced tomatoes, and cheese, this burger gets the spicy taste from the spread of its BBQ sauce within. Also, if you prefer to have chicken patty instead of beef, Richeese offers a menu called a Fire Burger Chicken that you can order as well!

9. BBQ Potato Wedges

Another side dish recommendation that you need to try from Richeese is this BBQ Potato Wedges. Wrapped in spicy BBQ sauce, these potato wedges will reach their peak of delicacy when they are eaten together with the tasty cheese sauce. This menu will definitely go well with the Fire Burger menu and would make a great combo meal to satisfy your hunger!

10. Pink Lava

For Richeese’s most popular beverage, there’s this drink called Pink Lava. It is a drink with a blend of sweet milk and strawberries. The sweet and refreshing taste of this drink will be the best company for you who enjoy sweet stuff. Aside from the bright pink color of this drink that catches attention, Pink Lava also works really well to neutralize the spiciness that’s left after eating other Richeese’s spicy menu.

11. Blue Raspberry Cheese Ice Cream

If you crave a unique yet delicious dessert, then this Blue Raspberry Cheese Ice Cream would be one of the best options that you should try from Richeese. With the freshness of vanilla ice cream added with the blue raspberry cheese sauce, it creates a mixture of sweetness with a bit of sourness combined into one. This will freshen your mouth after eating other Richeese’s menu which mostly has spicy and savory taste.

12. RICH Coffee Boba

One of the last best Richeese menu recommendations that we have compiled is this RICH Coffee Boba. For you, coffee and boba lovers, Richeese offers this very refreshing drink that consists of coffee, milk, added with palm sugar and boba as its topping. You’ll surely love this coffee, especially after stuffing your stomach with spicy meals. The unique sweet coffee taste with chewy boba might make you want another glass of this drink!

That’s all the list of best Richeese menu recommendations that you must try. Have you ever eaten any or several of the meals mentioned above? Or if you haven’t tasted anything yet, which one do you look forward to trying the most?

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